If by chance you are here and have yet to watch Guardians, I highly recommend your leaving and doing so if possible.

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Marvel Cops Out 0

I've sat down to do this multiple times. Truly, I have. I'd even had one typed out and then the wife called me to bed before I could finish hitting 'post' when I'd worked myself into a lather. Yet even after all that sweat from grousing about this book - I was left in similar fashion to the way this book ended; empty. Even now - it's as if there's nothing left to say.It's as if Marvel sat around the not-so-round-table and while conjuring up ideas for protagonists some schmuck piped up " I know -...

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Littering and....littering and.... 0

That's about how I feel about this entire series up to this point; status quo. Look, this is a 12 part series being released every two weeks. I am so utterly fed up with these maxi-series events which are designed monetary ploys which offer little substance and a lot of flash - it's like going to a Michael Bay movie over and over.I have started and quit a blog about this very subject multiple times now out of impotent frustration from both Marvel and DC's from the last 10+ years of market satura...

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To Hell With This Rendition 0

I'm gonna keep this succinct; screw DC for doing this to Mr. Freeze. I don't care how good the art was, the cadence of the dialogue or even the ''unique take on a character origin''. I sincerely hope this is not how canon will be set up for one of if not my favorite villain. Without growing too crass over the matter - I will just say that my mind is aglow with four letter conjunctions about this.Whatever the hell happened with Dini's work from the animated series that became so much of canon ? Y...

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When The Logan Was Young 0

For me this may be waxing whimsical. However, as I look back on some of the greatest Wolverine stories I've ever encountered (and I admit there are far more out there that I have yet to even lay eyes on) it's tough for me to not look on this work favorably. Even going back years later and reading it now as a collected work (a different joy than having to wait for each issue), you can really see the youth and vibrance in David's writing and Keith's pencils.David really taps into the Greystoke ele...

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David as Goliath 0

So I saw Wolverine on the cover. As a kid, when I saw Wolverine on covers of other titles like Cap and DD - I would pick up the title because, hey, who doesn't love a cameo ? Upon reaching my 30's and marriage, one might think I'd completely outgrown that mindset. And in truth - I had. Something though - something in the Previews page " PICK THIS UP ". Now, I did see Peter David was on the title. I had known that for a bit, but had yet to pick it up as I have had an aversion to anything but Unca...

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Lady Killer 0

So for those of you whom haven't heard me say it, which means you haven't been in my direct physical proximity for the last few months...I'll say it again; If you aren't reading this book then you should be. Even my wife is tired of hearing me wander around the house and mumble about how it seems impossible that this book doesn't receive more acclaim. Though, to be fair - the wife has to deal with my mumbling a lot.As a disclaimer though, Elephantment is not the type of book that encourages 'Jum...

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Boston's Best 0

So, I'm a veteran. I feel like I should make that preface before going further about this story-arc and this issue in particular. However, I'm also a 'human first' mindset. That being said, I also should preface this by saying I've not had the pleasure of reading Carmine's work from Strange Adventures so I do not know how well constructed those stories are. Ok - with that out of that way; I really enjoyed this arc. And without giving away everything, I want to share some of that.From the beginni...

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Is That Frazetta ? 0

You'd think that all anyone would have to say was "Hey I've got this prestige format book featuring Simonson & Mignola writing Wolverine against Apocalypse in a very noir like Greystoke story". Or even better "Hey I've just got a new Wolverine book with a half naked chick on the cover" would cut it. Oh well. For whatever the reason the book doesn't receive more acclaim - it's certainly not for lack of merit.In breaking the wall, I have to admit I'm partial to Apocalypse as a villain - but th...

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David Be Proud 0

So I'm an Aquaman fan. I get enough of it from the wife - so no additional remarks are necessary. This issue though continues to embody what I like about that character; conflict within himself, a calm and talk less demeanor and a past that continues to bring meaning to the present. If you can't enjoy the irony of finding the man in the desert from chasing a Atlantean super secret SOF ship as a comic fan - I got nothing for you. The distress beacon activated which detailed a little as to the the...

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