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A2: The Masters of Annoyance

Here we go again with the Masters of Annoyance! This team of small time crooks was created by Lex Loki to waste the super heroes' time as much as possible. Before fighting Jiccan and Zeed, the Indigo Twins, they were also enemies of Howard the Bug... which says a lot.

List items

  • Hun Phetamine - Her only power is her brute strength and that she is absolutely motivated to do her job... a little too much, really.

  • Black Flag - Black Flag was a punk that found a strange flag that could operate as a black hole. Pretty strong power, but really stupid guy. He dated Zeed for one night.

  • Cell Phone Bullseye - Cell Phone Bullseye is Lex Loki's spy. An old FBI agent that got busted making contraband with natives, she was punished and fired from the bureau. Lex gave her some old Norse weapons that looked like green cellphones. She can teleport people to the Hel Zone with it. Oh, and she is also really racist...

  • Doctor Malignant is a really delusional doctor and thinks he is Doctor Joke's cousin. He has almost no powers and always complains about his health. Dr. Joke lets him live because he is amusing.

  • The Tickler was a comedian that uses diverse weapons to tickle his enemies. With time, he realized that he was in fact a mutant and that his ridiculous machines never really worked. Last time he was on the team, he went AWOL and decided to ransom the rich and powerful of the world with his power!

    It didn't work.

  • The Drunk Terror was first known as the Night Terror, a half-human half-vampire hero from WW2! With time he became quite alcoholic with his victim's blood. He is VERY desparate...

  • Angry Mantis The leader of the team and "archenemy" of Howard the Bug, he is always in a foul mood!