Favorite Writers!

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  • Johns has the distinct style of writing, descriptive storytelling without being boring, creative stories, and great charicterization. My favorite work by him has been Justice Society.

  • Incredible writer who can craft a perfect crime noir, mystery investigation sotry, in the pages of Black Widow!

  • Justin Gray, and Jimmy Palmiotti, can tell any kind of story, and fun classic superhero story in Power Girl, westerns in Jonah Hex, and a golden age tale in Freedom Fighters.

  • See above.

  • Simone, is amazing, especially seen in Birds of prey, each character is special in their own way, really, Simone's writing is so witty, it's really deep, as in Wonder Woman, and so very very clever, in Secret Six, her style is so unique, very funny, and, there are really no words for her!

  • Heinberg, is so adept at creating characters such as the young Avengers, and just making you like them, his charicterization of them is so broad, yet you simply can feel the passion he has for them.

  • In Bedard's writing, he is able to tell a simple, yet serious story, combined with humorous and fun dialogue!

  • Kathryn Immomen has a funny way of writing, she can place these witty , humorous phrases in her writing, without being really random, her style of writing is really fun, and funny, and you can just delve into one of her stories, and just immediatley start laughing!

  • Johnson is really good at writing those kind of crime, mystery, investigation stories, like Chase.

  • Dini is a great writer, he can tell humorous stories like the Harley and Ivy mini, or more serious stories, like in Streets of Gotham, great at writing Harley Quinn, and his Jingle Belle stories are really fun.