A2: The Metal Pack

Headquarters: Magnus family home, Troy Island, New-Metropolis, NM, USA.

Leader: James Magnus(Father/creator, Lead Man).

Members: Alex Gold (robot/son), Julie Platinum (robot/daughter), Jack Iron (robot/son), Katie Mercury (robot/daughter), Margaret Tin (robot/maid) Aelfyre (friend of the family).

Equipment: The Powermeter, Various machine and Hi-tech weapons.

History: James Magnus was one of the most gifted brains in America and surely its better engineer and robotic specialist. He could have worked with C.H.E.S.S, or for prestigious companies, but, worried that his inventions came into wrong hands, he contented himself with teaching at the prestigious Empire Town University. There he met Maggie Power, a follow teacher. They fell in love and, has time gone by, they had four kids: Alex, Julie, Jack and Kathie. They were happy in their Troy Island home, but that did not last. The Acts of Invasion were under way and the Dominadoon attacked Earth. In the aftermath the Magnus home was left in ruins and only one person remained alive: James Magnus. Desperate with grief, he quitted his job to donate all his time to a demented quest: rebuilding his family, literally. But his alchemical robots were nothing but empty, remote controlled shells. When he was rebuilding his wife Maggie, his mind could not sustain the pain, and he left her in an unfinished state while going mad. His madness and pain attracted the necromancer Aelfyre. He was a Kylan soldier-priest who defected during the Acts of Invasion, and his magical powers helped the heroes save the day. He could not bear to see a man in such shape, so he conjured a magic spell: the spirits of James’s kids appeared and took their place in the metallic shells their father made for them. The alien cured him of his madness has the kids awakened. The transition was far from perfect: their computerized brains erased most of their memories and sensations of the past. But still, they were alive and reunited, their love for their father and most of their personalities intact. They now called themselves the Metal Pack! Against the wish of their father, the kids insisted to use their power for the good of mankind. When a Dominadoon squad came back to abduct Aelfyre, Magnus had no choice but to train and help them. And thus, a new hero family was born!

Enemies: The Dominadoon, the Kylans, The Chimighoul, Morlax, the Necromancer, The Garbage Gas Gang (Carbon brute, Methane cap, Helium head, Crazy Hydrogen, Chloroform legs), the Clown Cadavers, Mental Master, Vandal Sabre, The Growing Construct, the Ultimate Eye, HYV.E, Gorgon Zola, Nightmare, Calculus, the Gordian Knot, Nuke man, Bright Adder, Missile head, the Metal Pack of Ultimate Earth (Will Power, Alex Silver, Julie Cooper, Jack Zinc, Katie Gallium).

Powers and abilities: Robotic physiology. All robots possess elasticity, metamorphosis and Superhuman Durability. They are all expert at chemistry. Some special powers include: Alex Gold: Energy absorption, projection and disintegration. Julie Platinum: Charisma, Acceleration and flight. Jack Iron: Superhuman strength. Katie Mercury: Can turn to liquid form.

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