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Sif the Warrior Princess 0

So here we are, half way through the first arc post Gillen. And you know what? This title hasn't fallen apart. It's still entertaining, it's still fun. In fact Kathryn Immonen has done a great job so far picking up this book and running with it.I've never read a comic that had Sif as a main character, she was always one of Thor's extended cast whenever I've seen her before. So it was a pleasant surprise to me that she has been able to carry the spotlight so well. Getting a very strong Xena vibe ...

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In The Beginning... 0

Ever since finishing Y the Last Man I could barely wait for Brian K. Vaughans next project. Saga is that next project, and it couldn't be more different. From Yorick's trials as the last man on Earth, to star crossed lovers in actual space. While the settings are nothing alike, the strong characters that Vaughn is famous for shine through from the very start.On top of that it's got sci-fi mixed with magic. Other worldly locations, intergalactic bounty hunters and weird aliens abound. Not to ment...

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The Bigger G 0

I love the idea behind this arc - Galactus is coming to eat Asgard! I mean you have got an amazing set up right there. So does it follow through? Well yes and no.The GoodWell before you even get into this book you have to appreciate the cover. It is the definition of epic. The shadow of Galactus approaching Asgard. This part of the arc is still in the build up stage and the cover definitely helps to ramp up the tension.One of the best things about this series is that it doesn't just focus on Tho...

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One Crazy Knight 2

I must admit that I don't know too much about the character or history of Moon Knight in the 616 Universe.  I am more familiar with his Ultimate counterpart, who I really liked.  This coupled with the fact that he is on the Secret Avengers roster made me interested in picking this issue up.  Long story short, I'm glad I did.The GoodWell coming in as relatively clueless reader, I thought how they set up Marc Spector in L.A worked quite well.  He's a new upcoming television producer, well why not?...

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