The Move to the Metro City is anything but ordinary... (CVnU)

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Hal hates to move, but who doesn't? The move from New York to Metro City is the best thing he can do. Frankly, he should have done it sooner. New York has a ton of heroes. It didn't need Green Sentinel there either and honestly, there is hardly any crime left to fight with all the others already getting to them.

So, Metro City it is and a transfer to the Daily Observer as a reporter. Hal prefers to fly, but he kind of ruined that when he was in the Air Force when he punched a superior officer. Not a smart choice.

Unfortunately, the move to Metro City is anything but ordinary when he is mentally attacked by a man with a giant head and a small body. Barely five seconds into his move to the city and he's already being attacked.

The villain seems to have his way with Hal for a time, but then Green Sentinel summons the will rain on the big brain's parade by shooting him with ultrasonics and a boxing glove as a follow-up.

Hal thinks that's the end of his first adventure in Metro City when he has to cover his ears when someone begins screaming at him. Opening his eyes, he sees a woman in white and black, face looking kind of skeletal. Creating earplugs, Hal smashes a train into her in order to end the confrontation.

Then he hears laughter in his head as someone, a woman, speaks telepathically to him, ~Just wanted to test the new hero in town. I'll be seeing you around, hero. Ta ta!~

"Wait! Who are you?! Why did you do this?!" Hal asks, looking for the source of this telepathic voice but finding no one.

~You'll see...soon. Very soon.~ A quiet sort of laughter follows with a bit of an echo.