A2: VoltCats

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  • When the evil Galram attacked the planet Thundearth milennia ago, the king launched his castle to space to protect her daughter and his best warriors. After being in a cryogenic sleep for thousands of years, they are back and now they want to free their planet and destroy the Galram Empire with the help of giant mechanical cats!

  • Princess Chelura! She is King Claudor's daughter and the true ruler of Thundearth. She was the pilot of the Cat Castle at first, but she also flies the Blue Panther!

  • Snofran! He was Claudor's best friend and a funny mentor figure to all. Also a pilot of the Cat Castle. He may look stupid, but don't underestimate him.

  • Jira! He was the King's best soldier and the leader of the mission. He was the master of the Black Cheetah. He died at the end of season one and now appears to the team as a holographic ghost.

  • Rarion-O! He was a young child who entered the Castle without being invited. Since he had no protection pod like the others, he aged more quickly. He is the pilot of both the Red Lion and the Black Cheetah. He is destined to be the greatest hero of Thundearth, because he was selected by the Sword of a Thousand Volts!

  • Lantha is the loner of the group. His bad behavior hides a heart of gold. The pilot of the Blue Panther and the Red Lion.

  • Pik...

  • and Pak! The two pilots of the Green Puma. They are also scientists way beyond their age. The soul of the group.

  • Tygunk is the muscle of the group and the pilot of the Yellow Tiger. He is also a mechanic and a pretty good scientist himself. But don't let his jolly exterior fool you: after Jira's death, he became Rarion-O's second in command.

    These five (six?) characters are all Paladins of Thundearth, and when their robots come together they form the Invincible Voltcat!

  • Witch Raggar shares her body with her dead husband, the all powerful Mumm-Zar! By their side is their faithful companion and spy, Ro-Katt!

  • Witch Raggar is the leader of the Galram Empire. She has the power of the four quintessences at her disposal.

  • Slithor! He is the Imperial couple's adopted son. The leader of the Muta, the Galram elite army. At first he wanted the end of the Galram but when he found power he changed his motivation. Literally a charming snake!