Life Sucks

Life sucks. Love sucks. Everybody sucks. Everything sucks. I hate everything. why can't we all just be alone? People shouldn't bother with love. Believe me, falling in love is the worst thing that you can do. Never do it. It might seem nice but it ends in heartbreak. 

I wish I was alone. I wish that I never had to deal with anybody else ever again. Life sucks and that's all there is to it. 

Fuck you society.    


TBC: A Group for All Worthy Halo Fans!

Are you a fan of the Halo video game series like me? Well perhaps you should consiter joining the Brash Commune ( ). I will be there along with my many Halo friends. 
Do we play together? Sometimes. Do we all know each other in person? No. But are we excelent friends in a community that is appreciative of each other and always expanding? YES! 
Join the Brash Commune NOW! And begin your days of fun in a Halo themed community, always determined to play in in-forum contests and experiance special treats such as, 
 1. Caption Contests (Weekly) 
 2.  Short Story Contests (Bi-monthly) 
 3. Exclusive Interviews (Whenever) 
 4. Halo Matchmaking (Rarely) 
 5. Art Contests (Yearly) 
 6. First To Post (Week long rounds) 
 7. Last To Post (Monthly) 
Each contest gets you points which ranks you up in status and in our "TBC Winner's Circle". 

Or if none of that stuff is for you, then we totally understand. You don't have to partake in any of those things. For all we care, you can just chill and talk with people. 
Lots of our members like comic books, so there'll be someone to share interests with (including me). 
So what do you say? Are you willing to give TBC a shot? ( Join NOW!!
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Captain America... how many times can YOU read it before you die?

I'm sure that all of us here love Captain America. Afterall, who doesn't? But perhaps the hype and the super-ness of the series gets overexaggerated. To annoy you all, I'm going to write a paragraph where I see how many times I can write the word(s) "Captain America". So, without further adoo... here is my paragraph.

Captain America is Captain America because Captain America is the Captain of America and Captain America fits that role of being the Captian of America. If Captain America was not the Captain of America then his name would have to be something other than Captain America because the only person whose name should be Captain America is the person who happens to be the Captain of America. Now whether you have Bucky Cap', Steve Cap', 50's Steve Cap', or any other Captain America, it doesn't really matter. As long as the person titled Captain America is the Captain of America, then it doesn't matter. The only requirement for being Captain America is that you are the Captain of America. If you are not the Captain of America then you should not be called Captain America. Afterall, Captain America is Captain America because of his Captain-ing of America. If he wasn't the Captain of America then he wouldn't be called Captain America.

Wow, that sure was annoying. Hopefully that won't scare you away from reading some of my other blogs. Oh well. I'm crazy afterall. Not as crazy as Deadpool or the Joker, but I'm still crazy.

Speaking of Deadpool, I happen to be a big fan of Deadpool. I know that this statement is completely irrelevant, but I don't care.

Captain America, Captain America, Captain America... Steve Rogers, Steve Rogers, Steve Rogers... Bucky Barnes, Bucky Barnes, Bucky Barnes... Red Skull, Red Skull, Red Skull...

Are you annoyed yet?

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Iron Man: Worlds Most Wanted

This long-ass arc sure is hot! Up on the edges and explosion based!

The main story seams to be split between Tony Stark, Maria Hill and Pepper Potts stories, but they all link together and manage to be really cool alltogether. I like how Tony's brain is deteriorating and almost working "backwards". It's like he's moving back in time.

Iron Man is one of my favorite series. Even during that long session where people hated him and everything associated with him, I still was interested in his series. Ever since the Ellis/Granov arc (which was SO GOOD!), I've been a passionate Iron Man fan (hey, that rhymed!). Therefore, I know which writers work for him and which writers don't. With that, I also know which artists do and do not work. The first Iron Man arc I read (as I mentioned earlier) was scribed by Warren Ellis and drawn (computer generated) by Adi Granov. That my friends... was amazing! The flow and content of the arc was so good. It reminded me of a summer movie starring Tom Cruise. I loved it.

Ellis/Granov - First place

Second off is our current contender and the title of this blog post... Fraction and Larroca. (Did I spell that correctly?) I really like the art in the current issues. It's shiny, arty, and most importantly... he's great at drawing technolegy, which is obviously abundant in a series about a man in a robot suit.

Fraction/Larrocca - Second place

The team for the majority of the Iron Man series was the team of Knauf(s) and a series of on-and-off artists. These artists varied from Thunderbolt's artist, De La Torre to whoever that guy is who drew the Cable and Deadpool series. Here's what's down. I didn't really like any of the artists that were paired with the Knauf team. Out of the pick, the "Haunted" arc was the best. The Knaufs killed that arc and it was so brilliant. De La Torre and some of the other artists worked on that arc, so I'll throw him in there as gettin' the credit.

Knauf/De La Torre - Third place

Last and least is whoever wrote that final "With Iron Hands" arc. I don't know the guy's name but he sucked. The regular "rotating artist" team drew that boy, so they were the same dudes who illustrated the brilliant "Haunted" arc.

The "With Iron Hands" arc team - Last place

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HaloKing343: Who am I?

Aha, a new day and the first entree of this "wonderful" blog of mine. Oh, well here's the low-down on the down-low. I am a huge Halo fan. And by Halo... yeah, l do mean the Bungie video game franchise. Definitally not those comic book mini series that aren't too good. Because those comics are... well... not too good.

Anyway, so yeah. I'm a Halo fan and l like to play Halo and be involved in Halo. The "King" part of the name just shows that l'm good at playing and at winning. That's pretty obvious and pretty easy to figure out.

Yeah, and so the "343" part is probably what has you guys all perplexed. Either you are curious or you don't know why you're reading this and you just don't care. Well don't you worry, because if you are in that second catagory, then just skip to the next paragraph. You see, the "343" part comes from a big character in the Halo Universe. In the Halo Universe, giant rings called "Halos" were built a very long time ago by a race of aliens known as the Forerunners. Their race has long been extinct and now in year 2552, humanity and the Covenant (two rival "space groups") have discovered one of these seven galactic rings. This spesific Halo ring was known as Installation 04. On this ring, and every other ring was another alien race known as the Flood, who wadged war with the Forerunners until both sides annihilated each other into extinction. As it turns out, the last surviving Flood that had survived, were trapped and contained in small "storage units" on these Halo rings. When the Flood were released on Installation 04, the local robotic units who's job was to eliminate the Flood, were activated. They were called the Sentinals. It just so happens that the group of Sentinals who were positioned on Installation were led by another robot named 343 Guilty Spark. That's where l got the name for the 343. It came from the character, 343 Guilty Spark Moniter of Installation 04.

Now that you know the derivation for my name (or skipped that annoying paragraph), you'd probably like to know the boring stuff like... l don't know... what are my favorite comic series, or who are my favorite characters. Well okay then. l'll get to that.

My favorite series are Invincible Iron Man, Captain America, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, War Machine, Star Wars Legacy and Deadpool. Those series are pretty much my devout favorites and therefore l love them and always buy all of them.

My favorite characters are obviously the characters listed in that list. For example, Captain America, Iron Man, Deadpool... but l also like some other people. l also like Thor, Fury, Batman, Darth Vader, Grevious, Syler (From Heroes), Master Chief (From Halo), Wolverine, Punisher, Daredevil... you know. All those cool guys.

Other pressing questions that l wish to answer... hmm. Well there is always the topic of, poop, cats and french fries.

Oh, those aren't topics that you wonder about? Never mind.

Anyway, Extremis was awsome and it was a mistake to take that away from Iron Man. Case closed. Point made. Boom roasted.

Lastly, I would just like to post some Signatures that l have on other websites so that you can get a better understanding of who l am. You can read my stupid phrases and wonder why I'm so strange. Here they are.

"I'm a dude playing a dude desguised as another dude. I hate heritics, non-logical thoughts and people who are better than I am. People tell me that they like a lot of games, but I hate them all. Whenever I play a video game, I always go crawling back to Halo 3. Never go full retard!"

"I'm a dude playing a dude desguised as another dude! Never go full retard.  Kim Jong Il is right. We should ebrace Obama's new socialist reform. Afterall, doesn't everybody love excessive government regulations?  McCain was the better choice.  Change: It is all that we are going to have left."

There. The first signature was from, a wonderful website for any Halo fan. The second one was taken from two places. The first was from Xbox live, and the second was from Zune.

Thanks for reading this mindless and long blog post and I hope that I get enough friends so that more people can read these long walls of text.

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That's how l get introduced to lots of new series. For example, l wouldn't have any intrest in Nova and Guardians of the Galexy if the first several covers weren't so great. Now that they have me and all the readers as die-hard fans, Marvel can afford to slap on some crappy covers now because they've already gotten us hooked.

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Here's how it works

Here's how it works. If we knew where the superheroes keep their wallets and credit cards, then they obviously aren't doing a good job keeping their wallets and credit cards.