A2: Green Mariner

Classification: human mutant.

Real name: Namyr.

Place of birth: Atlantis, Mediterranean Sea.

Team affiliation: The Green Totem Corps, the Challengers, Justice Invaders, Justice Avengers, Justice X.

Other aliases: Guy Mackenzie, the green gladiator, the challenging son, Corsair.

Family: Namyrila (daughter, Aqua Mariner). Dr. Walter Rice (son, Shadowave), Pyreus Jad (daughter, Green Fire, deceased), Mychah (half-brother, Militia, deceased), Dyma (Lady Mermaid, ex-wife), Jemra (grand-cousin, She-Leviathan.), Arthur Banner (grand-cousin, Leviathan), Ormas, (grand-cousin, Ocean Leader), Jada Olafsdotter (Ice Sword, girlfriend), Yellow Mariner (clone).

Occupation: Fisherman, prince, terrorist, regent of Atlantis, businessman, diplomat, adventurer.

Age: 98

Height: 6’4

Weight: 310 lb.

Eyes: Blue.

Hair: red.

Special equipment: The green ring of power.

Powers and abilities: Use of power ring grants numerous powers, including flight, invulnerability, omnilingualism, and the generation of hard-light ocean themed constructs. Also grant the Totem attributes of all sea life: Flight via tiny green fins on his ankles. Ability to copy the powers of sea creatures. His long tenure has a Green Totem Corps member and his practicing of long meditation to compensate his rage has made him one of the most powerful bearers of the green flame. Even more, it as bonded to his DNA, so he can keep using it even when separated of his ring. All his progeny were affected by this phenomenon one way or the other and it prolonged even more his lifespan.

Mutant powers grants: Superior aquatic adaptation, superhuman strength, speed, agility and reflexes. Longevity. Great Telepathic control over sea creatures.

Enemies: Abyss and his Sea Devils (Magneta, Krylok ), Militia, Wolf Rider, Dementor from below, Baron Arion, Water Snake, Phantom Fire, Skyrra, Skyrron the Yellow Mariner, Ranxx the Lava City, Krang the Dead King, the Lexxon company, Tsunami Woman, Sledge the Lemurian, Shock Waters, Water Master, Tsunami Woman, The Iron Nazi, Vincent Blood, the Scarlett Gambler, Per Zaraton, Agent Axis, the Armless Tiger Quilt, the Asbestos Snowman, the Brain, the Olympian, Iceberg, Doctor Harlequin, Shuma Shade, André, ‘‘the monocle’’ Cheval, Ouroboros.

Intelligence: 4

Strength: 7

Energy projection: 5

Speed: 4

Fighting skills: 5

Agility: 4

Endurance: 6

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