Top 10 Favorite Artists!

#1 being my favorite.

List items

  • You seriously can't top this guys's work. he's a moderm master.

  • Of course. McKelvie is a close second. Read Phonogram and you'll feel know what i mean.

  • Super excited for his new Wonder Woman book!

  • i want new work from her! Loved her run on Power Girl and her Terra miniseries.

  • I know some people hate his work, but i will buy anything with his name on it.

  • Her best work was on Birds of Prey.

  • Really great artist working "magic" in Zatanna, and super nice guy.

  • her work on North 40 was so good that you didn't even need to read the words!(it helps if you do though)

  • His DC cover work was collected in a really nice coffe-table book. I find myself looking at it quite a lot. It's really pretty. And by really pretty I mean, gorgeous.

  • His Green Arrow_Year One work was really good, and i'm glad that he's on Detective. That book suits his art perfectly!