Done & Done

My "what I've read' list contained single issues that I had finished. This list contains completed books and story arcs that I have finished reading 100%. I wanted a simpler list to look at as opposed to sorting through single issues.

List items

  • What a great read! Very unusual premise and wonderful art. It went by way too quickly.

  • A great show of what real-life movie monsters go through trying to find work in the real word. A very satisfying read. Looking forward to the ongoing.

  • Wanted to read this before watching the movie. This was a great read.

  • Motel Hell ranks among my favorite horror flicks. The comic lives up to the greatness of the movie enough to have entertained me right the way through.

  • Entertaining with good writing, but I can only take so much humour like this.

  • Wow. Just. Wow. This was not what I expected and it was very cool. Loved the art, especially. Can't wait to get into volume 2.

  • Wow. Unusual premise, great art and storytelling, but when too quickly. I really want to know what happens to the girl.

  • A great tale of real-life movie monsters having to find work in the real world. I'm looking forward to the ongoing.

  • I don't normally read things related to movies, they usually aren't that great, but this was good, very good.

  • This ended at quite a cliffhanger. Now I have to get Kestus.

  • This was a good slice-of-life book. The ending saddened me a bit, regarding Martha. I wish things were different and that there were more. It left me with a void of want.

  • This was a really good read and ended very well, though I would like to see a follow up one-shot on how her future turned out.

  • I loved the premise of this and how it went. It was a good story and fun ride, but it was over too soon.

  • This is quite the faithful adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula - colourised, too!