dc Year by Year

I just wanted to highlight the DC Comics Viual Chronology that came out a couple weeks ago. Basically, it's a look back at Dcs 75 year history. It gives every year, month by month, with a certain book that came out that month, going all the way up to Brightest Day. It's really nice, because instead of focusing on Superman and Batman, most of the focus in the book, is one legendary characters, who might not be as prominent now, like Wonder Woman or Aquaman. It has some very nice double page spreads, one Adam Hughes Wonder woman cover, as well as Jim Lee's pencils to an All Star Batman and Robin spread. It's very in depth, and lists writors and artists for every issue, and one of my personal favorite things about the book, is that it has a cover by Ryan Sook. It features Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman in the center, with various characters taken from covers, interpreted in Sooks own style. It has pencils on one side, inks on the other, and a bit of color seeping into the center,   This sort of acts as the Dc counterpart to the chrolology that Marvel put out a few years ago.An absolutley beautiful book, I highly recomend it to anyone who likes DC, or wants to get into DC!    
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