please bring back unscripted reviews!!!

hey everyone this is just a blog to say how much i really miss G-man and Babs' unscripted reviews ! I used to love them sooo much they were inspiring and i looked forward to them! if everyone could just write down here on this blog how you feel about this and if you want it back.    And ifso can everyone please tell me which unscripted video was their favorite. Mine was the earlier ones more towards the i zombie review and earlier videos.

changing names on comicvine!

hey everyone I just have a curious question on my mind. Does anyone want to change their profile name on this website? I really want to change mine because it's not the name I really wanted or gave thought about. AND its very misleading. I'm a guy but everytime I get a message it's like thanks girl. I know the name is harleyquinnhawkgirl but I want to change it sooooo bad. So everyone if you want to change your name just write what you feel on here and if you would change your name what would you change it to! Thanks =) I would change by name to TrueDCblooD noboday take it pleasee!!

What's your favorite Female chase/death scene in horror movies?

Hey everyone ive been thinking about some of my favorite female chase/death scenes and I thought it would be a great idea to post as a blog. So I'd like everyone to post their favorite female chase/death scene from any horror movie. One of my favorites is Sarah Michelle Gellar's chase scene in Scream 2! If you want to post a video please go right ahead so I can see your favs!    

Why doesn't DC Comics have a previously on page for each comic?

Okay so this issue has been on my mind a lot lately. Don't you hate when you read a comic within a huge story arc and you are completely lost bc you didnt read the last issue (s). Well that happens to me a lot. What bothers me is that Marvel always fills you in with whats going on in the story before you read the comic but DC doesn't do that. I love DC a lot and I don't see why they can't put in a page to explain what happened in the previous issue. Especially with all the Green Lantern War comics and Flashpoint. Another thing that bothers me are giant story arc that REQUIRE you to buy other series. This really bothers me with DC bc they don't fill you in and they make you buy so many other titles just to find out what's happening. SO I would like if everyone to tell me what they think and if DC should put in a page like that in their comics.        


Is Taskmaster a good character to read?

hey guys i was just wondering is taskmaster an interesting and enjoyable character to read because he looks interesting and I kinda wanna read some of the things he's in. So just tell me what you all think about him and if hes worth the time. Thanks!

Re-reading comic books or graphic novels.

Hey this question just literally crossed my mind so I thought that I'd write it down as a blog. Okay so I was wondering does anyone ever re-read comic books or graphic novels or do you just read it once and then it gets organized away forever. I really wanna know what everyone thinks about this because I have never re-read a comic but only if I didn't understand it or just as a reference but I would like to start re-reading some. SO everyone just tell me what you guys do and if you do re-read some please tell me what your favorites are that you can never put down and each time is like the first time.

C.Viper vs Manhunter!!!

Location: Gotham roof tops 
Objects: Cviper has all her gadgets, Manhunter has her staff and gadgets 
Setting: Cviper has been asked to eliminate a suspicious target named Manhunter(Kate Spencer). Cviper catches her on a rooftop in Gotham and the two face off. 
Rules: I just want everybody to write who they think would win! 
Marvel vs Capcom 3
Marvel vs Capcom 3
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Marvel Vs Capcom 3 team picks!

Hey guys i was just wondering who everyone is gonna choose as their line up for Marvel Vs Capcom 3 when it comes out. I think my line up is going to consist of the capcom sirens of

Marvel vs Capcom 3
Marvel vs Capcom 3
            So everybody just write down who your gonna pick for your team when it comes out.

Who's your favorite poet?

Hey guys I've really been into poetry lately and I've been reading a lot of Sylvia Plath and I was wondering what are all of your favorite poets?

Do you think Manhunter is done... for GOOD?


Hey everybody!  It seems that because of Manhunter's second feature being over she has been out of comics. I was just wondering if anybody knows if she's is coming back to anything or going to appear in a series or anything? And does anybody want to see her again because I am a big fan and I miss reading her. So if you have anything to say please leave a comment thanks =) 
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