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Cree Lincoln (KND) vs. Valerie Gray (DP)

If I'm honest, I think Cree Lincoln would be the one with the best chance of winning.

she has far more training and combat experience than Valerie Gray possesses.

He also possesses the B.R.A./Battle Ready Armor a multipurpose exo-suit that if I'm not remembering wrong not only increases his physical stats but also allows him movement abilities I think even flying in addition to unrelated camouflage abilities are being invincible but he can replicate the appearance of people and objects

she is a former intelligence agent, expert in combat, sabotage, she is a trained spy who must have at least 5 years of training and experience before becoming a KND traitor and after that she would gain even more experience from combat and espionage

Valerie is less adept in combat, less adept in the use of weaponry and barely has any training if she does she is no more than a few months of training

her only advantage is her upgraded exo-armor which should give her an advantage when it comes to equipment and weaponry against Cree but even so I'm more inclined to say Cree Lincoln would win here