9/11's impact

Hey everyone so I've decided to write a blog about this one day before the 10th anniversary of the tragic event of 9/11. I wanted to write this because I know many of us whether we were in NYC or in a different state were affected by this one way or another, and I thought it would be great to write a blog where we can share our feelings and personal experiences of that day. Now I was in the 2nd grade in New York, not knowing what was going on. I remember the weather being absolutely gorgeous and just happy that everyone was getting to leave school early. (Being a child of course all I could think about all the time was getting out of school early). Everyone was getting picked up from their parents, and the teachers were just trying to keep us occupied. I was one of the last kids to be picked up by my mom, and when we got home she started crying hysterically. I didn't understand why until she turned on the tv to breaking news. To me seeing the world trade center go down was a tragedy but I didn't understand the calibur of it all. It was a saddening day. Years later I truly understood the meaning and impact of that day and it affects me so much more now than it did then. The terrorists' heinious actions devastated the country, and for that it will never be forgiven. Now we will always have a looming threat of terrorism on our hands, constantly. Being that tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of 9/11 this threat is becoming more and more imminent. The city has already taken severe precuations to this threat by checking hundreds and hundreds of cars for bombs, security, cops, everything they can try. I pray that nothing happens tomorrow or any other day and that everyone is safe and that we don't have to relive the horror of that day. For any of you that have been affected by 9/11 I just want to commend you and apologize for that day. 9/11 impacted the United States by giving everyone a sense of togetherness and neighbourly love. Everyone started putting aside some differences and worked together on things. The media did many tributes and things for 9/11. One of my favorite tributes will always be Marvel Comics' Moment of Silence. It was brilliant. Marvel truly connected with the sadness of the people and let us know that they were affected as well. So I created this blog for people to tell their stories of 9/11 and just a place where we can talk about it.