Move aside Marvel & DC titles! IDW's Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #8 is set to burn you all into nothing but ash!!!

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The Beginning of the End 3

As some of you may, or may not, know it's been announced that Godzilla: Rulers of Earth will be ending in June 2015 with a kaiju-sized/double-sized 25th issue making it the longest Godzilla comic series ever to published. It's a shame that the series is coming to an end, as it's been one of the most enjoyable and entertaining monthly comics for the past two years. One cannot give enough credit to the creative team of Rulers of Earth, which includes writer Chris Mowry and artists Matt Frank &...

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Omega Hulk, Part 2: Drop the A-Bomb 1

Before I get started, I must warn all of you that there will be spoilers. Turn back now if you don't wish to know what transpires in the latest chapter of Gerry Duggan's Omega Hulk arch. There. You've been warned. Don't blame me if you get smashed by a certain Green Goliath. ;)When we last left Doc Green, he received quite a violent response from his old friend Rick when he attempted to persuade him into receiving his cure. A cure designed to eliminate the powers and abilities granted to Rick Jo...

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Doc Green is on a Mission 3

Gerry Duggan's Hulk #5 feels like a breath of fresh air. After enduring 3 years of mostly mediocre Hulk stories since Greg Pak's departure, we're finally treated to an issue that is very engaging and very fun. There was just so much that I loved about this issue. If you haven't picked it up, you're really missing out.We've got a new Hulk persona in town, or rather in the psyche of Banner/Hulk, named Doc Green. And he actually stands apart from previous incarnations/personas of the Green Goliath...

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Waging War- Brothers Once Divided, Now Reunited 0

Greetings to all!This is my review of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #10.In this particular issue, we have Godzilla facing off against the two monstrous brothers Sanda (The Brown Gargantua) & Gaira (The Green Gargantua) in Brisbane, Australia. What we got out of this issue is simply a very entertaining, action-packed story with great art by Matt Frank. Now, I'm going to lay out some battle statistics regarding our three kaiju before going on to further review the characters, the story, and the in...

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A World of Monsters, Harmonic Balance, Ancient Cataclysm, and The Prophecy 2

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #9 gives us an in-depth look into the ancient past, providing some great story progression and intriguing revelations. Not only are we treated with some epic monster action, but we also get some insight of Earth's daikaiju, their place on the planet, and the role that they play in protecting it.One of the main protagonists of the series, Lucy Casprell, washes ashore on Infant Island after an altercation at sea involing Godzilla battling Titanosaurus, Manda and Gezora. W...

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This isn't the End... It's the Beginning! 4

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #8 truly delivers some intense action, while also progressing the story forward. We get some interesting twists, especially from the alliance formed by the two alien races: The Cryogs (the squid-like aliens) and the Devonians (the gillmen-like aliens). What transpires is something that most, or at least those who've been reading the series, wouldn't have seen coming. All I can say is that the Devonians are going to be a very big, intriguing threat to Godzilla, Earth's ...

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Punch! Punch!! Punch!!! 0

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth continues to impress with this very entertaining issue that focuses on the robot Jet Jaguar, who is somehow tied to the two invading alien races. But that's not all! We get some intense and cool kaiju action between Godzilla and Gigan. We also get some time with our human characters, two of which managing to get aboard the alien mothership.The art by Matt Frank is excellent, giving the monsters a feeling of depth with their expressions and actions. The story by Chris Mo...

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Sin City Gets Smashed!!! 0

Do you want a comic that delivers action, drama and pure fun? Look no further than the latest issue of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth! We get some intense action involving Godzilla and Moguera battling against the new and improved Gigan (in his 'Final Wars' design) and the monstrous alien behemoth Orga in Las Vegas!The aliens, known as the Devonians, continue their conquest of Earth and their task of killing Earth's most formidable protector- Godzilla, King of the Monsters! Not only have they improv...

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Varan, Rodan, Gargantuas! 0

The main protagonist of the series, Lucy, goes on her first mission with the team. Unfortunately for her and them, they get caught in a fight between the vicious reptilian kaiju Varan and the legendary samurai of skies Rodan! But that's not all! It seems like the countries of the world are still trying to turn monsters into walking weapons, forces of nature that can wielded against their enemies. Not a smart idea, if you ask me.Let's start with the story. As always, Chris Mowery's story is fun, ...

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Jack is Back! 0

Samurai Jack is a series that holds a special place in my heart. Very few animated series can match it's unique story and interesting, diverse elements. Therefore, when the series ended, I was irked that we didn't get a few more seasons. I'm still hoping for a few animated films that continue Jack's quest to defeat the demonic Aku and return to the past to undo the evil the villainous entity has wrought. However, when it was announced that IDW would be releasing a comic series based on the anima...

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Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #1-4 6

This is my first review.And I don't think any comic deserves more praise than Godzilla: Rulers of Earth, because it's one of the best titles on the shelves. This series is truly fantastic and highly underrated! Featuring daikaiju (Japanese for Giant Monsters) such as: Gigan, Manda, Kumonga, Destroyah, Zilla, Varan, Rodan and Godzilla himself. If you haven't checked this series out, then you're really missing out!The art by Matt Frank is spectacular. The story by Chris Mowery is fun and entertain...

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