The Parfum Spray cap is encrusted with assorted

The Parfum Spray cap is encrusted with assorted semi-precious gemstones, in soft blues, greens and yellows, inspired by a Josef Hoffmann brooch displayed in Manhattan's Neue Gallerie. The cap of the Eau de Parfum is hammered gold, reminiscent of a matching bracelet and necklace given to Aerin as a gift by her grandmother, a woman she describes as, "a really warm grandmother who worked hard during the day but made lots of time for her family. She was Hungarian so she was a great cook - goulash, paprikash . It was only later in my teens when I walked into a department store and saw our counters that it hit me who she was."

Take Kermit, that epitome of amiable, aw-shucks amphibian charm. There's no chance everyone's favourite frog is going to have a bad breakup with Taylor Swift or be caught in a hot-tub scandal or tweet while drunk or give a foul-mouthed Howard Stern interview. Kermit isn't going to be sexting nude pictures of himself. (Or maybe he's already nude. Either way it's not a problem.)

Unfortunately, lip pigmentation could be genetics or it could be from smoking. Whatever the case, cosmetically I would suggest a lighter shade of coverup and then applying the color. I would consider going to to cosmetic counter, preferably someplace like MAC or Fashion Fair (which has a great fade cream, by the way) and get some form of foundation that would lighten by a shade or two. Granted you don't want the "pork chop by the bus stop" look, but you don't want the "just got hit in the mouth" look, either.

Having a much better year: Leonardo DiCaprio. The star makes the biggest leap on our list this year, rising from 71st place to 15th, thanks to two huge movies: Shutter Island and Inception. The latter earned US$825 million at the global box office, making mac makeup wholesale it the sixth-highest-earning film of 2010. That went a long way toward helping DiCaprio earn US$77 million over the last 12 months.

Storing your shoes is also vital to protecting them. Most people simply throw their shoes and boots into cupboards without thinking about the damage that can be caused. The best way to store your shoes is to buy shoe storage boxes or bags that have been specially designed for different styles of shoes and boots including flats, high heels, ankle boots and knee boots. Clear shoe storage boxes are especially useful because you can see which pair is in which box and some women even love Mac Brushes to showcase their shoes for all to see in these clear boxes!

Everybody will say that having a Henna tattoo is okay. But when it comes to permanent tattoo, everybody has a different reaction. But what if this painful insertion of pigments unto the skin will make you beautiful? Imagine if you have permanent cosmetics - yes, a tattoo makeup. You don't have to wear makeup everyday. You're already wearing permanent eyebrows, permanent lipstick, permanent blush on, and so on. If these people would wake up with makeup already on, then they will surely say it's okay to have permanent tattoo makeup.

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