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Red Team #1 1

SummaryWhen a high priority suspect eludes the criminal justice process once again, a small group of specialised police officers (Red Team) decide to kill him. They specialised training allows them to carry out the perfect crime, however – it may have been too perfect.What I liked· Characterisation: This is a Garth Ennis book, of course it has really well realised characters! Every character seems really human and the choices they come to in this issue seem plausible. Through the narrators opini...

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Green Lantern Crops Annual #1 1

SummaryIt is the conclusion to Rise of the Third Army (or so the cover says at least), as the Lantern titles converge for the battle against the Guardians. Baz and B’Dg’s journey leads them to enter the Book of Black. John Stewart fights to rebuild Mogo and find some redemption (as always). Meanwhile Kyle and Guy, with the help of a few friends, attempt to save the remaining lanterns from the grip of the Guardians.What I liked· “Hey buddy, long time no see”: My jaw almost dropped when Kyle Rayne...

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Wonder Woman #16 0

SummaryWonder Woman and Lennox seek Milan’s help in locating Zola’s child; however are confronted by Orion, who has his own concerns about the baby. Hera and Zola leave the confines of the hideout to go for a drink, and are confronted by Ares. Meanwhile, the First Born squares off against Hades’ drones in a bloody battle.What I liked· The world: What makes this series worth reading is the expansive world that it has created. As I will admit later on, not a lot happened in this issue; or at least...

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Green Lantern #16 2

SummarySimon Baz, having now cleared his name to Agent Fed, sets off to locate Sinestro’s old Lantern Battery, with B’dg in toe. As the story progresses B’dg begins to teach Baz how to use his ring and be a lantern, which leads to Simon attempting the greatest feat of will power in the history of the Corps. The issue ends with Sinestro and Hal in the dark world, and the reveal of the hooded figure’s identity.What I liked· The reveal: The figure beneath the cloak was actually a cool reveal. I com...

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Batman and Robin #16 0

SummaryThis issue comprises of a fight between Damian and a drug induced Batman. In order for Damian to escape this encounter with his life, he must do the thing he fears most – kill Batman. It is a battle of skill, morals and capability as the Death of the Family tie-ins continue.What I liked· Damian: Damian Wayne is one of my favourite comic book characters of all time. He is an anti-Batman trying to find his place within his father’s philosophy. Damian is not the typical son, and Bruce is not...

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Savage Wolverine #1 0

SummaryA S.H.I.E.L.D surveying teams crash lands on the Forbidden Island in the Savage Land. Weeks later Wolverine awakens on The Forbidden Island also, unsure of how he got there. Logan and the remnants of the survey team quickly meet up, and begin working on a way to get off the island, before the natives find them.What I liked· Inner dialogue: Wolverine narrates his segments of the story with an almost noir style tone; which worked well for me, as I love a good gritty noir story. Like it or n...

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Batman #16 0

SummaryBatman ventures into the living nightmare which the Joker has transformed Arkham Asylum into. It’s a race against time as Batman tries to reach the Joker before his arch-nemesis has fully put his plan into motion. With one more issue to go, the stakes are high, and the revelations to come are certainly being built up.What I liked· A fallible Batman: If Snyder could only be praised for one thing about his Batman series; I think it would be that has made Batman more human. Snyder’s Batman i...

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Green Lantern: New Guardians Annual #1 5

SummaryThis annual deviates from the regular New Guardians storyline to give a side story of Carol, Saint Walker and Arkillo going on a mission for the Zamarons. Carol must track down the Lady Styx and ask for her assistance in the war against the Third Army. Aided by a renegade undercover Lantern, Carol and company infiltrate a planet which glorifies hunting criminals for entertainment in order to locate the Lady Styx.Alternate SummaryGreen_Tea_Light, the diehard Green Lantern fan, just got mug...

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Earth 2 #8 0

SummaryThis month’s issue is another one-shot which introduces the “Last Amazon” of the Earth 2 universe. Moreover, this issue provides insight into the disappearance of Steppenwolf and gives more depth into how other nations dealt with the war against Apokolips. This issue is certainly setting the stage for things to come.What I liked· Classic Robinson pacing and dialogue: James Robinson knows how to direct a scene, pace a story and write realistic dialogue, the latter being something even the ...

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Thor: God of Thunder #4 0

SummaryThe “The God Butcher” story arc continues as the three time-specific plot threads advance. The bulk of the issue concerns present day Thor and his quest to locate Gorr and put an end to his massacre. Past-Thor remains in the clutches of Gorr, chained and unable to avoid torture, while Future-Thor, the last surviving Asgardian, is locked in perpetual battle with Gorr’s army. The plot threads begin to converge by the end of the issue and the bigger picture begins to be revealed.What I liked...

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Morbius: The Living Vampire #1 2

SummaryFollowing the events of The Amazing Spiderman, Morbius the Vampire has escaped from The Raft and is now trying to stay out of trouble while he attends to matters of his own. He arrives in the slum of Brownsville where he is quickly drawn into trouble with a local gang. In this issue we gain insights into Mobius’ past as well as left wondering about his future.What I liked· Reader Friendly: This series has a nice narrated tone, which allows for Morbius himself to go on tangents from the na...

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New Avengers #1 2

SummaryBlack Panther stumbles upon a scene which forces him to reconsider the effectiveness of the Illuminati. I wish there was more say...What I likedSteve Epting: Most DC books I read have a nice polished glossy feel which makes them feel complete and expensive. Marvel, generally speaking from my past experiences, have either had washed colours, which work fine to set a tone of realism, or the generic mediocrity which all publishers have at least some of. Steve Epting seems to be bringing a re...

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The Flash #15 Gorilla Warfare part 3 0

SummaryAfter last issue’s cliff-hanger, Barry is left in a coma as his friends rally to save him. Grodd realises that his newfound powers aren’t quite as powerful and all-encompassing as he thought. And Patty has to come to terms with the realisation that Barry is The Flash.What I liked· There are a lot of good ideas: I am sorry, I am going to come down pretty hard on this issue. Therefore, as a reprieve I am going to write this nice little preface. The ideas that are contained within this serio...

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Batman Annual #1 1

SummaryThe Night of the Owls continues with the Batman Annual. Although this issue is not essential to the reading experience of Scott Snyder’s Batman series, it is highly recommended as it aids in fleshing out the back story of the classic Batman villain, Mr Freeze. If you have read Red Hood and the Outlaws issue #9 you already know that Mr Freeze is heavily involved in the Court of the Owls’ plan and that he has a score to settle with Bruce Wayne. This issue explains all.What I liked· Layered ...

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American Vampire #27 0

SummaryThe Nocturnes, part two, concludes last month’s story concerning Calvin Poole’s endeavours to protect his brother during the climate of racial segregation in the 1950’s. Yet, with the revelation of last month’s issue, this mission may have got a whole lot harder. Need I say it... there may be some vampires involved.What I liked· Enriching the lore: To me, the lore this series has created is essential to American Vampire’s popularity and success. Snyder creates a world where vampires are b...

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Action Comics #9 1

Action Comics #9SummaryAction Comics takes a break from the usual escapades of Clark Kent, to bring us a story from Earth-23. Earth-23 Superman, AKA President Superman, is met by inter-dimensional travellers who are being perused by a commercialised Superman “gone wrong”. The issue attempts to explore the philosophical context surrounding the “superman”, while at the same time condemning the ideals of consumerism. In addition, the issue concludes with prospects of more the multiverse being intro...

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Batman #7 7

Batman#7SummaryAfter the events of the previous issue Batman is left beaten, yet not broken, as he races to find answers to some of the many questions this story has brought to light. However, these answers do nothing to subside Batman’s paranoia, as he begins to realise that this mysterious enemy is closer to home than he originally believed. With both sides on the cusp of all out war, Batman must come to terms with these truths and accept the fact that Gotham is not the city he thought he knew...

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The Flash #6 1

SummaryA new story arc has begun, plunging The Flash into combat with an old foe – Captain Cold. Yet this time things couldn’t be more different. Captain Cold has changed in more ways than one: using lethal force, gunning for The Flash directly and… not using his Cold Guns? This is a monumental recreation of a classic DC villain.What I liked· Credibility: Before the New 52 The Flash’s villains, especially The Rogues, always seemed a bit childish and, for want of a better word, “lame”. Of course,...

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Wonder Woman #6 0

SummaryAll the pieces are in place and tensions run high as Wonder Woman’s plan is set into motion – who will take the throne of Olympus? Will Hera exact her revenge? Can Wonder Woman restore the status quo?What I liked· Gods: I’m a bit of a sucker for Classical literature, but I really loved the portrayal of the gods in this issue. From the gaudy metaphorical visages, to their contempt for humanity which seeps through their every word. One part in particular in which Hades states “ actuall...

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Batman #6 7

SummaryBatman fights the Talon through the very foundations of Gotham City, but after the events of last issue, does he have enough sanity or strength to survive? Also in this issue, more secrets are brought to light – yet not necessarily explained - and we are left with yet another shocking cliff-hanger.What I liked· This was all one scene?!: Although there are defining moments of this issue, there are no stark cutaways and no switching between characters or locations. This issue feels very “in...

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Green Lantern #6 4

SummaryAfter the conclusion of last month’s arc, Hal tries to settle down with Carol, while Sinestro sets off on his own agenda – hunting down Lyssa Drak. However, the bearer of the Book of Black has many revelations in store for Sinestro and a new Green Lantern epic may be just over the horizon.What I liked· Confirmation of Direction: We are shown a scene in this issue which depicts a lot of future events in the Green Lantern series. This is not uncommon of Geoff Johns, having seen this sort of...

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Red Lanterns #6 9

SummaryThe first human Red Lantern (if you don’t include that time Hal Jordan was one), Jack Moore, adjusts to his new found rage and seeks revenge on his grandfathers’ murderer. Meanwhile Atrocitus challenges Bleez over the leadership of the Red Lantern Corps.What I liked· The Last Page: On the last page Guy Gardner shows up. Finally! Something I am familiar with and care about. However, if this series sours Guy Gardner for me as well, I will not be pleased.What I didn’t likePreface: I am very ...

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Batwing #6 1

SummaryArmed with newfound knowledge of Massacres’ whereabouts, Batwing races to Egypt to apprehend the masked murderer. However, with revelations of Massacre’s true identity slow emerging – will Batwing have what it takes to stop him?What I liked· Massacre: This may sound incredibly unprofessional but... I love the notion that Batwing’s first villain is a guy with a massive knife. Batman has a secret organisation which has been plaguing Gotham for centuries – Batwing has a bloke with a machete....

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Teen Titans #5 0

SummaryThe Teen Titans finally rally to take down Superboy, a representative of N.O.W.H.E.R.E – the anti-meta organization which has been targeting teens with superpowers. Can this group of teen’s work as a team to take down Superboy or will their lack of cohesion spell their doom?What I liked· Worthwhile build up: We have been told since issue #1 that there is going to be an encounter with Superboy, and the wait is somewhat worth it. This is not a fight that is frittered away in half and issue,...

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Aquaman #5 1

SummaryAlthough the previous arc finished last month, it would appear all is not over yet. After scientists find an Atlantian relic in the roof of the old vessel discovered in the previous issue things go from bad to worse. What is the relic and what does it have to do with Aquaman’s heritage? Also... why is Aquaman stranded in the middle of a desert? Read this issue and find out!What I liked· The Geoff Johns Treatment: I like Geoff Johns’ writing for several reasons, but in particular I appreci...

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The Flash #5 2

SummaryThis current “The Flash” arc draws to a close as Mob Rule finally initiate their plan to stabilize their DNA. Meanwhile, due to the unexplained EMP blast which hit the city, Iron Heights prisoners are escaping, with Iris West stuck right in the middle of the panic. Will Flash be fast enough stop Mob Rule and save Iris, and once the dust settles, will Flash have saved the day? Or is this just the beginning of an even greater set of problems?What I liked· Unconventional ending: This is not ...

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American Vampire #22 1

SummaryAfter the concluding of last month’s arc, we are now catapulted forwards in time once again to the 1950’s. Here we meet, for the first time, Travis Kidd a young greaser with a dark past a penchant for vampire slaying. Yet, unlike the vampire slayers we have seen thus far, Travis is a renegade, a one man army, with a personal mission of his own to carry out.What I liked· A breath of new life: This is a series I have been reading since the day the first issue hit store shelves and I have lo...

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Red Lanterns #5 0

SummaryAfter the “shocking” ending to last month’s issue, Atrocitus begins to search the whereabouts of Krona’s stolen corpse. However, Atrocitus’ concerns of a traitor in his midst seem minimal in comparison to an even more shocking possibility...What I liked· Fleshing out the characters: Last issue I complained that the back stories to these new characters were forced and underdeveloped, here they felt a bit more natural and relevant. But only a bit more. It feels strange that a total of three...

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Brightest Day #24 0

SummaryThis is it. The finale. I’m going to spoil everything that happens in this issue. You don’t need to bother looking at the verdict, if you’re reading the series even vaguely, you need to see how it ends no matter the quality, so go buy it and come back and see if you agree with my final conclusion. As a finale has to embrace the whole journey of a series, so too will my run-through of Brightest Day #24...SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.What I liked· Brightest Day: This...

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Brightest Day #23 0

SummaryOh yeah, they’re the Elements aren’t they! I never noticed that. With the final preparations for the fight against the Dark Avatar almost complete, only one thing remains. Find the chosen one and give them the White Lantern.What I liked· The Element stuff: Okay, that was clever. But, really, it doesn’t mean too much. Nice one though.· This is event ending stuff... I suppose: It’s being done horribly, but I guess we are at least going to get our final showdown, our loose ends tied up and n...

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Brightest Day #22 0

SummaryWith the Martian Manhunter side-story coming to a close we only have one more left, Firestorms’. Can Firestorm save the white lantern from being destroyed? Can they save the professor and Ronnie’s dad? And ultimately will Ronnie and Jason finally set aside their differences?What I liked· Ronnie and Jason: I’m going to spoil what happens here a little. There is a point in the issue where Ronnie and Jason come full circle. Ronnie jumps in front of Jason to take a deadly blast from Deathstor...

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Brightest Day #21 0

SummaryWith the Hawkgirl, Hawkman and Aquaman plotlines all reaching their conclusion, we only have Firestorm and Martian Manhunter’s resolutions left. This issue is the final chapter of the Martian Manhunter story. Will he defeat D’kay and make the right choices—even if it means losing hope of ever reviving Mars? Read it to find out! (Or read this run-through, you’ll get the gist).What I liked· And then he flies through a sun and then dies and then is reborn and then explodes: The last half of ...

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Brightest Day #20 0

SummaryThis is it!! The Conclusion!! ... (of Aquawar). Can Aquaman defeat Black Manta and Siren single-handedly (HAR HAR), is there any hope of turning the tide of this battle (that one was unintentional) or will everyone Aquaman knows and loves be sleeping with the fishes (...and back to the intentional puns).What I liked· Best Issue of Brightest Day so far: No Joke, this issue is so good! Sometime fast paced action scenes leave you feeling a bit empty afterwards. However, this issue has action...

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Brightest Day #19 0

SummaryAquaman and Aqualad race towards the Bermuda Triangle to put an end to Siren once and for all, but are they too late to stop the invasion? Also, Deadman finally uncovers the purpose of the White Ring and what must be done to prevent the rise of an ultimate evil.What I liked· The End: Nerdgasm! If you know anything about Aquaman, this ending will make you squeal like a little school girl... or was that just me?· Things are coming to a close: For the majority of this series we, as the reade...

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Brightest Day #18 0

SummaryThe Hawkman/Hawkgirl story comes to a conclusion. Will they be able to defeat Shrike? Or will they die with no hope of resurrection. Meanwhile, the White Power Ring is charging, what happens when it gets to 100%?What I liked· Fan-service: The Hawkman and Hawkgirl story ends with a really cool conclusion that doesn’t make a lot of sense. However, it is done in such a way that it is just so cool that you simply do not care.· The Hawkman story: Now it has ended, I can safely say, it was good...

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Brightest Day #17 0

SummaryThe Hawkman/Hawkgirl story continues; as a massive battle between the Hawkmen and the Zamarons rages above the planet (Zamaron). Also, Deadman learns what it is to live and Firestorm realises where he is (yeah I want that to sound stupid).What I liked· Deadman: In this issue Deadman goes back to rectify the mistakes of his past. A lot of heroes generally choose to leave their mistakes in the past, whereas Deadman chooses to revisit and remedy them.· The ending: The ending brings us back i...

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Brightest Day #16 0

SummaryAquaman and the new Aqualad go to reclaim Jackson’s birthright; meanwhile the greatest minds of the JLA and JSA try to find a way to stop Firestorm destroying the universe. Also, Deathstorm gives Jason’s father a chance to save his son, but it comes with a price.What I liked· Aqualad’s origin: Most of the plot holes are filled-in and I can now accept him as a proper superhero, with enough of a back-story to be interesting.· Jason’s Father: There is a really cool scene in this issue where ...

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Brightest Day #15 0

SummaryIt is the future, and Martian Manhunter has become the leader of the resurrected populous of Mars (having read issue #12 we know that he isn’t). When the JLA start getting assassinated, Martian Manhunter must discover the significance of their deaths and find the perpetrator before it is too late.What I liked· Detective Element: It is cool to see the way Martian Manhunter thinks in this issue. That is essentially what this story is about and when we have the big reveal (that it’s all in h...

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Brightest Day #14 0

SummaryDeadman, now determined Batman is the “Chosen One”, takes the White Ring to the Dark Knight. However, after being shot and mortally wounded, Deadman relives the mistakes he has made in his life and comes to terms with how dying made him a better person.What I liked· Feels like an issue of “Brightest Day”: This is a full issue about Deadman and his search for the “Chosen One”. That is what this series is meant to be about, however it is rare to get more than a couple of pages in an issue d...

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Brightest Day #13 0

SummaryAs Hawkman and the Lionmanes lay siege on Hath-Set and Queen Shrike’s tower, Hawkgirl has some personal time with her mother and she realises that her mother’s plans have been a long time in the making.What I liked· Hawkman!!! Arrrrggg!!!: This is, besides two pages at the end, a 100% Hawkman/ Hawkgirl story, and it is amazing. This could easily just be a Hawkman issue, there is very little mention of the White Lantern; this narrative is personal. You can really tell that Geoff Johns love...

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