Green Sentinel Corps (CVnU Organization & Location)

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Founders & Leaders: The Guardians of the Light

Current Members: Hal Knight, Jessica Jordan, Zachary Rayner and many others from other planets.

Former Members: Sora Sinestra and many others throughout history.

Allies: The Justice League Alliance, Blue Sentinel Corps, Indigo Sentinel Corps, the Paladin Order, Star Sentinel Corps and White Sentinel Corps.

Enemies: Black Sentinels, Red Sentinel Corps, Fear Sentinel Corps, Orange Sentinel Corps, the Imperium, Space Pirates, Criminals, Evil Empires, etc.

Status: Currently active.

Base of Operations: Megala (With Members assigned to Space Sectors throughout the known Universe).

Place of Formation: Megala

Total Sectors: 3600

Total Members: 7200.

Universe: CVnU


Once, long ago, there existed a universe-spanning force that took it upon themselves to enforce law and order in the universe. Then a fracture of the group occurred and no one, to this day, knows what happened. Because of this split, the original Guardians of the Light dismantled their group and destroyed the original power rings.

By the time the third generation of the Guardians of the Light came into existence and reformed the Green Sentinel Corps, they had no knowledge about a group that would become known as the Paladin Order. Unknown to them, the Paladins were once apart of the original Green Sentinels but had split off into a separate police keeping force for reasons that remain as mysterious as their respective histories.

Today, the Green Sentinel Corps has been in existence for approximately 3 million years. During that time, it has acted as one of the primary police keeping forces in the known universe. The leaders of this galactic law enforcement team are called the Guardians of the Light and they have split the universe into 3,600 space sectors with two Green Sentinels assigned to one sector of space. This tops off the total number of 7,200 Green Sentinels and this has remained pretty consistent throughout galactic history. However, in times of desperation and war, the Green Sentinel Corps have recruited additional members in order to survive devastating wars.

Although each individual Green Sentinel has a good deal of leeway on the methods they use to police each of their sectors of space, the Guardians are always monitoring and reviewing each Sentinel in case they need to be brought in for questioning or if anyone needs to answer for any abuses in authority.

A Green Sentinel Uniform in the default configuration
A Green Sentinel Uniform in the default configuration

If a Green Sentinel is nearing retirement, or happens to be near death, then they are responsible for seeking out their replacements. If this requirement is not met then the Sentinel's power ring will follow it's programming by seeking a suitable candidate who has the ability to overcome great fear and is of a sound moral character before bringing them to the Guardian's homeworld to be trained. The Guardians of the Light themselves very rarely seek recruits on their own but have been known to do so on occasion when it has proven necessary.

Each new recruit to the Green Sentinel Corps receives the standard power ring, a uniform in the default configuration and one power battery so that the ring can be recharged. The Guardians allow Sentinels to customize their own uniforms so long as the new design keeps the same color scheme and the symbol of the Corps. If an alien being makes such a uniform not optional because of their unique appearance then the next best option should be adopted. Megala, for example, is a sentient planet who has rearranged his planetary foliage to mimic the appearance of a Green Sentinel band that circles him entirely along with the symbol of the Corps. While this cannot be seen while on the surface of Megala, it can be seen from space.

The Guardians of the Light are unconcerned about the concept of secret identities but will respect them, which is why the default uniform comes with a mask as a security measure. Each Green Sentinel of the Corps has been instructed to respect any potential secret identity by taking care not to expose them.

Upon being recruited into the Green Sentinel Corps, a cadet's training is mandatory and unavoidable. By default, the new recruits are taken to the planet Megala where facilities are provided for their training along with the personnel that is usually made up of veterans who are put in charge of the rookies.

Not all recruits will make it through Green Sentinel boot camp as it is tough and rigorous, sifting out the weak from the strong. In case of such failures, their ring will be taken from them, by force if necessary, and another candidate will be chosen to replace them. Each cadet's white circle will lack the symbol of the Corps and will only be added once their training has been complete. Additionally, every rookie Green Sentinel is vulnerable to the color yellow, which represents fear. This weakness cannot be removed from their rings until the individual Sentinel faces their worst fear and overcomes it. Only then will the yellow impurity be automatically removed from the ring.


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The Guardians of the Light are the creators and leaders of the Green Sentinel Corps. They are also a mysterious race of beings that possess blue skin and white hair. Even though they are extremely long-lived, they are not immortal and can die of old age. They are also pretty short for their race, standing anywhere from 3 to 4 feet tall. But looks can be deceiving because each Guardian possesses cosmic level power and although pacifists by nature, are not afraid to use their immense abilities to defend themselves if necessary.

A council of 12 members comprises their number as the Guardians choose to act through their chosen agents throughout the universe. While they rarely take an active role in matters personally, they have done so in dire emergencies. The Guardians are reclusive by nature, preferring to spend time in their own company. They have also come to the belief that emotions are illogical and must be controlled. As a result, when meeting them for the first time they often come off as aloof and emotionless robots.

One should not underestimate a single member of this leadership. Just one Guardian of the Universe has tremendous power. Power enough to handle most threats should they desire to, but most often do not because of their pacifist nature. They are many times more powerful than even the very best Green Sentinel and can, with ease, stand up to even the most powerful beings in the galaxy. They have demonstrated many of the same abilities of a standard Green Sentinel power ring, but at a cosmic level and without the need of one.


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After the Guardians of the Light abandoned their homeworld of Maltaka, they came to the sentient planet known as Megala where they built the Central Power Battery. Built around this wondrous piece of technology is a huge city roughly the size of Los Angeles and New York combined with every known amenity available that exists in a space-faring culture.

Also known as the Great Battery, this massive device was originally a single giant crystal. When discovered, the Guardians came to the knowledge this formation could absorb and store the green light of what they called willpower. This unique crystal was then reformed into what it is today and it now acts as the central nexus point of all willpower in the known universe, redirecting it to every battery each individual Green Sentinel has in their possession.

At an unknown point in their history, the Fear entity known as Phobos declared war on the Guardians and their vaunted Green Sentinels for their continued interference in the entity's goals. Although the Corps suffered heavy losses, Phobos was eventually captured and imprisoned inside the main Central Power Battery. As a result, the entity created the yellow impurity inside each power ring that was created from that moment forward. This meant that the rings were powerless against the color yellow. However, a Green Sentinel is able to overcome this weakness if they are able to conquer their fears. With that in mind, the Guardians ordered that this be made a part of the necessary training involved in order to become part of the Corps.

Power Ring: Commonly referred to as the most powerful weapon in the universe by it's creators, the power ring is a marvel of science and engineering. The fundamental forces of the known universe can be affected by the ring if a Green Sentinel's willpower is strong enough. This includes things such as light, heat, radiation, gravity and more. In theory, the power ring may also be able to effect an unknown form of energy that is commonly referred to as magic. It possesses the following powers & abilities: Artificial Intelligence, Cellular Regeneration, Compassion Absorption, Electromagnetic Scanning, Emergency Beacon, Energy Constructs, Energy Twin, Energy Projection/Absorption, Enhance Attributes, Flight, Force Fields, Homing Beacon, Hope Symbiosis, Invisibility/Phasing, Material Alteration, Mind Alteration/Defense, Pocket Dimension, Preset Conditions, Ring Duplication, Security Protocols, Self Sustenance, Shape-Shifter and Wormholes/ Spacial Warps.

  • Weaknesses: Mental Instability and Recharge Protocol.

Ion, the Willpower Entity: Ion and every generation since it's birth, is a symbiotic entity that was given life when the green light of will was harnessed inside of the Main Central Power Battery millions of years ago. Up until recently, this being was kept top-secret from the Green Sentinel Corps at large due to the fact it was trapped in the Central Power Battery with the Fear Entity in order to keep it in check. With the destruction of the Main Central Power Battery, Ion and the Fear Entity were set free. Even though the Main Battery has since been rebuilt, neither of the formerly trapped entities have been recaptured and placed back within it. Although Ion is highly intelligent, it does not influence the actions of it's current host. It is there to lend aid and never assert control. The powers and abilities of Ion are as follows:

  • Current Host: Zachary Rayner
  • Cosmic Awareness: Ion and it's host possess limited Cosmic Awareness, enabling them to sense most kinds of disturbances that occur all over the milky way galaxy. This also includes the general direction and weather or not it's nearby or far away.
  • Connection: Ion attaches itself to those who possess an extraordinary degree of willpower. The stronger the willpower, the greater the connection. Another ability is the power to convert fear, or yellow, energy into the green light of will. This makes Ion the archenemy of the Fear entity.
  • Flight: Ion can fly in any direction and can easily exceeding the speed of light. It also gives this power to it's current host.
  • Power Amplification: Ion amplifies all the powers and abilities of it's current host to twice that of a normal Green Sentinel power ring.
  • Willpower-Induced Energy Manipulation: Ion possesses the same powers and abilities of a Green Sentinel Power Ring and gives them to it's current host.


The Honor Guard: The Green Sentinel Honor Guard is considered to be the best-of-the-best and only those who have an exemplary record are allowed within it's ranks. This elite group is not restricted to a single sector and operates primarily on the planet Megala where they serve full time. Contrary to popular belief, not every sector is assigned a Green Sentinel or two. In such cases, the Honor Guard serves as the unassigned sector's chief protectors when necessary. During times of war, combat situations, tough missions or training scenarios, it is typically a member of the Honor Guard that takes charge as commanders, special operatives, troubleshooters and trainers.

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Black Ops Division AKA The Corpse: Long ago, a single Guardian of the Light recognized the need for a top-secret division of the Green Sentinel Corps who are able to work with almost complete autonomy, answerable to no one but themselves and the lone Guardian who acts as the headmaster of their operations.

Officially, the Corpse does not exist and any so-called tales of their missions are chalked up as ghost stories or unreliable conspiracy theories. Unofficially, they operate strictly off the record and are the black ops division of the Green Sentinel Corps. They take the rules most Green Sentinels have to follow and throw them out the window. In other words, this special elite group takes on the darkest tasks, suicide missions, assassinations and the dirtiest jobs the Green Sentinels cannot perform. In short, the Corpse are trained to make the hard calls and live with the consequences so that they can maintain order, peace and safety in a chaotic universe.

The recruits are almost never taken from the Green Sentinel Corps themselves because once a part of this Black Ops division, such individuals are almost never the same and it's hard to switch back in forth in between keeping the rules and then willfully breaking them in order to do what needs to be done. Instead, recruits are taken from all walks of life throughout the known universe. The main attribute that is the most sought after is a willingness to make the hard calls regardless of any moral standing. Some exceptions are made in this process of achieving membership into the Corpse, however, and some individuals from the Green Sentinels have been allowed into the this Black Ops Division. Especially those who have shown the capability and morals to do what must be done and who has been expelled from the Green Sentinels themselves. Whatever the case may be, joining this rogue group of warriors is permanent and there is no going back.

The Corpse is assigned a special purple ring with no identifiable marks or symbols. This power ring gives them the same capabilities of a Green Sentinel ring but produces purple-colored energy and constructs instead of the normal green. This is so the group can operate independently of the Green Sentinel Corps and also not draw any unwanted attention to them. Unlike the Green Sentinels who have to recharge their rings, the Corpse has no need for a power battery and has unlimited juice. The uniforms are entirely black along with a full facial mask in order to hide their identities. They wear no symbols because this could identify them, which they would rather avoid.

Anyone who learns about the Corpse's existence and tries to reveal that they exist will become victims of a mind wipe along with the destruction of any evidence that proves they are real. If this is not possible then such an individual will find themselves the target of an assassination where it will be made to look like an accident as to prevent any potential investigation into a murder.


Keeper: The highest rank one can achieve who is not a Guardian. A Keeper is the Chief Administrator of not only the Green Sentinel Corps as a whole but also of the Emerald Book of Light.

Illustres: This rank is held by members of the Honor Guard and is second only to that of a Keeper. Members of the Illustres usually comprise those who have reached old age and are not as effective in combat as someone who is younger. Generals usually answer to these individuals.

General: This rank is usually held by the majority of the Honor Guard and are given command of the entire Green Sentinel Corps in times of war and emergency situations.

Cryptkeeper: A Cryptkeeper is considered the most boring job in the entire Green Sentinel Corps and is often temporarily meted out as a suitable punishment for breaking the rules. Currently, this rank is held by Morro who actually enjoys his duties as he tends to the many Green Sentinels who have fallen in the line of duty.

Sentinel: Most members of the Green Sentinel Corps hold this rank.

Cadet/Recruit: This is the absolute lowest rank and once the training portion has been complete then a Cadet achieves the rank of Sentinel.


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In a highly advanced space-faring culture such as the Guardians, one must ask why they need a book that is called the Emerald of Light. According to them, what information has been added to the book cannot be altered which is not the case if the knowledge contained within was in a digital format.

The Book of Emerald Light is held deep within the main headquarters of the Guardians on the planet Megala. It is a massive piece of work with an unknown number of pages with new information added to it on a consistent basis.

This book was created approximately 3 million years ago and it contains the entire known history of the Guardians of the Light along with their peacekeeping force known as the Green Sentinel Corps.

The Green Sentinel who possesses the rank of Keeper is in charge of the Book of Emerald Light and is responsible not only for it's security but also for adding any necessary information within it. Only the Keeper and the Guardians are allowed to add information in the book and no one else. This position is considered a high honor and is not to be taken lightly.

The Laws Within The Book of Emerald Light: When a Green Sentinel is recruited and trained, they are required to memorize each and every law written within the Emerald Book of Light. Failure to do this and break the laws within will see suitable punishments being dealt out to them. These laws are as follows:

  1. Respect the Guardians of the Light. When one of them gives an order, it is to be obeyed.
  2. It is the duty of a Green Sentinel to protect all life and uphold liberty within their assigned sector.
  3. A Green Sentinel is strictly forbidden from interfering with a non-space faring planet's evolutionary development, technological advancement, political structure and influencing it's culture.
  4. It is the sworn duty of a Green Sentinel to obey the local laws of the planet they are currently inhabiting, but only within reason. The Guardians themselves will override this if, and when, necessary.
  5. A Green Sentinel is to take no action until someone proves they are a threat to both the life on the planet and liberty itself.
  6. A Green Sentinel is strictly forbidden from using their power for personal gain.
  7. Every Green Sentinel is required to not only show other members of the Corps respect but also to cooperate with them whenever possible.
  8. A Green Sentinel is to respect all life in the universe and must exercise restraint unless there is no other option.
  9. When confronted with multiple emergencies in their assigned space sector, the Green Sentinel must focus on the greater threat first.
  10. The honor of the Green Sentinel Corps is to be upheld whenever possible.
  11. Anyone who is not a member of the Green Sentinel Corps who uses a power ring without proper authorization is to be detained and their ring confiscated.
  12. Every Green Sentinel has now been authorized by the Guardians to use lethal force against their enemies but only when there is no other option.
  13. Romantic relationships with other Green Sentinels is outlawed and any violations are to be immediately reported. Lately, however, the Guardians haven't been as strict with this law as they have been in the past.
  14. Green Sentinels are forbidden from using their rings to inflict self-harm. If any attempt is made then the ring is programmed to automatically shut down.
  15. The attempted murder of a Guardian is strictly forbidden. If a Green Sentinel tries to kill one then their ring will automatically shut down.
  16. The Vega Sector is strictly off-limits and no Green Sentinel is allowed there. Violators will be severely punished.

The Guardians of the Light closely monitor the activities and missions of each and every Green Sentinel within the Corps. If one or more of their laws have been broken without a sufficient reason then the Guardians will summon that Green Sentinel to their stronghold on Megala to answer for their actions. A failure to convince the Guardians that their laws had to be broken for an adequate reason will result in the Sentinel in question to be placed on trial where the charges against them are read, a lawyer assigned, a jury of 20 non-biased members of the Corps are handpicked and the due process of a court proceeds as it would normally do on Earth. Should the Green Sentinel be found guilty then there are a number of disciplinary actions that the Guardians can take against them, which include any of the following:

  • The Green Sentinel is placed on probation for a period of time. This may include forbidden certain kinds of entertainment, depending on the severity and length of time of the punishment in question.
  • The Green Sentinel is temporarily placed under the direct supervision of one of the Guardians of the Light while limited only to the planet Megala during this time.
  • The Green Sentinel is assigned Cryptkeeper duty with no other forms of entertainment allowed during the length of their punishment.
  • The Green Sentinel is forbidden from ever returning to their planet of origin. This can either be temporary or permanent.
  • The Green Sentinel is required to undertake the Test of Endurance. This means that the ring wielder must undertake a mission that takes them through a highly dangerous passage inside the Anti-Matter universe and survive.
  • The Green Sentinel is required to see a therapist on a regular basis should their actions have been influenced by any mental conditions.
  • The Green Sentinel's power ring is stripped from them and they are expelled from the Corps. This punishment can be repealed, however, depending on the circumstances and if a good case can be made in their defense.

The Book of Emerald Light also happens to contain a number of infractions that are most often committed by enemies of the Green Sentinel Corps. There are no doubt many more infractions included within the book's pages so this is just a small sample. These include the following:

  1. Choosing to oppose the Green Sentinel Corps.
  2. Any attempt to cause harm, the intent to kill and/or oppose any of the Guardians of the Light.
  3. Killing another Green Sentinel, a Guardian (Code 1011) or any of the criminals held by the Corps.
  4. Any attempt to cause chaos among the Green Sentinel Corps.
  5. Any attempt to cause a disaster, small or otherwise, among the Green Sentinel Corps.
  6. The genocide of a species.
  7. Committing to unlawful war that has not been sanctioned by the Guardians.
  8. Any and all willful interference in a non-space faring planet's evolutionary development, technological advancement, political structure and influencing it's culture (see section 4141).
  9. Any attempt to destabilize universal forces without prior authorization from the Guardians.
  10. Any attempt to destroy civilizations, planets, galaxies and the universe as a whole.
  11. Causing the unnecessary endangerment of innocent life (see Section 652).

NOTE: This goes without saying. Megala and the Guardians of the Light will NEVER allow a criminal to be recruited within it’s ranks (this is NOT the comics, people. Criminals and car thieves like Simon Baz are NOT allowed to be members of the Green Sentinel Corps). Only those of good and/or exceptional character and will are allowed to be recruited.


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Constructed by the Guardians of the Light on the planet Megala, the Sciencells is a massive detention facility that is designed to contain the most powerful and dangerous space criminals that exist in the known universe. The ceiling, walls, floor and entrance to each cell is made from a near-impenetrable material that is almost on par with the durability of Primary Adamantium. Each and every Sciencell has one bed for sleeping, a sink to wash one's hands, water to drink from the faucet and a toilet in order to take care of needed business. Food is delivered by prison guards at regular intervals and delivered through a slot in the door. If necessary, a Sciencell can be outfitted with power dampening technology keyed to the criminals' own DNA in order to prevent them from using their powers to escape. Various forms of entertainment is given on a case by case basis and depending on how dangerous the criminal happens to be.

On the off chance even the Sciencells cannot contain an extremely powerful criminal then they are sent to the Guardian's personal prison planet deep inside the forbidden Vega sector that is capable of containing cosmic-level threats. This strange world is a chaotic mess and when the Guardians discovered it, they wondered at first what to do with it. Then they came up with the idea to contain cosmic criminals on the planet's surface. This mysterious planet's name is unknown and is not in any entry within the Emerald Book of Light oddly enough. This knowledge is known only to the Guardians themselves and what they know of this planet is it's remarkable capability of shifting time periods at random around each criminal, making it near impossible for them to escape because they never know when a new time period will occur. To make matters worse, each criminal contained on the planet is chronologically out of phase with everyone else who is trapped on the surface of this strange world, making it impossible to interact with anyone else.


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Every Green Sentinel who has ever died in the line of duty is brought here and placed inside a green coffin. Should it be impossible to retrieve a body than an empty coffin will be there instead as a memorial to the one who has fallen.

This mysterious place is located in a tesseract so while it's small on the outside it seems to go on forever on the inside. And considering the Green Sentinel Corps has existed for 3 million years, that is a LOT of fallen Green Sentinels to fill this Crypt.

The Green Sentinel of sector 660 is Morro and he is the Chief Cryptkeeper who has been assigned to protect Crypt with his very life. He's an odd one but he takes great care to do the job no one else wants because he honestly loves it. He's also a bit eccentric who has an odd sense of humor, preferring to be around the dead than the living. But once anyone bothers to get to know him, he's both kind and gentle. He's also ever so eager to answer any questions regarding the Crypt and it's occupants since he knows everything there is to know about them, including how they died.

The preservation techniques used on the Green Sentinels contained in the Crypts are, some would say, miraculous. The ones that contain a corpse are in absolutely pristine condition, almost as if they had died mere minutes ago. There is no decay at all to speak of and if there is, it is slowed down to the point it has become negligible. This has led some to theorize the dead within each coffin who have a body that is entirely intact could somehow be revived. But this is sadly not the case as Morro himself can attest and has innumerable records to prove that dead is dead and there is no way to revive any of the fallen Green Sentinels who have died and rest in peace here.


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The origins of Megala are as mysterious as the planet itself. But one thing is known by those who live on it's surface: the planet is sentient, extremely old and just as intelligent, if not more so, than anyone living on it.

Once Megala's true nature was discovered, the Guardians recruited it into the Green Sentinel Corps. In fact, it became the first one to wield a power ring. Since a uniform was not possible, it changed all the foliage on it's surface to look like that of a green band circling the entire planet with the Corps symbol in the middle.

Megala became responsible from the first day it was recruited to guiding each power ring to new recruits throughout the known universe after the original Green Sentinels died before they could pass on the ring themselves.

Aside from all of this, Megala prefers to keep to itself, choosing not to socialize with others and keeping it's interactions with other sentient species at a minimum. It has been this way for the entirety of it's existence and as a result, it's interactions with others have not been well documented. When interactions do occur, Megala takes great care not to announce his presence and prefers to stick to non-descript holograms created from his ring in order to communicate.

Much like Earth, Megala is the third planet from it's native star and orbits it as Earth does. Although it has the power to move away from it's assigned position, it chooses not to because it is quite comfortable being where it is. The planet's size is approximately the same as Earth's with the difference between them being that Megala has two moons instead of one.

Megala can alter any aspect of it's own surface as it desires to. It can spontaneously grow any kind of reasonable plant life, fruit, grain and anything else that can exist on a planet in natural conditions. Because of this, it can also use these abilities to defend itself should the need arise, including the creation of super storms and any aspect of weather manipulation.

The sentient planet has allowed the Guardians to make Megala their home and even helped them construct their massive city on it's surface with the condition they do not pollute it's atmosphere by using clean energy. So far this agreement has never been broken as the planet has been the home of many species throughout it's long history.

Animal life exists all over Megala and in just about every variety one can think of. Some would be recognizable from Earth and other species are definitely not from anywhere else. There appear to be no oceans but rather vast bodies of seas, rivers, creeks and lakes. Vast deserts exist and are much larger on Megala than anywhere on Earth with temperatures sometimes reaching 130 degrees Fahrenheit in some spots.

Remnants of a once-great ancient civilization are everywhere on the surface of Megala. Ruins are buried, but others can be seen partially coming up from the dirt and sands. Each one containing skeletons of a mysterious alien species, a countless number of artifacts and everything else one would expect to find. All telling of a time that there once existed a race of beings who called the planet their home but who they once were and what happened to them is a complete mystery. Any archaeological expeditions must first be approved by the Guardians and most often such requests are denied.


The Green Sentinel Corps has a number of allies across the known universe. Some of which possess their own unique power rings. In such cases, these rings possess the same powers and abilities as a standard Green Sentinel ring unless otherwise stated.

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The Blue Sentinel Corps: Empowered by the emotion of Hope, the Blue Sentinels gain their power from it. A wielder without hope cannot access the full abilities of the ring. In these cases, only flight and the creation of force fields can be achieved. However, should the emotion of hope be accessed, then a blue power ring is arguably even more powerful than a Green ring since it can accomplish feats bordering on the miraculous with all of it's abilities taking on the color of blue. These rings can corrupt the negative effects of red rings and drain the energy from yellow ones. Green rings are overcharged and, as a result, are twice as powerful in the presence of a blue ring.

Blue Sentinels are governed in much the same way as the Green Sentinel Corps are with a similar ranking system, rules and laws. Their planet exists in sector 002 and is called Xhal. When the Green Sentinels need a therapist, they usually go to a Blue Sentinel.

  • Avatar of Hope: The entity that is the living embodiment of Hope has all the same powers as a blue ring and is twice as powerful as a standard Blue Sentinel. It currently resides inside of the Main Blue Central Power Battery and is waiting for a suitable host.
  • Status: OPEN


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The Indigo Sentinel Corps: The Indigo Sentinels are more of a tribe than a Corps. Because of this they call no planet their home and are entirely nomadic as they travel through space in their flotilla of ships as they spread Compassion throughout the universe.

An Indigo ring can create dark blue, almost purple, colored constructs, force fields to allow travel through space or personal protection and flight. Aside from this, these rings have little in common with any other as they are used to command the four classical elements of air, earth, fire and water.

  • Avatar of Compassion: This entity exists in the Main Indigo Power Battery on the flagship of the tribe. Like all it's kind, it possesses all of the same powers and abilities of an Indigo Sentinel but at twice their normal level. It is currently waiting for a suitable host.
  • Status: OPEN


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The Paladin Order: Unknown to the current generation of the Guardians of the Light, the Paladin Order and the Green Sentinel Corps were once one and the same. An unknown schism occurred between the two groups millions of years ago and each split off to become something new and different. Today, the current Guardians have reached out to the Paladin Order since both have similar goals in policing a chaotic universe. They may not always work together, but in times of crisis and emergencies, they band together to face a common foe should the Order deem it necessary.


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The Star Sentinel Corps: Ruled primarily by a group of twelve women with the main one being the High Queen, the Star Sentinels use their power to spread love throughout the universe. While this group is made up primarily of females, it has the rare male recruit among their number.

Star Sentinel Power Rings have all the normal abilities of a green ring with the exception that wielders of these rings can sense love throughout the universe, especially if they form a connection to it. The stronger this bond, the more powerful this connection is. Such power can even cause the rings to teleport the wielder by their love's side even across vast expanses of space. Any constructs and abilities created by the ring tend to be pink in color.

A Star Sentinel is immune to the effects of orange rings and cannot be corrupted by them. Another feature of these rings is the ability to encase someone in a pink crystal. While inside, the individual will experience extremely vivid dreams of a life filled with love for an unknown amount of time. Should this succeed in converting the individual to accept love and be loved then they will be welcomed into the Star Sentinels. Many a criminal has been rehabilitated using this method, but it sadly does not work all the time since it's effects can be resisted by strong-willed individuals.

Although the Star Sentinels are usually allied with the Green Sentinel Corps, they have come to blows on occasion since some members have become so blinded by the power of love that they tend to try and force it on others. This is not the case much of the time, however, but has been known to occur on occasion. Their homeworld is called Lalla and exists in space sector 2711.

  • Avatar of Love: This female Entity possesses the same powers and abilities of a regular ring but at twice the normal level. The leaders of the Star Sentinels do not believe in containing this entity so let her roam free on their planet as she searches for a suitable host.
  • Status: OPEN


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The White Sentinel Corps: Originally lead by a rogue group of Guardians, they clashed with the Black Sentinels in a war that waged across half the universe. The war had been ultimately won but at great cost. In the end, the leaders were slain and half their numbers were lost. The Guardians of the Light proposed they make their home on Megala and what was left of the White Sentinels agreed. They now act within the Green Sentinel Corps itself and most tend to act as Doctors and Nurses as they use their abilities to heal and mend broken bodies.

Although a White Sentinel Power Ring is capable of the same powers and abilities of a Green ring, they specialize in healing others and they can even bring back the recently deceased from the dead. These rings are also capable of destroying Black Power Rings and are the only ones capable of doing so. Every construct and ability displayed so far has been a glowing white color.

White Sentinels are usually not very good at combat since their primary focus is in non-aggressive roles. But this should not be a cause to underestimate them since the right individual can be downright deadly due to the precision and skill they possess as physicians along with their knowledge in anatomy.

  • Avatar of Life: This entity possesses all of the same powers and abilities as a normal White Sentinel but at twice the normal level. It can speak and act through any White Sentinel in the known universe seemingly at will. It's current whereabouts are unknown while it searches for a suitable host.
  • Status: OPEN


These are just some of the many enemies of the Green Sentinel Corps. Unless otherwise stated, the rings that are used possess the same abilities as a standard Green ring.

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The Black Sentinel Corps: Dark and insidious, the Black Sentinel Corps are among the deadliest enemies the Guardians of the Light have ever encountered. Their origins are completely unknown as is their homeworld's location. Although their power rings can create black constructs their abilities are drastically different from green rings since they can wield the energy of the mysterious Darkforce and it's associated capabilities.

Black Power Rings are actually parasitic symbiotes that are actually alive and they feed off of their host bodies in order to survive. In exchange, the host is given extraordinary powers and abilities. Because of the parasitic nature of these rings, the average lifespan of a Black Sentinel is ten years before they die thanks to their life force being drained from them. To most, this is a small price to pay for such power and the havoc they can cause on the universe. Their favorite pass time is spreading death throughout the universe.

  • The Avatar of Death: This Entity is actually the leader of the Black Sentinel Corps and commands them. They obey without question and any disobedience is dealt with extremely harshly. The rings were created by him and a part of him. While his powers are twice the level of any individual Black Sentinel, he can easily cause any of the rings he has created to stop functioning should he face a mutiny, instantly stopping such silly resistance instantly. He is not currently searching for a host but if one presents themselves worthy, he will choose them. But be warned, the entity will attempt to subvert their will to his own.
  • Status: OPEN


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The Fear Sentinel Corps: Once upon a time this group was lead by a former Green Sentinel known as Sora Sinestra and was even known by the Sinestra Corps. Sometimes they are known by other names such as the Yellow Lanterns and Yellow Sentinels. But now most know them by the Fear Sentinel Corps.

No Guardians command the Fear Sentinels. Only the best and strongest lead them. And since Sora Sinestra is now dead, their current leadership remains in question. Their homeworld is typically thought of as existing in the Anti-Matter Universe, but that is only speculation. No one really knows.

These power rings have all the normal powers and abilities as a Green ring. In addition, each ring can use it's yellow light to charge the powers of those who are living solar batteries, such as Superion or Paragon. A Fear Sentinel can also use their ring to sense the fear in others and instill it into them, causing them to be afraid. Anyone experiencing fear charges these rings with power, making them more potent in their capabilities. But the reverse is also true. No fear means no power and the ring must then be recharged by a yellow power battery. The juice gained in this way usually lasts for 24 hours. The weakness of a Yellow ring is that of a Blue ring, which can drain away all of it's energy simply by being near one.

  • The Avatar of Fear: The entity of fear appears as a fiery bird made entirely of flame. She is known by many names throughout the universe and actually feeds off of fear itself because it is actually a food source for her. She possesses all of the normal abilities of a regular yellow ring but twice at their normal level. She has no need for a host because she has already found one.
  • Status: TAKEN


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The Orange Sentinel Corps: This group can barely call itself a Corps at all due to the constant in-fighting thanks to the nature of the rings themselves. Aside from the normal abilities it has in common with green rings, they create an insatiable hunger inside of anyone who wields the power of Avarice. Orange Sentinels are obsessed with taking anything and everything of value. Because of this, every kind of criminal is recruited within it's ranks that has special skills in stealing things. The Orange Sentinel Corps specializes in taking what does not belong to them. While they would be beyond rich if they sold even a fraction of what they have taken across their tumultuous history, their never-ending hunger prevents them from parting from anything they have gained. Every construct and ability has the color of orange.

Blue power rings can drain the energy from orange ones and can actually free an individual from it's corrupting influence if they desire it. Avarice also has no effect on a Star Sentinel ring.

  • The Avatar of Avarice: This entity is currently inside of the leader of the Orange Sentinel Corps and he will defend it to his dying breath since he considers it his own. Like all entities of the emotional spectrum, the Avatar of Avarice possesses the same powers and abilities of a standard ring but at twice the normal level.
  • Status: OPEN


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The Red Sentinel Corps: The first Red Sentinel was once a Green Sentinel, but was expelled for his extreme ways. Renaming himself Alduin, the world eater, he fled to the deserted planet known as Yishault deep within sector 3500. There he created his own Corps using his own rage to create the first power rings.

Each power ring is capable of every ability Green ones possess and it's constructs are a cherry red, but sometimes the color of blood. Aside from that, it also gives it's users the ability to emit red plasma from their mouths. This attack is akin to napalm and acid combined as it burns away almost anything in it's path. This plasma slows down healing factors, burns through extremely durable substances it has a chance to corrupt other rings. A more benign use of this so-called plasma is the ability to be used to spray any surface before the Red Sentinel dips into it and uses it as a portal to teleport to other locations regardless of distance. A red ring can also absorb the emotion of anger if it originates from other individuals and it can also infect others with rage in order to recruit more people into it's ranks. Rage empowers that of a Red Sentinel and they can sense the emotion around them.

A recruit is consumed by rage once a red ring is placed on their finger. They become an unthinking brute until they are dipped into the crimson waters of Yishault and their mind finally becomes clear enough to think. They still feel constant, and heightened, levels of anger but now they can control the emotion and use it as a weapon. A red ring is often used to convert otherwise morally good beings into those consumed by rage and transforming them into villains who take delight in spreading rage throughout the cosmos as well as performing evil acts. Blue rings can free Red Sentinels from the corrupting influence of rage. Star Sentinels, however, are exceedingly dangerous to a Red Sentinel because if rage turns into love then their rings will abandon them.

  • The Avatar of Rage: This entity is currently trapped within the Main Central Power Battery of Rage. It is currently in need of a host. Like all other entities, it has the normal powers and abilities of a red ring but at twice their normal level.
  • Status: OPEN


  1. ANYONE can create a Green Sentinel or one of the other colored spectrums if they choose. The only condition I ask is that if you "steal" a ring, then please sell the difficulty. And please note, whatever type of ring you "steal", those guys are going to come after your character to take it back. Just a fair warning.
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  4. If I grant permission for rule #3, sell the defenses of Megala, the Green Sentinels (on RARE occasions, even the Guardians of the Light themselves) and the other colored spectrums. Megala, Green Sentinels, the Guardians and the other spectrums are not pushovers so please don’t treat them as such. They are highly trained in combat and should be written that way.
  5. Anyone may come and visit provided their character is not a wanted criminal and/or villain (they also have to have the means to travel here as well). If your character is of a questionable character and you want to visit Megala, then ask me permission first. But please know, your character will be watched by everyone and escorted everywhere. An attempt to arrest your character is also a very strong possibility.
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