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Reading & Pull List

It's pretty self-explanatory; it's just a list of series that I'm actively/regularly reading and stuff I'm subscribed. I didn't want to have separate lists since I don't collect like that anymore. It's an interesting mix of new and old as I catch up, re-read, and discover stories that interest me.

List items

  • This was an ongoing when I heard about it, and now that I've gotten to it, it has been cancelled and ended. That's a bit depressing, but I've enjoyed what I've read so far.

  • It's hard to turn down a modern western.

  • Makes me want to play in a good WOD game.

  • Enjoyable light reading.

  • The first TPB has me hooked. I'll be collecting this.

  • Intriguing, dark, violent and graphic.

  • Dark, depressing, draining, shocking, emotional... This is quite a trip.

  • Reading through some older comics of mine.

  • A decent collection of stories. Like most, I didn't like all of them, but it entertained. I do enjoy reading things like this to break up the usual grind.

  • This is REALLY good! It keeps me wondering how things will play out.

  • A bit on the light-hearted side as far as my supernatural tastes go, but it was well done. I'll keep going and see how it lasts.

  • I love exploitational horror, so to see a book that pays tribute to that style of horror was a no-brain must-have for me.

  • The first issue enthralled me. Love the mind-effing.

  • Re-reading this and planning to pick up what I'm missing.

  • Finally reading my TPBs

  • I liked the movies and earlier seasons, so this intrigued me. I wanted to know how it'd be. Not too bad, so far.

  • I own all of this, having picked it up for $1 an issue during a sale at my former LCS. Just started reading it.

  • I collected most of this, if not all, and am finally getting to it. Also excited about the new series coming.

  • I started this when it first released, but I fell behind. I'm playing catch up now.

  • I've been collecting this since the start and have only just started reading it.