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My Favorite Male Comicbook Heroes

My favorite male heroes... For now

List items

  • He's batman don't F$#*@ with him with prep ofcourse

  • Hulk is the strongest hero to ever live and probably the madest

  • Don't mess with the the true God Of Thunder striking lighting down to your door even if ye be in hell inself!

  • Spider-Man is awesome and all but I do prefer the symbiote Spider-Man

  • Ahhhh Deadpool the perfected Deathstroke NUFF SAID

  • The man with the willpower of a 100 no make that a 1000 men

  • Kyle Rayner The only man next too Hal but some say above him PSSS lies RIGHT?

  • The king of the sea there can only be one! lets see who the sea prefers Namor or seems they have choosen Aquaman as thee king of the sea POUR NAMOR now the only thing he is king of is the crabs no wait forget the nothing

  • Wolverine is where THE BADA$$ ALL CAME FROM

  • Its clobbering time with a phrase like and much more coolness like that he needs to be on this list

  • The Silver Surfer surfing the cosmos TOALLY RADICAL

  • Okay fine there can be more God Of Thunders but only this one no MORE!

  • This guy doesn't play around so don't mess with him thats not advice thats a warning

  • Supermans brother but from mars but better MUCH BETTER

  • Spawn is a hardcore guy with a hardcore life and a hardcore costume let me just say he is plain BADA$$ AWESOMENESS mix together in him and his symbiote

  • He is the real Superman

  • He is what if Captain America Was in Britan mostly but not exactly

  • Oh crap this guy is too cool he is just like hell got cool all over again

  • Wonder Man is just too Wonderful to not be on this list

  • The superhero playboy I never knew some could be some FREAKING AWESOME!

  • The man with no fear and no sight but still he is on this list

  • Batman but black lives in Africa and has a obsession with panthers instead of bats

  • Ehh like Superman but little better

  • Pretty good but needs a little more practice

  • If he can pull a pretty good Batman he is on this list

  • The protector of the universe risking his life for everything he loves and knows

  • How much more Superman perfected people need to be one here this guy!

  • More of a anti-hero but one thing is for sure he does save thousands of people or he says so but kill one save a thousand

  • He is dark scary I think that covers it up oh yeah and he is good sometimes

  • The humble silent nija always fighting for good of humanity either if its saving the world or just stoping a robber

  • First there was Question then there's Rorschach he may seem a little crazy at time but when you get to know him you'll see he's pretty cool OR probably not

  • The wisest Jedi to ever live and able to use the force incredibly

  • The Jedio who trained the now Darth Vader and died so he could save the universe from the Emperor

  • The best leader of the Autobots noble kind brave this bot deserves the best

  • The man that his name has a Y and he is the last man alive is going threw so much pressure to keep the human raise alive but can he you can bet on it

  • He may not be the king of the see like aquaman but he sure is a pretty damn good one like ruling the sea creatures and taking care of his people

  • He's not the true spirit of vengeance but when it comes to vengeancing he will be there if he has unfinished businesss with you

  • Killing zombies with he's chainsaw and metal hand what more could zombies have nightmares about

  • Captain of atoms at one point in he's life was able to create a universe pretty impressive also able to go toe to toe with the despised Superman

  • The toughest bounty hunter and sharp shooter in the wild west Billy the Kid or Wild Bill would be afraid to stand off with him

  • The Law and Judge of he's city if you don't obey him he makes you or takes you out before you can lay a hand or bullet on him

  • He may not seem a hero at times but we its saving he's universe or other threats close to that he will be there

  • A Mixture of Wolverine IronMan and Batman = One badass kicking hero

  • KC Superman is a concept of what if Superman had turn out different in the years to come from retiring making out a Stronger more Effecient yet old BADAZZ SUPERMAN

  • Battling Heavy hitters from Juggernaut to Gladiator even though most of humanity despises him comes the bold true Man Of Steal, or mutant

  • A brave young hero has Billy grown to be from a 90 pound kid to a 190 pound God Of LIGHTING almost equivalent to Thor himself!

  • Stay cool and be cool is what Iceman's all about and kicking villian azz

  • The ruler of the heavens and soarer of skies, he is truly the Archangel and rouge horseman of Apocalypse

  • Not only a BEAST at kicking A$$ but a Beast of brains and pawnage

  • A SAVAGE DRAGON with a Savagely kind heart and SAVAGE FISTS OF DRAGONESS!

  • A MAD MAN with A MAD MIND! also a mad superhero?

  • A guy who can go to hell and back as if nothing ever happen makes the Devil want to redecorate the place