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HaloKing343: Favorites

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  • An excelent on-going series by Matt Fraction and featuring regular artist Salvador Larroca.

    The first seven issues are pre-secret invasion and display Tony Stark dealing with a faster/smarter/younger self.

    After these seven issues, Matt Fraction wastes no time as Norman Osborn makes Tony Stark's life worse than it has ever been and ever shall be. Essentially the rest of the series deals with Tony Stark deeling with the ramifications of the Worlds Most Wanted arc, where he lost everything.

    The series is great and the writing is dead on! Fraction KNOWS how to write Iron Man.

  • Captain America volume 5 is scribed by none other than Ed Brubaker, the killer of Steve Rogers and one of the greatest comic writers of the century. Believe me when I say that this guy plans everything out to the detail. You have to step back and look at his volume as a whole. When you do, you realize how each story is connected in one giant ongoing story.

    Brubaker knows what he's doing and with really dark art styles from Guice and Epting, we get some good art to go along with this good storytelling.

  • Welcome to a world of Star Wars that you have never seen!

    It is 130 years in the future of the Star Wars universe, and the galexy is still recovering from the devestation that the Yuzzon Vong created many years ago. The Galactic Alliance has been overthrown and a new Empire has taken its place. But there are quarrels and factions within the Empire. Recently disposed Emperor Fel has made it his goal to get back onto the throne while the new Sith leadership tries to stay together under the control of a sick Darth Krayt.

    It's Star Wars like you've never imagined, fully amped up on steroids and heated up with volt and amp energy drinks. Believe me when I say that this is the best Star Wars comic volume that I've ever read!

    Props to John Ostrander.