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Animal Team..

I haven't been on the Vine in a good while, but never stopped reading. I was reading Infinite Crisis, and a thought occurred to me, what if there was a justice league where the members only had animal powers? Like Animal Man, Vixen, Congorilla, Black Hawk, etc... I know that the issues wouldn't be the best in terms of comic action (but with the right writers it could), but it would be a great eco friendly series for the eco-nuts. Any thoughts?


Mace Windu Vs. Qui Gon Jinn

Okay, so I know who would win this fight, but my friend Kendall doesn't believe that Qui Gon would beat Windu, but I don't have enough evidence to explain, so I need the Vine's help.  
Both are at there peak levels. 
Showings in the Clone Wars TV series (2D verison) don't count.  


Me as GL..

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My friends drew this yesterday and I almost fainted. This portrait looks exactly like me and it's incredible! Tell me what you think!