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La Bella Vie (CVnU Restaurant and Hotel Location)

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La Bella Vie Restaurant and Hotel

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La Bella Vie (translated from French as "the good life" is located on Broadway Street in the bustling metropolis of New York City. Recently renovated, La Bella Vie serves as both a brasserie and a hotel for the city's diverse populous. It boasts a warm, non-judgmental atmosphere sure to lend to a relaxing end to a day of exploring all the nearby sights.

The Brasserie

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La Bella Vie's first floor is a restaurant and is available to hotel patrons and casual diners alike. With an affordable menu and welcoming atmosphere, the brasserie offers a variety of food including French cuisine. The conscientious restaurant receives all its animal products from cruelty-free farms and is willing to make accommodations for allergies. Vegetarian and vegan entries are available. A fully-stocked bar is situated to one side of the dining area. The restaurant serves between 6am and 1pm.

The Hotel

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Each room is furnished in a cosy and yet stylish decor, a welcoming home away from home for visitors to the Big Apple. Accommodations in each room include a bed, closet, private bathroom with a bath/shower, television, alarm clock, coffee maker, miniature refrigerator, and a desk. Suites on the upper floors offer more and include a sitting room with sofa bed and a kitchenette. Every room receives daily room service, and each patron is served a complimentary breakfast in the restaurant and given access to the workout room.

Thread information:

  • Some staff positions are held by Cherry Moreau and Myka Emery
  • This is a home/base location for them as well as for Victor Valen (the founder) and Ian Valentino
  • The werewolf nature of each is not widely known
  • The werewolves will defend if the place is attacked or rules are violated
  • Standard RPG rules apply; no godmodding or auto hitting, etc.
  • No mass destruction of the property
  • Any questions can be directed to @grey_wolf
  • Have fun!
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