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"If no one does, will you?"

The Shadow King
The Shadow King

Real Name: Kellan Strigidae (Secret)

Aliases: Grimmwald, Horned Saint, Black Mirror, Red Shinigami, Many Faced Man, New Face of Fear, No One, Horned Master, Shadow King, Many Faced Strigidae

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 208 lbs

Age: 20-24

Hair Color: Light Brown (Variable - See Face Swapping)

Eye Color: Ruby (Variable - See Face Swapping)

Species: Mutant

Gender: Male

Alignment: Antihero (Morally Ambiguous)

Orientation: Heterosexual

Birthplace: Unknown

Relationship Status: In a relationship with Ashley Knightfall

Family: Descendant of صفر

Occupation: Strigidae (Defector), Assassin (Formerly), Vigilante, Leader of the Orochi, Leader of the Blackdagger, Member of the Shadow Knights

Affiliation: Shadow Knights, Orochi, Blackdagger, Valentina (Prisoner/Associate), Niko San'Vun (Subordinate), Richard Strigidae (Ally/Blood Brother), Tessa Callahan (Ally/Blood Sister), Ashley Knightfall (Ally/Girlfriend)

The Horned Saint - Origin/Background

There was no family to raise him, no guidance from a father, and no warmth from a mother. His teacher and parent was the twisted brother of the pleasure principle - the pain principle. The Strigidae shunned all weakness. And Kellan, bent but never broken by these cruel lessons, shunned them as well. He sought out pain, grew in it's shadow, and in it he founded a personal code to stand against the injustices of the world, to stand against those who'd pluck children from their mother's arms and do what the Strigidae have to him. So he left, abandoning the Strigidae ranks and donning the red shroud of no one. Of the horned hero in a world as gluttonous as it was cruel. He became the Black Mirror of changing faces. Grimmwald.

No One - Psychological Profile/Personality

Owing to a combination of his formative years being under the Strigidae's hand and his eventual defection from them, Kellan suffers from significant paranoia. He never uses his real name and frequently uses his face-changing skill to change his appearance all in an effort to make himself all the more difficult for the Strigidae to find, lending to his identity as "No One". His paranoia is so deeply embedded in his routine that Kellan refuses to do any calculations on computers and even simple calculators for fear of being found by technopaths under the Strigidae's employ, and instead does all calculations on paper with a pencil - no matter how time consuming. Hyper-vigilant and constantly on guard, Kellan is often wary of any threat, real or imagined. Though he is not so paranoid to the point of irritability, he wears a hard exterior which has seen him grow somewhat insensitive to the feelings of others despite his good intentions. He is not sociable and often avoids speaking with others for fear that they may be spies working for the Strigidae. The Black Mirror himself is conscious of his paranoia and at times relies on a dark sense of humor and sharp wit to ease him of his tension.

Because of his paranoia, Kellan is incredibly observant, often searching for irregularities in any given situation. From his years being raised by the Strigidae, Kellan is cold of mind, capable of retaining a significant measure of control over his emotions in highly stressful situations. However, other than his paranoia, the Black Mirror's defining psychological trait is his adherence to a strict and rigid code. This code stems from his sympathy and empathy for those too weak to fight and fend for themselves, a feeling developed from the hatred he felt for how cruelly the Strigidae responded to his failures and the failures of all other children born into the death cult. Kellan's personal code is therefore one with a razor sharp focus on opposing all forms of injustice and eradicating what he perceives to be evil. And while he does his best to abstain from killing, he will if left with no other choice. Despite his paranoia and distrust of others, Kellan greatly trusts his blood brother, Richard. He is most at ease in Richard's presence as both he and Richard are fugitives from the Strigidae and have a bond formed through the shared trauma of being raised by the Strigidae. Despite the genuine goodness of his heart, the Horned Saint possesses dangerous and predatory traits, chiefly stemming from his genetic history and his upbringing as a Strigidae.

He can be extremely cruel (both physically and psychologically) when dealing with criminals and villains, as he appears to hold actual malice for those he considers evil. Instead of killing them, Kellan opts to make villains and those he considers evil - suffer greatly. He punishes them for their unforgivable acts/crimes. He cripples them or gouges their eyes out, crushes their larynges so they may never speak again, and most prominently, he peels their faces from their skulls. But he does not kill. Partly because he wants villains etc. to suffer, to feel as powerless as those they've wronged. But also because he does not consider killing to be an effective form of threat management. It is Kellan's opinion that the only way to control evil and the criminal element is through fear, by fostering a culture of fear whereby the consequence of great suffering casts such a dark shadow over villains and the like that they refrain from committing murders etc. over fear. Fear that is spread through rumors and shapes the behaviors of entire generations. So he uses torture, physical and non-physical to create this culture of fear among villains to manage the threat of evil and villainy.


And as previously noted, Kellan trusts few people. He trusts Richard, his greatest friend and with whom he shares his life's first and most important bond and spent his formative years. He trusts Tessa who he regards as a sister and is protective of. And he trusts Ashley, his girlfriend whose inherent goodness and purity of heart represents the moral redemption he seeks. Because he trusts very few people and is generally very guarded, Kellan places great value on the relationships he enjoys with those he does trust. However, he places even greater value on his goals, specifically his goal to punish evil, the consequence of which saw him abandon his name and the Shadow Knights, and claim leadership of the Orochi and Blackdagger. The change is embodied by a quote from the Horned Saint himself:

-- "I love it. The sickening snap of bone when I break a limb. The smell of blood when I skin a man alive. The guttural screams when I cut out their larynx and pluck out their eyes. I love it. Because to be an avenger, to punish evil, loving it is inevitable. You have to. But a hero - a good Samaritan who does nothing, in other words - does not. But I do, because there's no point in fearing the inevitable" --

Kellan has an undergone further psychological change since his acquisition of the Soul Lavaliere. Having lost his soul in exchange for the stone, he has become almost entirely unfeeling, harboring neither love nor hatred for his loved ones and enemies. He feels nothing but passion for his goal. Only ambition. Recently, Kellan has experienced further psychological change, rendering him not unfeeling, but host to feelings and an emotional thought process more alien than human. The result is a man whose behaviors are trafficked in mystery, yet remains outrageously self-certain in his intuition and goals, enough so to challenge the Seven Secret Masters of the Strigidae.

The Many Faced Man - Master Martial Artist & Additional Skills

|| Fighting System: Wrestle-Striking, Combination Punching, Pressure ||

A former Strigidae and lifelong martial artist, few fighting systems have escaped the Horned Saint's notice, but only a few yield enough in-combat utility for him to incorporate. As a result, Kellan wields only the essential, critical, and proven. Footwork, precision-based striking, deceptive grappling, pressure and aggression have turned the Horned Saint into a surgical and vicious killer. First and foremost, Kellan begins almost every single battle by throwing power strikes in the very first second. His intention? To immediately seize the initiative and take every chance his opponent has to draw first blood. He pressures them. And if his foe retreats to stay at a distance, Kellan will snipe away at them with his main cast of long-range strikes; his brutal long right hook, a stabbing front kick to the body, his thunderous Taekwondo side kick to the body, and a lightning-fast left head kick. He sets up every strike with precision, picking his opponent apart from a distance until they panic, sweat and either rush into an elbow or sidekick, or circle away from his long right hook - and into the path of his left high kick. The Horned Saint fights to kill yes, but also to break his opponent and limit their options until there are none. In battle, he stands in front of the enemy. When his opponent steps back, he steps forward. Every single time for every step.

The Master of Offense
The Master of Offense

Each time gliding just close enough to maintain a crucial distance between his opponent and himself, a distance that enables near-full extension of his some of his preferred strikes, while preventing overextension. And the pressure begins to mount. If his foe is inactive for even a second, Kellan snipes them, again and again and again, coldly taking away their ability to settle into a rhythm until every single one of his opponent's movements are being dictated by him. The result? Control of range while his opponent remains on the backfoot. This however, is Kellan's arsenal from the outside. On the inside, he is equally dangerous. To lull his opponents forward, he offers them temporary relief from his unyielding forward pressure by reaching out to touch their hand with his - to hand-fight. Hand-fighting is natural, as the reaction to slap away an approaching hand is instinctive. So Kellan paws at the opponent's hand to lull them into hand-fighting before quickly withdrawing his own hand to take a long step into the pocket with an elbow. With long arms, Kellan's elbows are a unique weapon for him to bridge the gap between the outside and inside, and his length allows him to land elbows from farther away than most. Because of it's use in transitions, that it's arc is shorter and more linear than a looping punch, Kellan uses it viciously. The elbow is faster and telegraphs less than a punch. But the elbow, like many of Kellan's mid-to-inside strikes, serves to bring him closer to the opponent if his foe refuses to engage. And on the inside, the Horned Saint uses his grappling to create openings for elbows, uppercuts, hooks and knees.

Among Kellan's favorite tools when grappling are wrist-grips. Specifically, Kellan prefers the use of the thumb-down grip with his thumb facing the ground. The rationale behind this is that to break a grip on their wrist, the opponent must pull their hand in the direction of Kellan's thumb because the gap where the thumb and fingers met is the weak point of any single-handed grip. The opponent therefore, must yank their wrist against that gap to force it open and free their arm. But because Kellan uses a thumbs-down grip with his thumb facing the ground, the opponent is forced to yank their arms downwards and away from their upper-body, exposing their upper-body to strikes, and to Kellan's favorite - elbows over the top. However, opponents can adapt, and can come to realize that Kellan is only using the thumbs-down grip to set up razor sharp elbows over the top. So they respond sensibly, by ducking under the elbow. Kellan however, accounts for this, and uses the wrist-grip and over-the-top-elbow combination to set up knees and uppercuts. As the opponent ducks under an elbow, they're unknowingly ducking chin first into the path of a crushing knee or thunderous short uppercut. At times, Kellan goes for sharp hooks over the top instead of elbows. Trapped in this vicious prison, the opponent is likely to do as many in-fighters do; fight with the head lowered. Why? To avoid hooks and straight punches to the head while driving their forehead into Kellan's temple, cheek, jaw etc. to secure a superior angle with which to outmaneuver and strike him.

Should the opponent resort to this however, Kellan makes them pay for assuming a new bent-forward posture, and he does so by throwing hard uppercuts to the body. Once his opponent expects yet another uppercut to the body and prepares, Kellan rips an uppercut to the chin instead - followed by a vicious left hook. On the inside, Kellan creates a vacuum that forces his strikes and his opponent's body to collide. Additionally, when the opponent attempts to break away to create space, Kellan often deceives them with a jab. He jabs until they begin to duck under it, and the Horned Saint transforms his jab into a hand on the back of the ducking opponent's neck to break their posture and shove them into the path of a short uppercut. After eating enough of these uppercuts, the opponent drops their hand to block it, and Kellan throws an elbow or hook into the open space left by the opponent's dropped hand. While Kellan makes frequent use of the elbow during transitions from outside to inside, his striking arsenal is diverse. Among his favorite tactics to use when closing distance while simultaneously preventing his opponent from retreating is a combination of range-misdirection and footwork. He will come forward and deliberately stay out of range so the full extent of his jab or long hook falls just an inch or so short of connecting with his opponent. The purpose behind this is to convince his foe that that is the full extent of his range and that they are therefore safe. Kellan however, follows up by flicking a jab at the opponent's eyes to obscure their vision while he takes subtle and very short choppy steps that quietly glide him into range before he follows up his flicking jab with a punch that lands flush on his opponent.

And other times, Kellan will slide into clinch range behind a triple jab. His tools for going from outside to inside are plentiful. Still, if forced to fight on the outside instead of the inside, Kellan will resort to blitzing volume striking and calculated targeting to land all manner of strikes in endless waves. On the outside, his shot selection is intelligent and if he cannot close the distance, he will work to maintain a range that maximizes his ability to deal damage while minimizing the risk of danger to himself. Often-times, Kellan targets the skull, adjusting the range and trajectory of his punches and kicks to keep his foe on the end of his strikes. Sticking to his opponent like glue, he shifts from orthodox to southpaw as he unloads strike after strike on them. While primarily a striker who uses grappling to defend himself from grappling exchanges and to create openings for his strikes, Kellan does sneak in several takedowns from the clinch and so on. And on the ground, he is vicious, using a combination of Sambo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and folkstyle wrestling. From top position, he'll throw elbows and hammerfists to the head, gouge his opponent's eyes out, headbutt them, or smash the back of their head into the ground. From back-mount he'll throw elbows to the back of the head, smash the opponent's face into the ground or seize neck and jaw cranks to cause severe spinal injury or death. From half-guard he knees the groin, and from north-south he knees the head.

|| Face Swapping/Changing ||

Though a highly talented individual, few of Kellan's skills are as unusual as his ability to change his face. By combining convincing acting with what appears to be a disturbing shape-shifting power, Kellan is able to take on the facial features of virtually anyone. While useful, the skill has it's limits as Kellan cannot violate the law of conservation of mass to suddenly grow drastically taller or shorter but he is able to drastically change his appearance within these parameters. This face-changing ability is not a genetic power. Instead, Kellan's ability to change his face and even seemingly his gender, is owed to an combination of exotic tools, and special training. When changing faces, he assumes not only the face of another, but an entirely different appearance. The only restriction being he cannot change his appearance in such a way that he can alter his height and weight. It is rumored that Kellan collects the faces of those killed in mob executions and from shallow graves. There is however, no truth to this rumor. However, he does peel the faces from the skulls of irredeemable criminals and villains. And does so with surgical precision so that they live - but still experience pain. Oddly enough, Kellan can mimic the voices of others, regardless of gender, a skill he uses when changing faces. It also appears to be the case that Kellan can design existing faces he's collected to look like others by permanently altering their appearance.

|| Mind Games/Psychological Torture ||

Two aspects define the Horned Saint's mind games or forms of psychological torture. Firstly, he refers to'non-physical' methods, and secondly, he refers to 'physical' methods of torture which includes things like flogging, mock executions or applying an electric current to the victim's body, whereas 'non-physical' torture does not cause physical harm to the body, but instead directly touches the mind itself. Both methods however, seek to psychologically break the victim. An example of the Black Mirror's forms of non-physical torture is his most frequent, his red cowl/mask. Why the mask? Because with it, Kellan takes advantage of the fact that the power of the human gaze is one of existential affirmation. That to stare into someone else's face and not only recognize them as a person, but see them recognize you in return, is a necessary interchange in the development of one's sense of individuality and self.

It is for this reason that he wears a mask, because though it features a visage of its own, a mask essentially renders whatever expression his actual face may have - blank. Because finding no recognition of separateness or humanity, finding no face and only a mask can threaten to shake an enemy's identity and strip them of their sense of control. With his mask he conjures an unsettling terror in the mind of his victims because of the ambiguity it casts. The mask is expressionless and quietly menacing. However, because it is a mask, it does not necessarily communicate the expression of Kellan's face behind it. So while the mask may be expressionless, his own face may hold an expression whose intentions are different. The victim's inability to read his facial expression while being presented with a superficial one from the mask is Kellan's weapon. If his face cannot be seen, then his intentions cannot be known. This creates ambiguity. To the enemy Kellan's intentions have an equal probability of being well-meaning or harmful. It leaves the enemy's brain in confusion. Some parts of the brain will respond with fear, while other parts won't, and the brain won't know why.

So instead of achieving a typical fear response, his mask instills a feeling of uneasiness, of terror. It drags an enemy's psyche to a valley of creepiness between the mountains of safety and danger, to a place where the limits of trust and knowledge and security are no longer clear. Furthermore, Kellan adds to this by using his face-changing skill and his extreme mastery of the Khaba Strigidae skill to seemingly disappear in the shadows from the slightest distraction. Additionally, in order to psychologically break his enemies, Kellan makes use of a host of different methods such as sleep deprivation, total sensory deprivation etc.

The Red Shinigami - Powers & Abilities

|| Superhuman Movement & Other Abilities ||

A mutant born with the power of extraordinary movement, Kellan's body produces more of the contractile proteins of muscles, actin and myosin. And the result is physical strength and speed narrowly greater than what is possible for the human body (enhanced - see below in Master of One). The greatest of his abilities however, lies in his superhuman movement - a combination of agility, coordination, balance and quickness. When paired with the fruits of an exotic training regimen, this combination of abilities has rendered Kellan strange. His balance is unnaturally perfect, and he is silent. Absolutely silent, producing no sign from his movement. Furthermore, his movement is supernaturally fluid and smooth, enabling astonishing accuracy and precision, even by metahuman standards. Kellan, therefore, has few wasted movements with little lost energy and given his near-perfect movement and precision, strikes far harder than his strength should permit. Despite their strength, Kellan's tissues have significantly higher elasticity than those of ordinary humans and even other mutants and metahumans. His enhanced nerve efficiency is the root of his incredible balance and coordination, further enhanced by an increased number of proprioreceptors and an increase in their sensitivity.

The Shadow-Binder
The Shadow-Binder

Finally, Kellan's entire dermis is extremely sensitive to atmospheric vibrations, enabling him to sense airborne vibrations from even the subtlest of movements. Because of this, Kellan appears to be much faster than he actually is, as he reacts to the movement of others the very second their muscle fibers twitch. Furthermore, his hyper-sensitive dermis acts as his most powerful sensory organ as it not only detects the presence of others, but of objects like doors, tables etc. from their subtle vibrations. The Black Mirror's powers however, are not entirely owed to his X-Gene, as his skill with the Arcani art of Absolutio plays a large part in his abilities. The Horned Saint is unique in that he combines an unnatural ability to bind himself to shadows, with his Arcani skill, Khaba. He can interact with shadows to store items inside them, and walks the shadows as if one himself, sinking into their blackness and traveling between them for near-supernatural stealth. The greatest application of Kellan's shadow-binding powers however, is teleportation between shadows irrespective of distance. Perhaps a lesser known shadow-binding power of his is the ability to physically live in the domain of shadows, a Shadow World so to speak. While he typically uses it to store items, it also doubles as a base of operations for him where he is virtually impossible to locate.

Furthermore, as a shadow-binder, Kellan can extend his shadow on any surface, even water, as far as he requires so long as there is enough area. And once his shadow comes into contact with someone else's shadow, the two shadows merge and the victim is forced to imitate his physical actions. The Horned Saint often tries to use better light sources to increase the size of his shadow or rely on preexisting shadows for his own shadow to tether to in order to reach a target that is out of range. If his victim for example, is armed with a sword, Kellan can perform a stabbing motion on himself, forcing the victim to stab themselves.

|| Mastery of One ||

It has long been the Horned Saint's desire to reach the peak of his martial arts and killing potential. Having acquired some of the Keijijo Clan's forbidden martial secrets, Kellan dove deep into the ancient Keijijo scrolls and harnessed some of the clan's legendary knowledge to unify his body and mind. By awakening and exerting control of his qi-nodes, Kellan has achieved what the Damned Monks of the Keijijo call "Mastery of Ones". Qi-nodes are meeting points of, or as their name implies, nodes for the psycho-spiritual energy called "ch'i", "qi" or "ki" by Eastern philosophies. Believed to permeate the subtle body (the psycho-spiritual equivalent of the physical body), qi, when properly harnessed, pushes the human body beyond it's limits by forging energy channels between the subtle body and the physical one. Kellan however, awakened and harnessed his qi as the Damned Monks of the Keijijo had by forging energy channels between not only the subtle and physical bodies - but the mind as well.

Union of Body & Mind
Union of Body & Mind

It is a forbidden art among the Keijijo as damage dealt to one's qi-nodes means damage dealt to one's mind as well, putting those who practice the art of body-mind unification at risk against others well versed in attacking qi-nodes, and against psychics whose assault on his mind will mean an assault on his subtle body through the shared energy channels. So like the ancient Damned Monks of the Keijijo, Kellan routes much of his own qi into forging psycho-spiritual barriers around his qi-nodes and mind to protect them from damage, and his mind specifically from psychic assault as these barriers emit neutralizing frequencies against psychic energy. The cost of doing so however, is that his own qi becomes unavailable for offensive techniques without putting his defenses at risk. Still, the union of Kellan's body and mind yields immense martial benefits. It's chief benefit is the change to the sequence of perception-evaluation-planning-conscience-reaction of the body and mind. When one sees a threat, a moment is taken to evaluate the danger posed, then another moment to conceive of a counter, followed by yet another moment of brief doubt before one either attacks, defends, or flees. Through the meditation rituals and training of the Damned Monks, Kellan has removed all unnecessary nervous system steps and now his body reacts instinctively and virtually instantaneously, doing exactly what is needed to counter a threat while minimizing the danger without conscious thought, but instruction from his subtle body, his qi-nodes.

When combined with his hyper-sensitive dermal senses, the Horned Saint can not only detect an attack in it's initial stage by sensing the atmospheric vibrations caused by said attack's movement, but can also counter an attack almost perfectly prior to said attack posing a decent threat level. As a result, opponents often feel as though Kellan knows exactly what they are doing before they do so, and it renders him a near-supernatural counter-fighter. In addition to this, Kellan's harnessed qi enhances his physical attributes, rendering him stronger, more durable and faster than before, enabling him to lift 2 tons, withstand greater damage than before, and move faster than before. When not concerned with his mind sustaining critical damage from a psychic attack or qi-based attack, the Horned Saint incorporates the more offensive techniques of the Damned Monks. These techniques involve routing specific amounts of own qi into his strikes to deal critical internal damage. The first of these techniques involve routing volatile qi from his strikes into the internal organs of his opponents. So a strike zeroing in on an organ will always deal dangerous internal damage. A liver shot, for example, will always cause significant internal damage to the liver, even rupture it. As will a strike to the stomach and so on. Another of these techniques also involves routing qi into one's strikes.

However, the end result differs. Instead, the qi transferred into the opponent's body from these strikes attempt to slow/stop cellular respiration, inhibit or destroy the mitochondria (the source of energy in the cells) and interrupt the body's electron transfer to strip the opponent of the energy their body needs to not only work but stay alive. So while Kellan may refrain from killing, he may still sap the energy from his opponent's bodies to break their bodies down. He often uses this technique to target the mitochondria of the muscle cells, sapping them of their ATP and stripping one's muscles of their ability to contract and do work, causing limbs, for example, to go limp. Finally, the Horned Saint has learned the secret of the only named technique of the Damned Monks. The God of Death or Shinigami. The God of Death is a strike to the heart, a fatal qi-infused punch whose qi stops the heart's mitochondrial metabolism, leaving the heart without the energy it needs to pump blood to oxygenate the body's organs. Kellan avoids using this technique. What he often does however, is a rather gruesome technique.

And it involves qi-infused strikes used to inflate qi-nodes in his opponent's limbs to trigger violent imbalances that'll cause the targeted limbs to painfully inflate when the muscle contracts, and deflate when it relaxes, the ordeal lasting about a minute with the intention of painfully exhausting the opponent's muscles and discouraging them from pursuing combat. Kellan's qi-infused strikes can often bypass armors and superhumanly durable flesh unless dealing with some sort of energy-absorbing mechanism. He is also able to infuse his weapons with qi to enhance their striking/cutting/piercing power. Among Kellan's final qi-related abilities is the power to awaken a specific nexus or mediating point of qi located on his spinal cord. When awakened, this nexus point increases Kellan's strength, speed and explosiveness to it's brink. This dramatic physical enhancement however, threatens to tear apart his muscle tissues from prolonged use. His skin also adopts a reddish hue from increased blood flow.

|| Eyes of صفر ||

A latent power only recently expressed, Kellan's eyes are genetic artifacts from his forefather, صفر - Strigidae Zero or more infamously, the Brahma Bull. Once distinguished merely from their strange ruby shade, the Horned Saint's eyes are exotic organs that are uniquely sensitive to the bio-electrical energy currents or "bio-energy" that is fundamental to the functionality of intracellular metabolic processes. Kellan then, can essentially see the life-force flowing in others as well as at specific organs in the body by glimpsing at the electrical currents they produce. Furthermore, consequences from the awakening of these eyes are special hormones that enable him to process sight faster, as well as an increase in his brain's processing speed. Specifically, his brain is now better able to predict the future via fast probability calculations based on his experiences. This is what allows the Horned Saint to predict the potential outcomes of certain battle scenarios and mimic physical movements with barely a glance. His sight is further enhanced by thin membranes that, via focus, enable him to see the molecular structures of physical bodies. Consequently, Kellan can glimpse at the molecular bonds of structures to see stressed or vulnerable points that, if subjected to enough stress, will compromise the integrity of those structures.

By combining this perception with his superhuman movement for maximum accuracy and precision, the Horned Saint can - through physical blows - strike/breach these stressed or vulnerable points in physical structures, allowing him to deal crippling damage to objects and foes far above his strength's ability to affect. Opponents many orders of magnitudes more durable than he find their bones inexplicably shattered by his blows, and barriers that stand against hulking metahuman beasts are breached by his strikes. Additionally, Kellan's eyes grant him the power to absorb - through physical touch - the "bio-energy" needed for intracellular metabolic processes, essentially draining the life-force of his foes, rendering his physical blows incredibly deadly. Non-lethal blows can cause muscles to go limp or severely weaken his foes. Critical blows can shut down organs and slow healing factors, and deadly blows e.g. to the chest and head, can kill. Conversely, when his own life-force is drained, the Horned Saint can absorb an opponent's to replenish himself. However, cruel as fatally draining the life-force of others may be, Kellan possesses an ability that, to his mutant brethren, is even crueler still. He possesses the power to, through physical touch, temporarily sever other mutants from their powers.

Cells and DNA strings are electromagnetic factories given that cells produce electromagnetic fields and the DNA inside those cells influences the exact makeup of those fields. And those cellular EM fields carry, essentially, the information of the exact DNA inside it's core. Through some sort of electromagnetic interaction during physical contact, Kellan can temporarily shutdown the electromagnetic fields of active X-Genes, rendering his target powerless for no more than an hour.

|| Un-Soul ||

Since his acquisition of the Soul Lavaliere from Ezra Strix - to whom Kellan traded, for the Soul Lavaliere, his own soul - the Horned Saint is wholly soulless. The quantum information that constitutes his soul is no more. And in it's place? Nothing. A nothingness that is both a boon and a curse. A curse as while his limbic system is unharmed and fully functional, Kellan feels nothing. No love. No hate. No anger. Nothing. He feels neither love nor care for those he once did. Only ambition and obsession, and a subtle hunger for the souls of others. And yet, it is a boon as all that harms and affects the soul can neither harm nor affect him, as there is nothing to harm and affect. Perhaps most cruelly however, the Horned Saint cannot be resurrected after death. While his body can be reanimated, it will be little more than a husk. Without the quantum information that once comprised his 'soul', there is no 'him' to be reborn should he die and a resurrection be attempted. Beyond this, Kellan's acquisition of the Soul Lavaliere (physically embedded in his chest) has granted him certain abilities pertaining to the soul.

Firstly, Kellan's very presence exudes a strange and dark coldness from the Soul Lavaliere's growing bond with his physical body. Using him as a partial conduit, it influences the atmosphere around Kellan to grow cold and dark. Frost covers surfaces, the air grows cold and misty, and a haunting sensation hangs in the air to dread the souls of those nearby, making them feel as though they will never feel cheerful and never again know joy. Kellan's primary powers as a conduit of the Soul Lavaliere stem from his ability to physically interact with souls, spirits, astral projections and so on as though they were bodies of physical matter. He can therefore wound a soul the same way he can an actual opponent. Among his abilities is the power to feed on positive emotions through physical contact. Those he drains positive emotions from for long enough will experience not only depression, but an overwhelming sense of dread and hopelessness that twists and contorts one's emotional being until they are either driven mad with negativity in the soul - or turned into emotionally inert husks, catatonic with no will to live. Furthermore, the Horned Saint can forcefully tear the souls from a victim's body to store it inside the Soul Lavaliere, a maddening and tortuous prison for all entrapped souls condemned to an eternity of torture.

The Soul Lavaliere's method of absorbing souls however, is violent. It renders the victim an empty shell, a husk incapable of neither thought nor feeling. When wielding the Soul Lavaliere, Kellan can call upon the knowledge, experiences and skills of the souls stored inside it. Though he can only do so for one soul at a time as opposed to doing so simultaneously. In addition to this, he is also unable to resurrect others, summon souls, as well as a host of other abilities. He is also trapped in a constant battle of wills against the Soul Lavaliere as it consistently attempts to replace (and therefore possess him) his lost soul. As a result, Kellan cannot always use the Soul Lavaliere as prolonged use runs the risk of the stone itself possessing him. Additionally, Kellan's use of the stone is typically focused on destruction of the soul by 'shattering' it into shards of the quantum information that constitute it and depositing said shards in a 'void' inside the Soul Lavaliere itself. And like many of his abilities related to the stone, it is possible only through physical contact, specifically strikes e.g. punches etc. Kellan is also rendered virtually tireless through his physical bond with the Soul Lavaliere as he can convert imprisoned souls into an exotic non-EM energy to somehow fuel his body.

Finally however, he is able to better absorb souls by using other people as physical conduits - under his control - for the Soul Lavaliere. These people have to give themselves willingly to the process as Kellan has yet to attain the level of skill needed to bend a person's will via their soul with the stone. As a result, Kellan's only physical conduits are a certain select members of his Orochi, and Pestilence of the Blackdagger. And as conduits, they can absorb souls for Kellan.

The New Face of Fear - Equipment, Toxins & Chemicals

|| The Shroud (Apparel) ||

While little is special in the way of Kellan's apparel save for it's durable fireproof fabric and light armored padding, the Shroud is comprised by a unique set of gloves and boots which control the flux of inter-atomic attraction/electrostatic force between molecular boundary layers, allowing him to form temporary molecular bonds between his body and another object as he manipulates the inter-atomic binding forces of matter. With this, Kellan can scale walls or any surface like an insect.

|| Artifacts ||

The following are artifacts come into Kellan's possession:

|| Weaponry & Equipment ||

The following are Kellan's custom weaponry:

Vibranium Steel
Vibranium Steel
  • Wrist Blades: A pair of wrist blades that spring from mechanical red bracers that blend seamlessly into the shade of his Shroud, Kellan's wrist blades are forged from steel(replaced with vibranium blades).

The following is Kellan's collection of other weaponry and equipment:

  • Flash Grenades (M84 Stun)
  • Tear Gas Grenades (CS & CN)
  • Thermite Grenades (Model 308-1 Napalm, AN-M14 TH3)
  • Daggers & Knives
  • Steel Sai
  • Polearms (Retractable) etc.
  • Parachutes, Wingsuit, Grappling Hook/Swinging Cables, Flashlight, Binoculars
  • Metal Batons
  • Gas Mask
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Needles
  • Manriki
  • Kusarigama
  • Dai Chui
  • Vibranium chain whip
  • Claimed from Synergy X - Orochi Katana (Vibranium-Edged, Tungsten-Steel Alloyed, Titanium Fittings & Carbon Fiber Wrapping)
  • Claimed from the Orochi - 2nd Orochi Katana
  • Claimed from the Orochi - Orochi Bows & Arrows
  • Blowdarts (Toxin-Injecting, Fin-Stabilized Hyper-Sonic Darts)

|| Psychoactive Substances ||

  • 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate
  • Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)
  • 5-MeO-DMT

|| Blood Agents ||

  • Cyanogen chloride
  • Hydrogen cyanide
  • Arsine

|| Fear Toxins ||

Often deployed through either their smoke bomb arrows or through other means, these fear toxins cause the Horned Saint's victims to experience their worst fears, relive traumatic episodes from their past, and are consumed by feelings of overwhelming dread and hopelessness, and are as follows:

  • Toxin-1: Toxin-1 consists of three chemicals. The first is a mixture of carbon dioxide and oxygen; carbogen. When inhaled, carbogen tricks the mind into thinking one is suffocating because the brain interprets the increase in carbon dioxide levels in the blood as a decrease in oxygen levels, causing one's breathing to quicken and deepen, and heart rate to increase. Furthermore, any fears and anxieties related to not breathing will arise in the victim's mind, and in addition to this, carbogen also causes hallucinations. The second chemical is Tea Tree Oil, a natural hallucinogen. And the third is Datura which is not only a natural hallucinogen as well, but a delirium (causes a state of cognitive confusion) as well. Toxin-1 is colorless but carries a distinct odor.
  • Toxin-2: Like Toxin-1, Toxin-2 also contains carbogen. However, it is different in that it also contains a corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) which is not only a peptide but a neurotransmitter that's involved in stress response. It triggers feelings of dread and anxiety. The next chemical is 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate (BZ Gas), a hallucinogen and inhibitor of acetylcholine that is related to atropine. Instead of causing feelings of dread and anxiety, it causes hallucinations. The final substance however, is what is responsible for causing victims to experience their worst fears. By using a protein called the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) which is encoded by BDNF genes and is a member of the neurotrophin family of growth factors, Toxin-2 can affect a victim's long-term memory. Irregularities in the BDNF protein can be linked to mental disorders like posttraumatic stress disorder. Toxin-2 tweaks the BDNF protein a certain way by using a chemical agent in order to cause a change in the BDNF levels in the basolateral amygdala which in turn brings up personal fears caused by past traumatic events.
  • Toxin-3: The third of Kellan's fear toxins is a cocktail of a psychoactive herb called Salvia divinorum, a chemical called capsaicin, and a BDNF agent. The Salvia in Timoxotin affects the dopamine receptors d2 in the brain causing the victim to hallucinate, whereas the larger dose of capsaicin (which causes the burning sensation in chili peppers and pepper spray) causes panic and claustrophobia. Toxin-3 is colorless.
  • Toxin-4: The fourth and last of Kellan's fear toxins is Toxin-4. A combination of dopamine and a BDNF agent, Toxin-4 is a serum that when injected (through an arrow or otherwise) in the nucleus accumbens of the brain, causes immense feelings of dread leading to a sensation similar to the fear that prey feel for predators in the wild. This is because the nucleus accumbens deal with both desire and dread in the brain. When dopamine is injected in the front of it, one experiences pleasure. But when injected in the back, it causes one to experience crippling fear. Unfortunately, Toxin-4 serum requires surgical precision when injected in a victim as the room for error is measured in millimeters. As a result, Toxin-4 is the only one of the four fear toxins that cannot be deployed in gas form.

Because the chemical agents that alter CRH and BDNF take time to work, the Black Mirror's toxins all contain an accelerating agent to ensure that every substance's effects take place at a much faster rate.