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"We were looking for work, actually," Kim said politely, offering a small smile. She seemed to be the friendlier of the two, but that could all go out the window at a moment's notice if the twins decided to act confusing, which they likely eventually would.

"We can definitely pull our weight," Kate offered.

"We have tons of different skills that we've learned--" Kim continued.

"We can do acrobatics, physical comedy, juggling, buffoonery, even go-go dance!" Kate finished.

"If it's... erm... that kind of circus."

"Not that it has to be or anything."

"Just that we're cool with that."

The sisters' sentences began to overlap, sounding more like an echoing chorus than two people speaking. There was clearly something more than met the eye about the two of them, something that went beyond the mere kinship of identical twins. Kate and Kim were... bonded.

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[[ Awww this makes me feel so good about mahself. :3 ]]

The twins glanced at each other, then at Armory, then shrugged and nodded. Kate tossed Kim to the other side of the car, both sisters opening their respective doors in unison and spilling into the backseat. "Normally we don't do cars," they said as one, before Kim picked up the trail end of the statement.

"But it's a hell of a lot better than walking and to be 100% honest, we don't feel all that safe in this city at night."

"Not that it's ever day."

"But if it was it might not be so spooky."

"Right, naturally."

With that, both girls reached into their pockets and pulled out what appeared to be wetnaps, starting to cleanse the makeup from their faces -- eventually revealing a pair of identical, young-looking redheads who were actually rather pretty underneath all the smeared greasepaint. They weren't working (at any of their varied professions) so they may as well pretend to be civilians for the time being. Even if their choice of attire made them look just a little bit like streetwalkers without the makeup on.

"Where to, then?" Kate chirped.

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"We don't like to be called heroes," the girls said in unison, before glaring at each other. They then shrugged as Armory searched for an exit, finding one and blowing off the lock with one of his seemingly limitless number of high-grade firearms.

"Dude, we're all kinds of done," Kim said softly, sidling behind Kate as she took the first step out into the night air. Jeez, was it ever actually daytime in this place? "We didn't know anything about a girl--"

Kate finished. "--Nor did we see one while we were in here. Then again, we were preoccupied with that radioactive dude. Who knows how much friggin' cancer we all have now."

"Well, not us."

"No, not talking about us."

"Mostly you."

"'Cause you're human."

Kim coughed softly, nudging her twin. "We're supposed to be human, stupid."

"He's a smart guy, I think. He can figure out the obvious, I'm sure."

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The twins shrugged, and Kate answered. "We just sort of do sh!t. We work in the circus for a while, break up a couple prostitution rings, liberate some orphanages, y'know. When we got wind of some sort of drug rundown going on nearby we decided to give things a look."

Kim continued. "Who knew it was gonna go south so fast. What are these things, zombies?"

Kate shrugged, then spoke again. "You didn't have fangs and you weren't trying to kill us, so we figured we were all on the same side."

"Besides, you helped us, too."

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Tossing the pogostick away (where it would mysteriously never be found), Kate wiped her hands off on her miniscule red tube top and kicked the body over casually. "Kinda feel bad about killing him. He really didn't seem to be a fan of it."

"We don't feel that bad though. He started it." Kim tossed the gory scalp away casually, exhaling deeply and then extending her free hand to her twin, who promptly took it so that the pair may be as one again.

"Thanks, dude," the pair said in unison, still not knowing the coated man's name but thankful for the assistance that had, more than likely, saved both of their petite selves from becoming ghoul chow. Kim continued alone. "Do you know what that thing was?"

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"Oh no you don't!" the twins shouted in unison, diving forward from their perch as the coated man, Armory, was seemingly compromised by a ghoulish x-factor. The situation called for exactly what Kim and Kate were best at -- a two-pronged maneuver.

Kim rapidly cartwheeled towards Armory, using one hand to grab the ghoul by its scraggly black locks as she closed her legs around Armory's waist, rolling with the two of them and managing to narrowly avoid the beam of light that had been aimed his way. Meanwhile, Kate approached from behind, bouncing silently on what appeared to be a... pogostick?

One mighty leap brought the detached twin upward, aiming the bottom of her vehicle directly at the already-wounded glowing man and smashing towards him, a thin stiletto spike shooting out from the bottom of the pogostick as she went for a blow intended to kill.

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The twins spent a few seconds when Elliot ran off to play a patty-cake like game with one another, pulling it off swiftly and smoothly before bumping fists, then hips, whispering "Harlequin Twins go!" and hopping up onto the crates, making a dash for the glowing man. It wasn't long before they were tackled by one of the warehouse's many ghouls, with Kim narrowly dodging the attack and the creature rushing face-first into Kate's fist, snapping his neck on contact.

Instantly they were seeking out higher ground, moving quickly so as not to leave Armory in a tight situation he didn't deserve. Ghouls made that challenging, of course, but increasingly the twins were starting to move back-to-back, with Kate drawing out a massive mallet and using wide, sweeping attacks to keep the pair clear of unwanted attention. They pressed forward, with Kim reaching into her pocket to withdraw what appeared to be a packet of gum. Popping one stick into her mouth, she began to quickly chew, drawing a popgun out of her other pocket.

A trio of ghouls went flying as they were blasted into by Kate's hammer, rocketing towards the glowing man as a hopeful distraction while Kim worked. Drawing the wetted gum from between her scarlet lips she placed it on the end of the cork stopping up her popgun -- and with Kate still covering her from the undead onslaught, she took aim and fired. She didn't know exactly how the glowing man would react to a high-pressure explosive, but if Armory's bullets were any indication he wouldn't appreciate it. Hopefully the cork hit its mark and the gum did its trick.

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Harlequin Twins: (get ready for twin tropes everyone)

  • Always Identical Twins - obv
  • Coordinated Clothes
  • Creepy Twins
  • Finishing Each Other's Sentences
  • Twin Telepathy
  • Theme Naming - Kim and Kate
  • Single-Minded Twins
  • Synchronization
  • Tag Team Twins
  • Trickster Twins
  • Twincest
  • Twin Banter
  • Sexy Jester(s)
  • Hammerspace
  • Non-Ironic Clown(s) - played with. While the girls do have powers, can kick ass, are both horrible perverts, and are by no means "good," they are actual clowns who do work in actual carnivals for a living.
  • The Jester(s)
  • Fighting Clown(s)
  • Confusion Fu
  • Cute Bruiser(s)
  • Beware the Silly Ones
  • Genki Girl(s)
  • Improbable Weapon User(s)
  • Humanoid Abomination(s) - While it's not exactly known where the twins come from or what they are, they're not human, mutant, or magical in nature. Been strongly implied that they are conceptual in nature.