Superheroes as Musicians

This is probably the oddest things I've ever written. Of course I haven't written much, but still. Today I got the idea of superheroes as musicians. Not what music they would listen to, but rather if superheroes were musicians, who they would be. I've always thought Superman was Bruce Springsteen. He's wholesome, clean, and a small town boy. That was always my idea of what Superman was. Batman is a bit like Florence and the Machine. Dark and brooding, but good at heart. The next one is sorta strange, but I've always associated Wonder Woman with Adele. They royal attitude of Diana always reminded me of R&B; music. Maybe it's just me. Hal Jordan is lily Allen. They're brash, cocky, not afraid to say what they want, and a bit impulsive. But still awesome nonetheless. The Martian Manhunter, being calm, cool and collected is Sara Bareillies. And of course Aquaman is the Pipettes. Now why you ask? I always associate Aquaman with the Silver Age, the 60's. the pipettes also draw their musical influence from old girl groups. Kinda far fetched, but please stay with me. My last is Thor, who I've always thought was Madonna. Well, Thor is a "god". And Madonna is the Queen of Pop. Pretty fitting. Believe me, I know you guys will probably have other ideas, so I'd love to hear them!


My Rant about the Fantastic Four

Something has compelled me to write a rant today. I'm not sure what, but it's something. I'vebeen reading a lot of the Silver Age Fantastic Fur stories, through the Marvel Masterworks and essentials books lately, and i've been enjoying them. Stan and Jack certainly great storytellers. They've created some great characters, each with a different personalities. Kirby does some great work on these books with big dynamic spreads and emotion in each panel. I'm sure I'll go on to Avengers after finishing all the FF stuff, but i've only read about 20 issues or so. One of my favorite things about the book has been the Thing's inner battle with himself. He's always struggling with being so strong, yet his appearence being so monstrous. He's a hero who feels like he's a villain. i also liked witnessing how the Invisible Woman becomes a more valued member of the team. Sure, she's helped the team in the first few issues, but she's not as powerful as the other team members. She becomes a lot more self aware as the series progresses. The book is very fun to read. my one complaint, is Reed Richards. From the start I never really liked him. For starters, he self appoints himself the leader simply because he initiated the mission into space. And he doesn't really know what that means. Reed is always seen bossing his teammates around. Out of all of them, Sue gets the blunt of it. Whenever Sue tells him to come out of his lab, he yells at her and tells her to leave. Pretty rude to tell that to your significant other. Of course Ben isn't far behind. Whenver Ben charges into a battle without thinking, reed tries to stop him, and always has to get the 'I told you so" in when Ben is hurt. reed is completley obvlivious to what anybody says. The best thing is that whenver someone is hurt the rest of the FF will be concerned. Of course, Reed says "No time to worry about Johnny now, he's only dying". This seems like ti takes away from my reading expierience, but it really doesn't. Writers are supposed to give characters personalities. He's given reed a great personality, even if it's one I don't like. Stan has defintley succeeded. But all in all they're great books. I would defintley recomend them to superhero fans. Feel free to disagree(or agree for that matter)


Wonder Woman Costume Change

This is actually aconversation I had with .Mistress Redhead. I posted on her thread about the DC reboot saying I wanted Wonder Woman to have purple bracelets. A pink lasso and a sparkly tiara were mentioned. We had so much fun with this. MR is truly hilarious. So, here we go. 

MR: OOH I like the purple bracelets!

Me: I know, right? I didn't want to go too crazy, like "make her laso pink, and put sparkles on her tiara" so I thought the bracelets were a nice touch


Me: We should pitch this to DC. I'd love to see Didio's reaction.

MR: HA HA I think Paul Dini would love it... maybe we could get Simone on side.. past that I think we may have trouble..

Me: Yeah, DIni and Simone would definetley love it. Johns would be totally against it. And Jim Lee since he designed the new costume.

MR: IDK I think Jim may like it, sometimes I think he just wants to draw unicorns...

Me: So if Geoff is a no then the score is

Us: 3

Things are looking decently good. Now we need Morisson, hmm.

MR: How to get him on side..... *thinks* Lollipops?

Me: Banana lolipops?

MR: Brilliant... now what about Diane? she is a woman so I am thinking she will just love the sparkles...

Me: Perfect! I mean, after we've got Diane, we can fly through anyone. So next we have to find someone who would draw this.

MR: Oh that is a tough one....see again I want to see Dini do it.. just cause I think he would enjoy it..But then if I had the powers of Greyskull I would bring Michael Turner back from the dead.. he would NAIL IT!

Me: Dini could co-write it with his sock monkeys! And Michael Turner would do great on it! I sorta want to see Jamie McKelvie do it. It would be like retro mod Wonder Woman.Only different.

MR: We should get someone good at Photoshop to fix it up so we have a basis for our idea,...

Me: Totally. Who's good at Photoshop?

MR: I know a few of the RPGers are... but not sure any of them would be on board with our project...

Me: As for the RPGers, I sure they would modify my character, like on a card or something, I don't know.

So, we started off with this picture from the awesome Jamie McKelvie.

No Caption Provided

And MR's amazing husband Final Arrow came up with this.


2 Year Vineversary!

Before I get started Vinversary is trademarked and copyrighted IcarusFlies. Seriously, she should make that a real word. 
Well, I've been on here for two years. You probably know me here for being a huge fan of Dr, Who, and the Pipettes, but I've done other things too. Yep. i may not be the most active user, but i've managed to get almost 8,000 points, and  i just got my 1,000th forum post yesterday. I have over 100 followers, and I'm thankful for everyone who has been so nice here.(especially the Doctor Who fans!). Now as a special present, you get my thoughts on the DC revamp. 
Which starts off with the question, Why? i don't really been to be b!tchy and whiny about it, but that's how I feel. DC was going real good up until now. Power Girl, Zatanna,, they has some great books out. I think my personal biggest concern is the costumes. First, we have the "All Female Heroes will wear pants". I'm really not opposed to that, I'm not. However, the moment I saw Harley Quinn looking like a washed up prostitute, I went crazy. Despite what my username says, Harley is not my favorite character. Still, I don't like seeing her portrayed this way. Of course, Supergirl isn;t wearing pants either. if only DC would have kept their word. Then, we have the decision to put Babs back in the Batgirl cowl. I want to say I think this was a good decision, but Barbara was a great character as Oracle, showing that she could still kick a$$ even in a wheelchair. We also have the introduction of the Vertigo and Wilstorm characters into the DCU proper. Since i'm not the biggest fan of either of these universes, I doesn't affect me. However, gen13(my favorite Wildstorm book) wasn't there. Oh well. I'm still mad that my favorite DC books(Power Girl , Zatanna) weren;t included in the list of 52, but you can't win them all. So out of all the rebooted titles, I'll be getting the following. 
Wonder Woman 
Green Lantern: The New Guardians 
Fury of Firestorm 
Swamp Thing 
Maybe JLa, maybe. 
 (Yep no Birds of Prey, i'm still shocked)
So heres to another 2 years on the vine!

New DC Rating System: Your Thoughts?

Recently, DC implemented a new rating system, similar, but not exactly like Marvel's. They have the all ages books(like Johnny DC), the 12+ books, the 16+books, and the mature readers books(ie vertigo) Where does this leave books like, say Secret Six, I wouldn't give this book to a twelve year old, but I wouldn't say it's for ages 16 and up. What do you guys think of this? Good or Bad?
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dc Year by Year

I just wanted to highlight the DC Comics Viual Chronology that came out a couple weeks ago. Basically, it's a look back at Dcs 75 year history. It gives every year, month by month, with a certain book that came out that month, going all the way up to Brightest Day. It's really nice, because instead of focusing on Superman and Batman, most of the focus in the book, is one legendary characters, who might not be as prominent now, like Wonder Woman or Aquaman. It has some very nice double page spreads, one Adam Hughes Wonder woman cover, as well as Jim Lee's pencils to an All Star Batman and Robin spread. It's very in depth, and lists writors and artists for every issue, and one of my personal favorite things about the book, is that it has a cover by Ryan Sook. It features Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman in the center, with various characters taken from covers, interpreted in Sooks own style. It has pencils on one side, inks on the other, and a bit of color seeping into the center,   This sort of acts as the Dc counterpart to the chrolology that Marvel put out a few years ago.An absolutley beautiful book, I highly recomend it to anyone who likes DC, or wants to get into DC!    
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NYCC 2010!

Wow, my first NYCC done, albiet I'm a bit late with this post, but my computer's been acting up lately. Anyway, I thought NYCC 2010 was the expierience of a lifetime! Well, a very good one at that. Oh, and I got my picure taken with Stan Lee! STAN LEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, incredible! From my meeting of  the fabulous Terry Moore(he's a great guy), to my long conversation with James Robinson, to my very own sketch from Amanda Conner, and my begging with Jimmy Palmiotti for a new Terra project, everything was great! I met some great people, everyone was so nice!  One of the nicest people there was Gail Simone, she's quite the artist, i got a very nice self portrait from her!  I also didn't expect to see Terry Moore there, so it was a pleasent suprise when I noticed his name was right on his nametag! Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie were also very nice, and I finally bought my first Phonogram trade from them, and it is amazing!!!! I got a nice look at the Hawkgirl Cover Girls of the DCU statue. Also super excited to see Nicola Scott there, she was nice as well. All I can say is that I hade a fabulous time, and can't wait for next year!

Results for the Date A Superhero Chick Quiz!

You match well with...

Emma Frost Don't expect picnics in the park or romantic moonlit walks. Be ready to party all night at the Hellfire club. If you can keep up with Emma, maybe you'll get a call back.
Invisible Woman You want a MILF. Invisible Woman is looking for good-clean fun and a wholesome time, and so are you! You must be a boyscout.
Mystique You like it naughty and rough. Well watch out, Mystiques a shapeshifter, you could get more then you bargain for.
Black Canary Long legs, leather, and fishnet stockings. You are in for one night you will never forget. Just be careful not to show her too good of a time. If you make her scream, it'll knock your head off. 

 Yes! Emma Frost 100%!
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Random- DC Direct Statues

Just something that I thought of, wondering why Dc Direct only makes statues and busts of their well known characters? Why not like, Stargirl, or Red Arrow?  
They have Heroes of the DCU, Women of the DCU, why not, Animals of the DCU? i'm thinking Comet the Super Horse, and Ch'p as the first in the line, artist, um, Diogenes Neves! And the next Cover Girls of the DCU, Liberty Belle! Something with her shrugging her hands with a puzzeled expression on her face, not based on any cover, and the artist would be Howard Chaykin! Just a couple ideas,,,,
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Ultimate X #! A Success!

I can't really believe I'm saying this but, Ultimate X #1 was probably one of the best books I have read in a while! I was going to get it like two weeks ago, but my LCBS sold out of it. They ordered me the reprint, but the next week they accindentley sold that to someone else. So I was forced to wait a while for it. I wondering about a couple things. Who was Wolverine's wife? or did he just have an affair with somebody and have Jimmy? And I know this sounds stupid, but I have absolutley no history with Marvel, so is that the real Kitty Pryde or her daughter?

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