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The Harlequin Twins

  • Name(s): Kim Kleisen / Kate Kleisen
  • Aliases: The Harlequin Twins
  • Origin: Clown
  • Gender: Cisgender Females
  • Species: Clown Twins
  • Height: 5' 1"
  • Weight: 96lbs.
  • Eyes: Seafoam
  • Hair: Red
  • Age: Unknown
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Sexuality: Unknown

Physical Appearance:

Kim and Kate Kleisen are physically identical in every single way. They are the same height within a millimeter. They are the same weight within a gram. Their every dimension and nuance is exactly, flawlessly, the same. They're more than twins -- they're perfect copies.

Short and slim, the teen twins are impossibly flexible and agile, and wear identical red-and-white costumes and facepaint. They are natural redheads, closely resembling Raggedy Ann dolls. Both of them sport braces but no other body modifications. Their exact species is difficult to quantify, as are their powers. When questioned, they simply to refer to one another as "clowns."

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Playful, flirtatious, and mysterious, the Harlequin Twins finish one another's sentences more often than not. They seem to share a hive-mind or similarly conjoined thoughts, and make decisions as a single unit. Only in very extreme cases have the two ever shown any sort of duality beside the fact that they share two bodies. They complete one another's jokes and acts, and fight as a perfect team.

Despite being in sync with one another, their actions are seemingly random. They're mercurial and whimsical, seemingly driven by a sort of chaos that does not blend into madness. The twins are always aware of their decisions... but the decisions they make may or may not make sense to rational human beings.

Subtle differences include Kate's tendency to act dominant and aggressive towards her sister, occasionally even abusive. In addition, Kim usually leads up to jokes, while Kate tells the punchlines. The signs are small, but under careful study it seems that Kate is the alpha-twin, while Kim is the beta-twin. Still, these signs don't establish themselves for quite some time in casual onlookers, and due to the fact that the twins are visibly interchangeable, most people never learn which one is which in order to differentiate their personalities.

Powers and Abilities:

Though the source of their abilities is unknown, as is their exact species and origin, Kim and Kate share an impressive number of supernatural abilities. It has been rumored that they are champions or avatars of some sort of Carnival Concept, but when questioned about the possibility of an abstract benefactor the twins tend to answer with either jokes, or attacking -- it falls to their mood.

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Among their abilities are:

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  • Telepathic/Empathic Link: Kim and Kate are perfectly mentally linked. They sense one another's pain and pleasure, and one another's thoughts. They are as Comedy and Tragedy, twosides of the same coin. Nothing is ever hidden from the other. This allows them to set their stories straight with one another instantly, and allows for advanced two-person combat tactics.
  • Agility: The Harlequin Twins are mystifyingly agile and seem to have no limits in their acrobatic and gymnastic abilities. This extends to contorting themselves, seemingly defying gravity, and outright insulting the basic laws of physics, ensuring that their abilities are not natural.
  • Strength and Speed: Kim and Kate appear to have strength and speed in the range of a peak olympian athlete.
  • Share Damage: When one twin is injured, exactly 50% of their wound redistributes itself to the other twin. While this is not always beneficial, it allows for a larger amount of minor wounds, rather than a smaller amount of severe ones. This, coupled with their healing factor, also ensures that Kim and Kate quickly heal from their cumulative cuts and scrapes.
  • Healing Factor: Kim and Kate heal at about five times the speed of a healthy human.
  • Intelligence / Skill: While the twins don't seem to be academically brilliant, they have a great knowledge of comedy and theater. They also seem to have significantly advanced knowledge of martial arts and tactics, specializing in two-person attacks.
  • Gag-Themed Gadgets: Kim and Kate have a remarkable amount of circus- and gag-themed gadgetry, though whether these items are created or simply summoned appears to be unclear.


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  • Lust: 6
  • Envy: 3
  • Gluttony: 3
  • Sloth: 3
  • Wrath: 4
  • Avarice: 4
  • Pride: 4


Being separated. When separated from one another the twins' tactics tend to fall through, they become detached and distant and seemingly weaker. In addition, when they attempt to "share damage" they, instead, share damage with their own selves -- essentially increasing damage dealt to them by 200%.

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