Top 15 Metal Gear Solid characters

In my opinion the top 15 characters from one of the best gaming franchises to date.

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  • Seriously who else was i gonna pick haha. The main protaganist who was the hero of Shadow Moses and stopped Liquid Ocelot. A truly great character indeed.

  • The original Snake he was the father to Solid, Liquid, and Solidus he defeated the boss but after that a screw popped loose and he became evil. He eventually becomes good at the very end.

  • A very ignorant character who is a clone brother to Solid Snake. He believed he got the recessive genes but was wrong. He survives a helicoptor explosion, Having his Metal Gear explode, Getting beaten to a pulp then falling several stories, Getting shot in his jeep and crashing it, and finally dying of a heart attack. All in a days work.

  • Before getting his hand cut off and possessed he was a member of the KGB and had his own group of soldiers. Plus his parents are the boss and sorrow. " Your pretty good".

  • A patriot who died for her country and only a select few know it. She also invented CQC with Big Boss.

  • One of the coolest characters in the mgs verse by far. The best sniper in Foxhound in the world untill Snake bests her.

  • Brother to Solid Snake and former president of the united States. Gets cut almost in half by Raiden and falls to his death.

  • Scientist who helped make metal gear and saw his sister and two almost girlfriends die. Also snakes best friend.

  • A telepathic person who destroyed his town and made Meryl try to kill Snake.

  • Gray Fox was the top mercenary in the world till Snake killed him. He was born again in an exoskeleton suit that keeps him alive.

  • An Alaskan shaman Snake faces twice in battle. Though in the end it is pretty ironic because he gets eaten alive by ravens. A very cool character though.

  • Leader of rat patrol101 and snakes former love interest. Got shot 3 times by a sniper rifle and still lived.

  • I couldn't leave him out. I heavily disliked him in MGS2 but in MGS4 he became okay.

  • Bullets can't hit her and she thinks Snake killed her dad. She the only person who ever beat Solid Snake in battle so kudos to her.

  • Honorable mention.Former Green Beret in the army and Snakes commander.

    I was going to put Naomi Hunter and Drebin but couldn't find them. The fury is also a cool character but couldn't find him either.