A2: Power Woman

Classification: God of the 3rd World/human hybrid.

Real name: Karen Cage.

Place of birth: Highville, New-Metropolis, NM, USA.

Other team affiliation: Justice Invaders, Heroes Inc.

Other aliases: Camdall-Luk, Night-Ace of Valhalla.

Family: Heimdall-Luk (father), Lucie Cage (mother, deceased), Zatanna Jones (girlfriend), Carl Cage-Jones (adopted son), Danny Tyler (Hour Fist, Carl’s godfather).

Occupation: Worker, soldier, mercenary, bartender, adventurer, private detective.

Year of birth: 1920

Age: 32

Height: 6`4

Weight: 210 lb.

Eyes: gold.

Hair: black.

Special equipment: none.

Powers and abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, agility and endurance and hearing, hard skin and healing factor, ice breath, fire vision, invulnerability, flight.

Enemies: The Purple Pirate, Damien Broker, Orpheus Donovan, Vandal Sabre, Master Kundru, Deep Cut, Johnny Dragon, Death Shades and Pocahontas, Dark Poison, the Gamester, , Black Roulette, Gideon Crash, Master Mist, Tiger Mother, Mass Magnum, the Pulverizer, Manos the Big Brother, The Iron Nazi, Vincent Blood, Per Zaraton, Agent Axis, the Armless Quilt Tiger, the Asbestos Snowman, Drain Wave, the Olympian Woman, Iceberg, Doctor Goldfish, Shuma Shade, André, ‘‘the monocle’’ Cheval, Ouroboros.

Intelligence: 3

Strength: 7

Energy projection: 5

Speed: 6

Fighting skills: 4

Agility: 5

Endurance: 6

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