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Life without stories is hollow, empty and ultimately meaningless. It's a sad note to start on, but it's completely true! It is something that I have always known, but never fully acted upon. This is why I have decided to devote my life to story-telling, in all it's mediums and genres.

Now, before you make the assumption that I am well-read - I have to admit that I am not. Or rather, not as much as I would like. I have of course read a fair few classics, I did English Literature to A-Level (I don't know what the American equivalent of this is... suffice to say, it isn't bad!), but I still feel my knowledge can be extended.

On the same note, I haven't watched as many films as I would like. I worked in a cinema for the best part of four years, and while I can certainly hold my own in a conversation about: who has been in what, or which film is which - I believe there is still a lot more undiscovered territory left to explore.

Same goes for video games, television, comic books, anime, manga and so on and so forth. I know enough - perhaps slightly above the average person in all of these, but I want to know more.

So why am I telling you this? - Very good question. I suppose, if anything, it is a vague attempt to capture how I feel and begin formulating a sort of ultimatum. I want to explore story-telling in every form in order to appreciate it.

But there is more!

As I said at the start - story telling is vital to life. As such, I want to be able to review and critique stories, in order to draw out richer meaning while at the same time praising the creators of these works. Yes, I will probably discuss the negative aspects of things as well, but I shall try to refrain from full-blown fanboy rages. I have reviewed before (on this very website in fact), but I believe I can step up my game. While a lot of my reviews will be for comic books (this is Comicvine) I will be attempting reviews of everything in the blog section.

BUT WAIT! ... There is more.

Yes, one final part to what I wish to accomplish, and by far the bravest. I want to be able to write. At the moment I am leaning towards prose, but who knows what the future holds. Again, I have attempted writing before - and even seen myself improve somewhat, but it is time to get serious. So, like with the non-comic related reviews, works of fiction shall be appearing on my blog too.

If you have read this and thought to yourself "yeah, that's something I am already/could be interested in" let me know. I find other peoples comments very helpful and, if you feel the same, I would be more than happy to give constructive criticism and make some friends along the way :)

2013 is going to mark the beginning of this "era of stories" for me- so make sure to watch this space, and let's see where we've ended up by 2014.