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May 28th, 2024 Marvel Comics

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  • Number five. This comic is immaculate and the way amazing spider-man should be. Hickman and chechetto are unbelievably good.

  • Number five and the ending of the Krakoa Saga. It was a really good way to finish this five years of krakoa.

  • Avengers: Twilight ending. This universe isn't that interesting, it's pretty similar to the main 616 continuity, but it has been a pretty nice story overall.

  • The first number. The art is very good and you can tell t'challa's desesperation. Good writing.

  • Not bad at all, good action scenes. The only thing I dislike about this comic is Daken coming back from the dead. He literally died in the event that finished this very week.

  • Nice to see the team return, and it would be awesome to see Hellstrom appear.

  • Number four. This has been far better than I expected. I am really digging the art and I love to see more of this two together.

  • Third number. Still not convinced and we are halfway through. Tracer was supposedly dead but he reappeared. I really hope Obscura kills Paul at the end and Marvel finally ends that MJ storyline and she comes back with Peter.

  • Number four: Spider-Woman from the Across the Spider-Verse movie. They really are over-using the spider variants.

  • Ngl, I liked the nightcrawler retcon, but destiny is a character I do not like at all.

  • Number four. It was not bad. I really like this universe and its characters.

  • Number fifty and the ending to his series. People haven't liked this run in general, but I found it pretty original and with really cool and new art. This event was awful, though.

  • Number seven. I do not find this character's powers or history interesting and I don't like him being in every comic right now.

  • Number four. This comic is terrible right now. The art is boring and the story is awful.