Move aside Marvel & DC titles! IDW's Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #8 is set to burn you all into nothing but ash!!!

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What are you Reading now?

What are you Reading now?

The title says, or rather asks, it all!

I'm here to give my list of what I'm reading comics, which means regular series and not events.

And I hope all of you will share what you're currently reading.

Marvel Comics

1. Red She-Hulk

2. Indestructible Hulk

3. New Avengers

4. Avengers

5. Dark Avengers

6. Savage Wolverine

7. Superior Spider-Man

8. All-New X-Men

9. Thor: God of Thunder

10. Avenging Spider-Man

11. Guardians of the Galaxy

12. Captain America

DC Comics

1. Batman

2. Detective Comics

3. Justice League

4. Batgirl

5. Aquaman

6. Nightwing

7. Swamp-Thing


Artists That Should Be Selected For Indestructible Hulk

Artists That Should Be Selected For Indestructible Hulk

1. Olivier Coipel
- One of the best. Do you know how much I'd give to have Coipel illustrate an arch or two?! I'd settle for even six issues!
2. Jim Lee
- He's one of my favorite artists in Marvel & DC. He's done work on Batman, Justice League, X-Men and several other titles. However, we haven't seen him do much, if any Hulk art. And judging from all of his previous work, he'd be simply amazing!

3. Marko Djurdjevic

- Loved his covers for Fall of the Hulks/World War Hulks. Would love him to do some interrior artwork on the Jade Giant.

4. Greg Capullo

- One of my favorite artists. Dark, gritty, violent and unique. He'd be a welcome addition to the Halls of Hulk. Who agrees?
5. Stuart Immonen
- If you seen or enjoyed his artwork, whether in the current "All-New X-Men" or "Fear Itself", it's quite evident that he's got what it takes to be onboard as main Hulk artist.
6. Terry Dodson
- I loved the artwork for Matt Fraction's Defenders. If you haven't read the 12 issue series, I suggest you check it out. It's different, yet still very entertaining.
7. Aaron Lopresti
- I can't believe that Marvel never thought of or allowed him to return as the main artist for the Hulk! Can you believe that?! Remember his excellent art alongside Carlo Pagulayan in Planet Hulk?
8. Greg Land
- Loved his work on Uncanny X-Men. Definitely should be a top choice. Am I right?
9. Mike Deodato Jr.
- If you loved his work, whether if it was when Peter David or Bruce Jones was writing, you know that this guy should be one of the top contenders. Loved his work alongside Peter David. If only comics could be that awesome again.
10. Richard Elson
- If you've read Journey Into Mystery or Thor, then you should be more than familiar with this brilliant artist. He can bring the action and drama within any frame of art. With that said, I believe he would do wonders for Bruce Banner & The Hulk.
11. Ron Lim
- This guy is awesome! His artwork involving Thanos (in Thanos Quest, Silver Surfer and Infinity Gauntlet) and Skaar (in Skaar: Son of Hulk) is some of the best you can get. He'd be welcomed back with praise if he wished to do a couple issues involving the Hulk.
12. Steve McNiven
- Another great artist. Plenty of potential to be had here.
13. Patrick Zircher
- He was the artist for the Red Hulk story arch "Hulk of Arabia". I mean, his style is pretty great. Personally, I think he has what it takes to be an artist of the Green Goliath.
14. Andrea DiVito
- Loved her work on "Annihilation" and "World War Hulk: X-Men". She's one I'd love to see come back and do more smashing art involving the Hulk and his enemies. Wouldn't any of you?

15. Esad Ribic

- If you've liked his previous works on Thor, Silver Surfer: Requiem and numerous other titles, then you know he has what it takes to bring a different, yet powerful look to the Hulk.

16. Jason Fabok

- I've been reading DC's Batman title "Detective Comics" and I've been immensely enjoying the artwork. Solid, strong, and just great to look at.

17. Paul Pelletier

- To me, this guy's artwork is as powerful and emotional as that of famous Hulk artist Dale Keown. And I truly mean that. He's done great work on Fall of the Hulks/World War Hulks: Incredible Hulk #606-611, Incredible Hulks #618-622: Chaos War & God Smash, and Incredible Hulk #630-635: Heart of the Monster. In other words... bring him back to the Green Goliath, Marvel!

18. Dale Keown

- This man is a legend! The least Marvel could do is bring him on for a couple issues! It's not like it would kill them to do it!

19. Carlo Pagulayan & Wellington Alves

- One who is famous for his work on Planet Hulk, the other a relative unknown artist (at least to me). Together these two have been making Jeff Parker's Red She-Hulk series one of the, if not the, best comic on the shelves. I'd be more than happy if they'd come on to work with the Hulk!

20. Steve Epting

- I've been a fan of his art since I first took notice of it during Hickman's Fantastic Four run... What?! I read other comics besides those involving Hulk and his supporting cast of characters. Anyways, I wouldn't mind him taking a swing at the Jade Giant.

21. Gabriele Dell'Otto

- Very taleneted artist. Should be used more often in Marvel & DC comics alike. I mean, did you ever see one of this guy's covers?! They're awesome!

23. Ed McGuinness

- While I despised Jeph Loeb's take on the Hulk/Red Hulk saga overall, I've got to admit that I did like McGuinness' artwork. He can really draw some epic action scenes! That is something most can agree with me on.


Indestructible Hulk- Villains, Team-Ups and Adventures

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Bruce Banner and The Hulk are going off to explore the Marvel Universe in Mark Waid's 'Indestructible Hulk'. They'll visit places that they, or few other beings for that matter, have ever gone before. And in doing so, they'll face many dangers and challenges along their way. In other words... get ready for a lot of smashing!

But many questions remain.

What villains or threats will challenge them?

Who amongst the heroes of the Marvel Universe will they team-up with along the way?

And what strange, exotic locations will they travel?

Well, I've taken it upon myself to create a sort of 'who, what, where, why' list.

Care to take a look?


1. Tyrant (Depowered)- What better way to prove that Hulk is truly indestructible and the Strongest One There Is than putting him against a cosmic powerhouse who pummeled Gladiator, Silver Surfer and Beta-Ray Bill all at once? Hulk fighting Tyrant to a standstill would be an epic confrontation, especially given that Tyrant is someone Hulk wouldn't have to hold back against. Hulk doesn't need to win or lose in this situation, but instead prove himself as a force to be reckoned with in the MU. It would be more amusing if Banner was the one to best Tyrant in the end by messing with his tech to send/trap Tyrant in another dimension/universe.

2. Mangog- The perfect choice for Hulk to get into an all-out physical confrontation with. And with Hulk exploring the Nine Realms and possibly getting a powerful mystical hammer of his own, who better than Mangog to challenge the Green Scar?

3. Thanos- Intellect and Power Vs. Intellect and Power. Banner and Thanos coming to intellectual blows would make for an interesting story arch. And while we know Thanos is a powerhouse, even he's admitted to avoiding an all-out confrontation with the Hulk (Thanos Quest #1). Plenty of potential to be held here. Besides, shouldn't Hulk get more cosmic foes?

4. Typhon- The most powerful of the Titans. Defeated Zeus in their first confrontation (in original mythology). Violent, dangerous and powerful. Who wouldn't want to see a fight between these two? And not to mention the connection between Hulk, Gaea, and the Titans.

5. Surtur and Fire Demons of Muspelheim- Within the Nine Realms. Hulk's going to be exploring there. Plenty to fight and smash. Powerful enough to be a real threat. Why not?

6. Ymir and the Frost Giants- Same reason as for Surtur and the Fire Demons. Plenty to fight and smash. Great threat if in overwhelming numbers.

7. Queen Alfyse and the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim- Within the Nine Realms. Plus, Queen Alfyse could be a possible fling/love interest for the Green Goliath.

8. Pluto, Hela, Mephisto- All of them Hell Lords. Could be very different, but equally very interesting Hulk villains. Lot's of potential to be found here.

9. Nightmare- Has a past connection to the Hulk. Would be great for a psychological thriller and give us a chance to delve deeper into Banner/Hulk's psyche... and Nightmare would be the one coming out worse for wear in the end.

10. Maestro Hulk- This is one villain who deserves to return. And no, not the Maestro we've seen in the lame A+X #1 issue written by Jeff Loeb. I'm talking about the Maestro who survived the nuclear war and then killed off all the remaining heroes and villains in Future Imperfect.

11. Ego The Living Planet- What's not to like about Hulk battling and shattering a living entity that's the size of a planet?

12. Lord Armageddon and The Troyjan Empire- A powerful (I'm talking power that is equal to or surpassing that of the Silver Surfer) leader of an advanced alien race that's conquered countless planets, galaxies and solor systems... whose son, Trauma/Troh-Maw, was killed by the Hulk. Besides being extremely powerful, Armageddon has advanced alien tech/weapons and a virutally endless alien armada at his disposal. If that's not a threat to Hulk and the entire planet, then nothing is.

13. Dark Sorceress Umar- Love her. Twisted, evil, yet alluringly beautiful. Could be a great love interest/villainess for the Hulk in a similar manner that Amora the Enchantress is to Thor.

14. Dormammu- The evil brother of Umar. Would make a great antagonist if he's written to his fullest potential. Plus, his sibling rivalry with Umar is hillarious! Got to love the insults they throw at one another!

15. Eternals & Deviants- A lot of different superhumans with tons of different powers. Would be intense if we see a war between the Eternals and the Hulks, wouldn't it?! I'd definitely like to see it.

16. High Evolutionary- Another intriguing villain whom Hulk/Banner have dealt with and assisted in the past.

17. Monica Rapuccini & A.I.M.- Since AIM is already involved, why not bring in Bruce Banner's former love interest who just happens to be the Scientist Supreme?

18. Shuma-Gorath- A totally different, yet rarely used mystical powerhouse whom I'd like to see Hulk and Dr. Strange battle.

19. Baron Helmut Zemo- A different villain, but one who has immense potential. I would like to see Zemo attempt to match intellect with Banner while also trying to come up with enough power to handle the Hulk.

20. Morgana Le Fey- What can I say? I'm into dangerous women. What makes her even moreso is that she's a sorceress... from King Arthur's time. And she has quite a grudge against Dr. Doom. Can you say... Hell have no fury like a female sorceress scorned... who's manipulating and/or using Banner/Hulk to get revenge?

21. Zom- I enjoy seeing an omega-level mystical demon battling a omega-level gamma powerhouse. It would be cool if Abomination would return already greatly amped before revealing to be possessed by Zom. That'd be freaking cool!

22. Elder Gods, Sky-Fathers, Patheons of Gods- Another way to prove Hulk is indestructible and the Strongest one there is. Taking down and battling the gods themselves. After all, according to what Athena stated in Hulk Vs Hercules : When Titans Collide #1, Hulk is Gaea's most powerful and greatest champion/creation, so we definitely have a unique angle to work with. Could you imagine The Hulk leading the Titans to battle and overthrow the Gods? Makes the God of War video game series seem less epic, eh?

23. Galaxy Master- A powerful planet destroyer whom Hulk has defeated/destroyed twice. Why not have it come back for a third time?

24. Hiro-Kala- The dark, evil son of the Hulk. Insane and powerful. Could make for a touching/heartbreaking storyline as Hulk fails to save his sinister son from the madness that consumed his mind.

25. Midgard Serpent- Who wouldn't love seeing Hulk toss this over-sized beast into space like he did to Fin Fang Foom?

26. Abomination- While unlikely, it would be interesting if Abomination would return. However, if he were to return, he'd have to be immensely amped in order to be a challenge for the Hulk, yet still would be beaten once Hulk really starts to amp in power level. Perhaps have Abomination possessed by Zom? Or have a mission where Hulk ventures into Hades to battle Pluto and his vast army of villains led by an amped Abomination. There's plenty of potential here.

27. Dr. Doom- If he is written great, unlike the lame crap Jason Aaron gave us, then this could be very interesting. Banner and Doom battling each other with tech and intellect would be something to see. And if Doom would take the cowardly approach... well, that's where Hulk comes in to SMASH!

28. Devil Hulk- Another villain with immense potential. I belive if he were to be used, he needs to be portrayed as a foe that only Hulk/Banner can overcome. And to make him more threatening? Be sure to keep him as gigantic as the Devil/Guilt Hulk hybrid form of Brian Banner from Chaos War: Incredible Hulks #620 . It might be interesting if he feeds off Hulk's rage and anger, so as Hulk gets stronger so does Devil Hulk.

29. Juggernaut- Okay, this is just classic. You can't go wrong with a clash between Hulk and Juggernaut. Especially now, if you've been reading Jeff Parker's highly-entertaining "Dark Avengers" series, that Cain Marko has his powers back to the fullest.

30. Madman- He's not been seen since Peter David's run, but he's a unique villain that I'd like to see more of. He'll be showing up in Daniel Way's "Thunderbolts", so at least we'll get to see him there. I wouldn't mind him showing up, if he was written as the intellectual psychopath that he is.

31. The U-Foes: Vector, Vapor, X-Ray and Ironclad- A team of villainous beings, all of them armed with unique and formidable powers. It's always fun to see them clash with the Hulk.


1. The Hulks: Skaar, She-Hulk, Red She-Hulk, Lyra, A-Bomb and Red Hulk- Come on! Who doesn't want to see the strongest, most powerful team in the Marvel Universe set out to save the Universe... or even the Multiverse from destruction?! And why we're at it, I'd like to see Hulk individually teaming with Skaar, Red She-Hulk, She-Hulk, Lyra, A-Bomb and Red Hulk on individual two-person missions.

2. Legion of Monsters: Morbius the Living Vampire, Werewolf by Night, The Living Mummy and The Manphibian- Who better to team up with one who's been called a monster than a team of monsters? Would make a great Fall/Halloween story arch.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy: Starlord, Drax, Groot, Ironman, Rocket Raccoon and Gamora- Hulk exploring space. Few could be better to to tag along/guest star that these guys. Plus, each could play a role in their interaction with Hulk/Banner. A brawling/physical rival (Drax), tough small-tough guy (Rocket), an intellectual rival whom to detest (Ironman), a neutral-possible close ally (Starlord), a fellow monster (Groot), and a potential green-skinned female love interest/sparring partner (Gamora). Sounds like the makings of a sweet space-adventure to me.

4. Cable and X-Force: Colossus, Domino, Hope, Dr. Nemesis and Forge- Could you imagine Hulk/Banner hunting down Cable and X-Force only to end up helping them? That would be awesome!

5. Uncanny Avengers: Havok, Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Thor and Rogue- What's not to like? There's two people who I've been dying to see Hulk/Banner team-up/interact with. And those two are Scarlet Witch and Thor.

6. Galactus and Heralds- Am I the only one who would like to see Hulk aiding or interacting with Galactus in some way? Question: What's more powerful than an incredible, indestructible Hulk? Answer: An incredible, indestructible Hulk bestowed the Power Cosmic from Galactus himself!

7. Defenders- Hell to the yeah! Who wouldn't want to see Hulk teaming with Dr. Strange, Silver Surfer, Namor, Valkyrie, Hellcat and Nighthawk?! This is a must have for Defenders fans!

9. Thor- The rivalry between the two has immense potential. It would make for an action-packed, even humorous, adventure with these two powerhouses. I don't think he'll show up in the Nine Realms arch, but it would be awesome to see Hulk lift a powerful mystical hammer that nobody else except himself, the Strongest One in All the Nine Realms, can lift.

10. Scarlet Witch- One of my favorite Avengers who just so happens to be a mutant. Beuatiful and powerful, I've always wanted to see her team with the Hulk. It would also be the perfect chance to exploit why the Hulk can relate to what the Mutants have been enduring from humanity, something that he is all too familiar with: Fear and hatred.

11. Superior Spider-Man- I haven't read The Amazing Spider-Man #700 yet, but I'm pretty certain what happens (Don't give me any spoilers!). Regardless, whenever Hulk and Spidey come into contact, it's always amusing. Why not? I'd check it out.

12. Daredevil- You better believe I want to see these two working together! I love me some Daredevil! Banner and Murdock working together to solve a mystery... one that'll get solved by their alter-egos! Bring it on!

13. Hercules- The Prince of Power. One of my favorite Marvel mythological gods. We haven't seen much of him, and I think it is only right that he be given a chance at another series and guest star alongside Hulk. I mean, Hulk and Herc fighting monsters and giants... what's not to like?!

14. Beta-Ray Bill- Oathbrother of Thor and wielder of Stormbreaker. It would be great to see him battle alongside Hulk. Two powerhouses smashing and bashing. Have at thee!

Banner/Hulk's Armor

Okay, let's get this out of the way. The Hulk doesn't need it for protection at all. He's indestructible and nigh invunerable. However, I think it has other uses like teleportation, shielding, flight, and communication among many other features. From what we know of the armor, it's made of an indestructible alloy that absorbs gamma energy, so it could be possible that it's for safety just in case Hulk goes World-Breaker. The armor could also use Hulk's destructive World-Breaker power to his advantage in the form of unleashed powerful planet-splitting blasts.

Incredible Banner & Hulk Feats

Banner and Hulk are going to exploring the Marvel Universe. They're going to be facing a lot of challenges and threats. Some will involve and be solved through power, while others will be solved through intelligence.

When it comes to th Hulk, he should be accomplishing truly incredible feats that nobody else in Marvel or DC can do.

A Few Examples

- The Hulk shattering several Jupiter-sized planets with ease.

- The Hulk holding together/lifting mass equal to the universe itself.

- The Hulk battling several teams of heroes that contain many of Marvel's top heavy hitters.

Now, when it comes to Bruce Banner, he should be using his vast intelligence in creating/building while showing that he can be just as great a hero as his monstrous alter-ego.

A Few Examples

- Banner outsmarting several of Earth's most brilliant men like Stark, Richards, Pym and Doom.

- Banner creating a device that saves the planet, or even the universe, from destruction.

- Banner defeating a seemingly unstoppable threat just by using his intellect and skills.

Locations in the Marvel Universe to Explore

Since Hulk and Banner will be exploring the MU, I figure I might throw in a few places that I would like to see them go off on an adventure. I'll be sure to add more locations as they come to mind.

1. The Savage Land

2. The Negative Zone

3. Ancient Greece

4. Alternate Universes/Dimensions/Realities

5. The Dark Dimension

6. Worlds of the Shadow People/Oldstrong

7. The Shi'ar Empire

8. The Troyjan Empire

9. All of the Nine Realms

10. Tartarus/Hades, domain of Pluto

11. Hel, domain of Hela

That's all I got... for now.

I'll most likely add more in time.

Tell me... what do you think?

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