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Facing Inconsistencies in her Mythology 0

Greg Rucka covers the constant inconsistencies of the Wonder Woman mythos rather than ignoring them to create his own origin story. He looks at them head on weather she was truly born of clay or daughter of Zeus? Was she ridiculed or honored for being born of clay? Where the amazons philosophers or warriors? He covers these issues and sets Dianna on a path to find out the truth of her origins as she notices that everything in her past is not only a blur but keeps changing and she sets out for a...

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Confronting the Truth 0

This issue continues right after the Rebirth special which is something some of the other titles seemed to lack. Dianna sets out on a journey to find out the truth of her past, who the amazons truly are, what she truly is and seeks the assistance of a mysterious entity. The issue starts off with a slow build as Dianna travels through a forest calling out to this mysterious presence asking for help, claiming she has not arrived as an enemy but will become one if she must to obtain the truth. Ther...

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The Devil Is Back! 0

Lucifer Morningstar is back in action! This book picks up from where it last ended. God is now seemingly dead, and Lucifer is being framed for his murder. Gabriel is out to take vengeance and obtain a place back in heaven only to find out that Lucifer is innocent. Lucifer then decides to join Gabriel in his quest to find the murderer, not because it's the right thing to do but rather out of his pride believing that he was the one who should have killed God instead. The art and the writing is rea...

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Keeping It Old School! 0

DC Comics Bombshells starts off in a great way introducing the three leading ladies along with not only their sub plots but as well as the large one. The writing is done wonderfully and the art is refreshing. There are several Easter Eggs shown throughout the book which fans of past DC stories will understand and crack a smile at. I don't want to give much away from this book but I will say something that shouldn't spoil the story at all. The time era that this book takes place in is in the 1940...

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So Far So Good 0

Wonder Woman's new arc is off to a great start. Meredith Finch's writing has improved greatly in comparison to her first issue on the run. Without giving too much away this new arc seems to be filled with much potential as new characters and older characters come into light. David Finch's artwork is consistent throughout the entire book with no awkward faces to be seen on any page. The new rising villain seems to be interesting yet familiar and of course like any reasonable writer there is myst...

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The Best Issue of Her Run! 0

Just as I was loosing faith in Meredith's writing she makes this gem! The story was amazing and the artwork was spectacular with no awkward faces! And the splash-pages are just bloody amazing! Seriously everything about this issue made up for how wobbly the run was. It didn't cover everything that happened during the Finch's run but I'm glad it didn't because it leaves room for more stories to be developed. I guess the best way I can describe this issue is like a short action packed manga and t...

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Satisfied 0

The best issue up to date! Snyder and Capullo do it once again with such a great finally to their Endgame arc. This has been the biggest, most explosive story that they have told and has a beautiful bittersweet ending to it. I won't say much about it to try and avoid spoilers but I will say this. The way this book ended made me feel that if there was such a thing as the end for Batman, that this would truly be the end. After 75 years of the Batman and Joker fighting one another this has truly b...

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What The Actual F***?! 0

I finally got around to reading this issue and I have to say for a first issue everything seems very scattered, it's hard to keep up with the events taking place but the more you read the more things begin making sense and not making sense as well. It somewhat reminded me of a more twisted version of Neil Gaiman's Sandman books.The world of intersect is something completely different and untaught of. From what I could gather there are 4 different people within 2 different bodies that would seem ...

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Almost too Much to Handle! 0

The issue is portrays the extremities both Batman and Joker are willing to go to achieve their goals. Batman as desperate as ever turns to the Court of Owls to ask them if Joker has truly been around for as long as he claims. After not obtaining the information he desires he has a Goddamn Batman moment as he cuts the rope holding a model of Gotham in hope to crush the Court members then proceeds to fight Uriah Boone, one of the first Talons, and interrogates him in order to find answers. The res...

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You Know That One Friend Who Won't Leave You Alone?... 0

I was finally able to get around to reading this issue and I have to say I was not disappointed at all. In this issue we see a different side of Joker than what we normally do and how he views others. Sure some would argue that Joker saw Batman as a friend but he was more of a playmate than anything else, and he has henchmen and Harlee but he only uses them he never feels any connection towards them. In this issue Joker befriends a reporter in his own sick and demented way. He keeps on harassin...

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Immortals 0

Endgame continues to amaze and puzzle as the latest issue takes hold on a brand new twist of how the Joker is depicted. Joker has often been described as deranged, mad, or just simply crazy but is that really the truth? Snyder goes on to write the Joker as someone who uses being crazy as a guise for actually just being evil. As usual Joker sends Batman down the rabbit hole by saying he's older than what he thinks. We see a glimpse of this in the previous issue but now it seems full bloated leavi...

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Twisted Dreams 0

After the Finchs took over the book it's not rare to hear that it was off to a rocky start but these past few issues have been picking up since. I won't be giving much away about the issue but I will say that the art and story telling is getting better with each moment. The only two concerns I have with this book is the Justice League being incorporated a bit too much for my personal comfort and that Donna Troy hasn't spoken a single word since being brought into the New 52, it feels like she's...

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This isn't the ordinary giggles... this is advanced giggles 1

Joker is putting Batman through Hell for denying him and his rogues for what makes him greater than life. It's a very rare occasion to see the Clown Prince of Crime this ticked off but when he is, Gotham beware. After nearly two years of disappearing Joker is back with a vengeance and he's doing everything he can to tear down the Batman. Where has he been and what has he been doing all this time? Aside planning for his revenge for the past two years, Joker has been hiding under Batman's nose th...

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Stronger than Gods 2

It's the usual case that when Batman is in a rage he seems unstoppable and that is demonstrated in this issue as the action flies off the handle in an epic battle between the Dark Knight and the New God Darkseid. As this issue goes on the one starts to question "is there anything that Hellbat Armor can't do?!" it seems like that's the case in this issue. But let's not get into detail with that. When Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason said they wanted to kick the doors with this issue they deliv...

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It's getting better! 0

From last months issue to this one the new creative for Wonder Woman has upped their game. The art has definitely improved as David Finch makes Diana seem more like a woman than a baby faced teenager as Meredith's writing has greatly improved as a point of focus is being made. New characters seem to be arising and shrouds the story in mystery as old faces are being brought back, for the best or worse is still up in the air. For now it seems as Wonder Woman will remain on my pull list for now....

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Fresh Change From Before 1

There's no denying Azzarello's run was probably the most amazing and will probably the Wonder Woman most will remember. With that said when I first picked up this issue I was excited and nervous because I've never read anything by Mrs. Finch I did not know what to expect and Mr. Finch artwork is something I tend to enjoy considering all the detail he pours into his work. As I read this issue I enjoyed certain aspects like the how the water of the shower washed away the blood on Wonder Woman sor...

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Out For Blood 1

Joker is back and he is pissed at the Dark Knight. A crazy plot twist revile of where the Clown Prince of Crime has been this whole time comes to light. Snyder and Capullo do a wonderful job throwing nods at iconic moments and the fans such as the punch from TDKR as well as well as the age old argument "Who would win in a fight Batman or Superman?" which is actually answered in this issue.What I'm about to say next may be considered SPOILERS so stop reading if you don't want to know and read on...

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Bullet Proof Ending for the Bullet Proof Man. 0

Scott Snyder has done it again. Tearing down the idea of what people believe Superman to be and giving him have a more human element to who he is made Superman a character we can relate to more with ease. We are able to view Superman in different dimensions as we examine how he decides not to ally himself with any nation to avoid conflict and yet because he refuses to ally himself he causes conflict with every nation in the world as they all try to find ways on how to wipe him out if he ever be...

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Snyder and Capullo are at it again! 0

The arc kicks off with a bang, crazy amounts of confusing scenes are happening right off the bat. As the story progresses you see a lot of new development within the city as well as the technology and can't help but wonder how it all came to happen (I'll have to read all of Eternal to find out).*SPOILER ALERT* After seeing the cover one would think "oh it's the justice league against Batman and they're holding back again because they don't want to kill him blah blah..." No they are out for bloo...

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Wow just wow 1

I seriously cannot say anything about this issue without giving anything away so I can only leave it at this. Amazing writing, amazing artwork just over all a really amazing issue. I guess you can call this the beginning of the second act of Batman Eternal. More characters are coming into play as the plot thickens. Just read it. Seriously, do it....

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Hellbat Armor and Caped Bromances 0

That's all I can say about this issue. The Hellbat Armor looks bloody amazing and the fact that all the League members took part in making that armor not only shows how much the League cares about Batman. In the last pages of the issue Superman shows up at Damian's and Talia's graves to visit Bruce to have a heart to heart. At that moment you can see that Clark and Bruce truly are greatest of friends. The way this arc is being set up gets me excited to see what lays ahead....

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High Expectations can Come Crashing Down. 0

I expected way too much from this issue. I was hoping for a heart felt issue of Bruce and Damian's relationship as father and son but what I got instead was just a recap of what happened since the time Damian was introduced till his dying day, fallowed by an all out war with the New Gods of Apokolips. Though I did enjoy how action packed this issue was as the issue before, I felt it came up a bit empty. Batman finally dealt with the stages of grievance towards his only legitimate son only to be...

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Stunning Way To End It All! 0

I've been fallowing Zero year from the beginning and it's been one hell of a story line. The art work that Greg Capullo did was out standing, the writing style that Scott Snyder has is more than complementary and every page had me in suspense. The dynamic between characters such as The Riddler and The Batman was phenomenon as they engaged in a battle of wits, between Alfred and Bruce as you get to see a bit behind the curtain as to how crazy Bruce really is. Everything about the story line was ...

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Expectations So Low 0

My expectations for this comic were so low that when I picked it up I was actually impressed. I honestly thought they would have completely changed the character into a more serious gun dwelling spy assassin but Dick is still that cocky show off who tries to have a good time. The whole espionage scheme did catch my attention. The moment I realized that because my expectations were low I enjoyed it I realized it wasn't a 5 but a 4. The art was impressive but nothing special or over the top but i...

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Glenn Danzig is at it Again 0

Aside from First Born looking a crap load like Glenn Danzig the Story line of what caused First Born to want start a war with the heavens was all one could ask for. Abandoned as a baby into the harsh wilderness, being raised by hyenas, learning only hatred and murder as the law of animals and nature. It was amazing watching this baby growing up to be the absolute bad ass he is now....

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Get Wrecked! 0

The issue shows how brilliant Lex Luthor is on more than one way. Without giving away much everyone got wrecked as an all our war sprung up between the Injustice League and the Crime Syndicate. The art work, story line and character development was amazing and that's why I rate this issue 5/5.This issue did leave some odd questions floating about. Spoiler Alert!!!! Did Batman and Wonder Woman have a relationship before Superman got with her? Her lasso brought them back but was only useful with ...

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Batman's Mistake = Apocalypse 0

It feels as if whenever a hero makes a mistake the gravest consequences take hold. This issue shows a version of the apocalypse that was probably worse than what we saw in Grant Morrison's Batman issue 666. Think about it in this aspect super powered robo-zombies.That's right these SPRZs have taken over the world and it's all because Batman and Mr.Terrific decided to build Brother Eye. In the midst of the apocalypse we see some horrifying images such as world wide destruction, Black Canary's fac...

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What is this Madness?! 0

Celebrating Batman's 75 years of service DC released a new weekly bat title which will last a year featuring the man himself along with his cast of partners and villains.Leaving out as many spoilers as I possibly can.The Good: Art work is great. Jason Fabok went all out on this issue. The storyline. Snyder and Tynion began to unravel a great story. Character development is a very essential part of this story which is filled with surprises.The Bad: it's a weekly series so your wallet will pretty...

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Bye Bye Birdie 0

It was a fun run while it lasted but sadly one of my favorite series came to an end today. Talon started off as such a promising story arc and each character seemed to have amazing development. Towards the middle things got a little rough with the story and the ending seemed a bit rushed. There are still questions with out answers like whatever happened to the First Talon and what happened to Owlman (Lincoln March)? Hopefully those questions will still be answered in the Batman series or so.Wit...

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Not a good note to leave on. 0

The cover art was beautiful! Guillem March always does an amazing job as an artist 5/5 definitely for the cover alone!The story line was great, John Layman does a good job at revealing the detective side of Batman yet it seemed to end so quickly no was there a lot of action for the matter of speaking so I'll give it a 3/5 since I was expecting to see more of the other Heroes in action.The art work wasn't bad yet I was truly hoping Jason Fabok would have stood by for it or at least Tony Daniel ma...

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Eternal! 0

SPOILERS!!!! Harper Row is a total bad ass as Blue Bird and now Spoiler is introduced! Still confused about what Catwoman is doing running a crime organization but I'm excited to find out! I love to see Snyder and Tynion working together again because when they do the style isn't too realistic but it isn't to the point of fantasy were some might claim "it isn't Batman anymore". The art work for this issue was amazing and the new tech has really captivated me. This sneak peek of Batman Eternal ge...

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I Find it Kinda Funny, I Find it Kinda Sad. 0

After reading this issue I saw Joker in a whole new light, not just as some murdering psycho but as someone who also has emotions regardless of how deranged he is. I am getting pretty tired of the whole childhood trauma stories that almost every villain seems to be having but I guess if they didn't have the trauma they wouldn't have a reason to be villains. The art on this issue is a contras or something bright and colorful to something dark and almost life-less so it's very pretty to look at an...

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A Twist on the Batman 0

The art work is beautiful beyond measure. Andy Kubert is an amazing artist but not the best story teller but in this mini series it shows he tried to to keep everyone in character for the most part. Very action packed and we get to see a bit of the darker side that Damian has and shows how he can use it for good. Not like Batman never kill a person good or Red Hood kill all the bad guys good but more on the sense of kill if you absolutely have too.Downsides consist of how many Jokers there are a...

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Looks are Deceiving 0

I gotta tell it like it is the cover of this issue looks way cooler than what actually happens in the issue. I'm going to try to leave out any spoilers for those who have not read this issue so here it goes.The issue starts off with a bit of back story from Felix Harmon (Gotham Butcher) then jumps into the present with the Court of Owls loosing some control. You see how Casey's condition is after what happened to her in issue #10. Batman and Talon have a run in, they don't really fight, just arg...

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Philosophies of Strenght 0

*Spoiler alert!*Honestly though I hated the art work (cover work aside) because it seemed so shaded in areas were it seemed completely unnecessary the way this issue was written seemed as James Tynion was finally recovering from the last sloppy issues he wrote after bringing back Calvin from the grave (kinda). He made Calvin seemed reckless, uncaring and over all what some would call a brat. I was unsure of dropping this title because of that and as I was reading this issue I believed nothing wa...

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Blind Sighted 0

Spoiler alert!I won't do a full on review of everything just a certain part. Before Bane brakes the back of a man his daughter walks into the room. Bane then ask the man if he thinks he'll take mercy on him because his daughter is there. The man begs blah blah blah. The what happened after was quite shocking! The young daughter no more than 8 years (give or take) states that she's there too watch. The man was abusive to his wife and child and deserved no mercy. With that said Bane brakes the man...

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Insightful 0

Spoiler alert! Maybe... if you haven't read anything that's Court of Owls from Batman or Talon related, you shouldn't read this. This issue though it wasn't filled with as much action as some would expect there are some unexpected scenes. To sum it up shortly the court has been getting desperate with the disappearance of Batman as Gotham City is hurled into chaos. Before these events Talon (Calvin Rose) has fled from the court and has ever since been trying to rid them once and for all. This cau...

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