I just like a good story.

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Nothing short of amazing !! 0

Wow, what a good read, this issue didn't disappoint. Last month's issue and cliffhanger placed LAZARUS on top of my pull-list. We resume were we previously left, and see Forever Carlyle (and Joacquim) trying to recover from the vicious attack by her incestuous siblings, Jonah and Johanna, who aren't taking half measures in their efforts to dispose of their ''sister''. And over the past two issues Johanna proved to be the most manipulative one of the twins. After their attempts to kill Forever fa...

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The Death 0

''The Death'' comes to an end. Which I must say was a clever play of words by writer Brian Wood. The last few pages enlighten us of the true meaning behind N'Yaga's sinister prediction. Declan Shalvey's art perfectly conveyed Conan's emotions throughout this issue, most notably when the schaman's words comes back to haunt him near the end. By that point we see him slowly, and reluctantly, realize that the cherished moments and adventures spent with the Tigress crew and his beloved Bêlit will soo...

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