A2: American Wonder

Classification: Human/Amazon hybrid.

Real name: Diana Rogers.

Place of birth: Brooklyn Slum, New Metropolis, NM, USA.

Team affiliation: The Justice Invaders, the Justice Avengers, C.H.E.S.S.

Other aliases: the Amazon soldier, the democrat princess, the Wanderer.

Occupation: Soldier, spy, secretary, graphic designer, diplomat, revolutionary, adventurer.

Family: Steve and Margaret Rogers (parents deceased), James Trevor (ex-husband), Peggy Trevor (daughter, the Diamond Fury, deceased), Queen Hippolyta (genetic mother, deceased.)Sam Troy (partner, American Falcon), Cassie Munroe (the Wanderer II), Garth Jones (partner), Pope Joan (Artemis, aunt), Lois Carter (friend, undercover C.H.E.S.S agent), James Fury (ex C.H.E.S.S agent).

Age: 99

Height: 6p

Weight: 195lb

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue.

Special equipment: The lasso of truth, the bracelets of justice and the American shield.

History: The Amazons were earthly daughter of the Greek gods of the 3rd world. When the age of the gods ended, their Island in the deep Atlantic was rendered more vulnerable to human attack and pollution. When most of them died, the last decided to enter a new dimension in 1936, leaving only one as an emissary to the world of men: their old queen, Hippolyta. Sadly, she would only briefly return in man’s world, as her boat was destroyed and she was fatally wounded by a fleet of German submarines. Meanwhile, Diana Rogers was a secretary for the ministry of defense during World War II. Unknown to her, the army had found a dying Hippolyta on the shores of Carolina. The Queen had little time. She told them how to use her weapons and how to create a super-serum from her genes, jump-starting the field of genetics by almost 50 years in one night. She then died wishing the world peace. The technology was new, dazzling and unsuccessful on male subjects. Diana was selected and the serum worked. She became the American Wonder, fighting Nazis all over the world with the aid of James Trevor, her army liaison, sidekick and lover. With the help of her friend the Justice Invaders, she freed Europe from the grip of fiends such as Red Brain the extraterrestrial Nazi and Gorgon Zola, the German-Japanese super-computer. The war ended and she settled with James and even had a child, named Peggy, who would later be the super heroine known as the Diamond Fury. But soon one of her worst enemy, Baron War, came back for a last fight. Over the Antarctic, the baron killed seemingly Trevor and put Diana in a state of suspended animation in a block of ice. Revived in the present day by the Justice Avengers, she starts her battle against evil anew and tries to fit in this strange and new world.

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