A2: Hour Fist

Classification: human.

Real name: Danny Tang.

Place of birth: Hong Kong, People Republic of China.

Other team affiliation: Nanda Kun, the Dragon’s Bolt, Justice Invaders, Heroes Inc.

Other aliases: The living weapon, the time dragon, Green Devil.

Family: Ran-Qing Tang (father), Roxanne Tyler (mother), Carl Cage-Jones (godson).

Occupation: Student, teacher, warrior, mercenary, adventurer.

Year of birth: 1915


Height: 5’6

Weight: 170 lb.

Eyes: black.

Hair: blonde.

Special equipment: The Quìshì extract.

Powers and abilities: Master martial artist. Expert level gymnast and acrobat. Ability to hold his breath for great amount of time. Use of The Quìshì extract grants for an hour every 24 hours: a concentration of his chi in his fist (can only use once), greatly enhanced physical attributes, healing powers. Superhuman speed, stamina, and durability. Night vision.

Enemies: Johnny Dragon, Vandal Sabre, Master Kundru, Damien Broker, Wi Cheng, Kobra, Orpheus Donovan, the Gamester, Tiger Mother, Lei Long, Mass Magnum, Hour Fist 2099, Master Mist, The Iron Nazi, Vincent Blood, the Scarlett Gambler, Per Zaraton, Agent Axis, the Armless Quilt Tiger, the Asbestos Snowman, Drain Wave, the Olympian Woman, Iceberg, Doctor Goldfish, Shuma Shade, André, ‘‘the monocle’’ Cheval, Ouroboros.

Intelligence: 3

Strength: 5

Energy projection: 4

Speed: 4

Fighting skills: 7

Agility: 4

Endurance: 3

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