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NOTE: Jessica Jordan AKA Green Sentinel 2.0's Bio is located HERE.

Green Sentinel

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Real Name: Harold “Hal” Knight

Current Aliases: Green Sentinel, Sentinel, Emerald Warrior, the Space Cop.

Class: Hero

Identity: Secret

Alignment: Good

Occupation: Intergalactic Law Enforcement Officer. Army Special Forces Weapons Sergeant. Former Military Reserve & Reporter.

Rank: First Lieutenant

Base Of Operations: Fort Carson, Colorado.

Affiliation: The Green Sentinel Corps & the 10th Special Forces Group

Citizenship: United States Citizen

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California

Education: College level

Marital Status: Single

Relatives: Bruce Knight (Father), Selina Knight (Mother), John Knight, (Uncle, deceased) Lois Knight (Sister).

Gender: Male

Orientation: Heterosexual

Height: 6‘2“

Weight: 210 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Physical Form: Human with a muscular build

Race: Human (Caucasian)

Universe: CVnU

Personality & Flaws: Hal is charming, loves the ladies and often does what he thinks is the correct course of action even if he has to accomplish it on his own. He also tends to be courageous and stubborn as a pitbull even under the threat of death. But make no mistake, Hal is also loyal and can follow orders thanks to his military discipline and training. Unfortunately, he also tends to rush into situations without thinking of the consequences and has to actively force himself to stop and think first. And finally, he can also come across as cocky, sarcastic and arrogant in his own capabilities.


Hal's Power Ring
Hal's Power Ring

Hal is a being of pure willpower. As a result, he has all the same powers and abilities a Green Sentinel Power Ring possesses. So why does he need a ring? The reason is strategic: It tends to lead Hal's opponents into thinking he relies on his ring when he doesn't need to. Plus, the ring IS him and he is the ring because he created it using his own willpower, a feat usually reserved only for the Guardians.

Power Ring: Commonly referred to as the most powerful weapon in the universe by it's creators, the power ring is a marvel of science and engineering. The fundamental forces of the known universe can be affected by the ring if Hal's willpower is strong enough. This includes things such as light, heat, radiation, gravity and more. In theory, the power ring may also be able to affect an unknown form of energy that is commonly referred to as magic.


  • Artificial Intelligence: Every power ring has an onboard Artificial Intelligence installed and it is connected to the A.I. that exists inside the Main Power Battery on the planet Megala. This sophisticated and highly advanced A.I. assists Hal in his duties as a Green Sentinel. The voice of the ring can also be spoken directly into his mind or out loud for everyone to hear. What this voice sounds like varies from wielder to wielder. Aside from the voice, the ring acts as a universal translator and is capable of allowing Hal to understand nearly any language in the universe. It should be noted that the ring has always had trouble translating profanity, however. The ring is also capable of warning Hal of any incoming threats and if someone tries to manipulate any of his energy constructs then he is alerted to this as well. The A.I. also contains a vast galactic encyclopedia of knowledge about various stellar events, races, cultures, objects, history, places and many other things. The ring has also stored various mission reports from other Green Sentinels, along with training scenarios for the purposes of sharpening Hal's skills. Should it be required, the power ring can also recreate a holographic environment, in the full range of colors, based on an event that the A.I. witnessed. Hal exists in this playback in a ghost-like state since he cannot interact or alter the playback in any way, shape or form. If Knight dies a permanent death then the ring is programmed to seek out a suitable replacement inside his space sector.
  • Energy Constructs: The primary function of the power ring is the ability to create constructs of hard light energy that are usually a glowing green color. It can rightly be assumed that the ring can create objects other than the color green but the concentration required from Hal would not be very ideal in a combat situation. Objects of permanence can also be created but considerably more difficult. The strength of Hal's willpower determines how strong and durable his constructs tend to be. So long as he has at least a basic understanding of what he is going create then he can as long as it is within the capabilities of the ring. The only limitations is Hal's imagination, knowledge and skill.
  • Electromagnetic Scanning: The ring allows Hal to scan the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Basically, if he can conceive of a way for his ring to detect it then it can. Unfortunately, psychic abilities such as clairvoyance are beyond the ring's capabilities to detect. It is interesting to note that the ring can detect various levels of emotions and even pick up telepathic pulses of energy. On one occasion, Hal created search probes with her ring that were capable of scanning for some people she was looking for.
  • Energy Projection & Absorption: Hal can use his ring to create various kinds of weapons in order to emit blasts of energy from them or he may shoot the blasts of energy directly from his power ring. What these energy blasts can consist of varies according to Knight's imagination because they can range from light, concussive, ballistic, lightning or anything else he can imagine so long as it is within the capabilities of the ring. Like his energy constructs, the level of power of Hal's energy projection capabilities is dependent on how strong his willpower is. Although the power ring can store and absorb most forms of energy, this does NOT replenish it's own energy supply. If Hal's ring absorbs a blast of heat, for example, then he can only discharge it but is unable to use it to recharge his ring.
  • Flight: Hal refers to the ring's ability to allow him to fly as the manipulation of either particles of gravity or directed molecular movement, perhaps both working in conjunction with each other. Either way, the ring allows him to fly at incredible speeds even in planetary atmospheres. Air friction, and the heat that results from it, is absorbed by the ring so it does not become a hindrance. As a result, Hal can travel extremely fast while he is on a planet, especially if he creates an aerodynamic envelope around his body in order to slip through the air like a hot knife through butter. To prevent sonic booms from occurring, his ring automatically creates some kind of sound buffer around him so that he flies through the air without making a single noise. While in space, the ring enables Hal to travel far in excess of the speed of light by allowing him access through hyperspace and fly through it.
  • Force Fields: Hal can command his ring to create many different kinds of force fields that vary in size and shape. Usually, these force fields are used to protect himself from the many dangerous situations he finds himself in, but he can also project them around others to provide them the same protection. The ring automatically provides a breathable atmosphere inside the force field to allow Hal to breathe and travel through space without the need for a spacesuit or a breathing apparatus. The ring carefully monitors his vital signs, maintains a steady temperature inside the force field and removes any waste products. Any gravitational forces, such as extremely sharp turns or fast acceleration, is automatically adjusted and stabilized so that Hal does not feel them when he is flying. A force field also automatically erects around Knight to protect him from potential harm even if he is not aware of the danger. Unfortunately, if the ring is running low on energy then this protective force field can only save his life once.
  • Wormholes & Spacial Warps: As fast as Hal can travel through space, even he has his limits. When needed, the power ring can detect spacial warps & wormholes in order to cut down the time it takes to cross vast distances. Unfortunately, the ring does have it's limits because the creation of a boom tube is impossible since the ring would need the highly unstable X-Element and that is impossible to replicate.


Cellular Regeneration in action
Cellular Regeneration in action
  • Cellular Regeneration: By stimulating the body's natural ability to heal, Hal can use the ring to heal from most kinds of injuries & diseases in seconds or minutes. More extreme injuries & diseases take a lot more concentration, however. This ability can also be used on other people as well.
  • Energy Twin: The power for Hal to create an energy twin is very similar to astral projection except it is done through science rather than with a psychic ability. This twin is made of pure willpower energy and can travel at far greater speed than he can achieve on his own. As with the aforementioned astral projection, Hal's physical body must lay motionless as he guides his energy twin with his mind. In this state, he cannot alter his surroundings and appears as a green, semi-transparent, version of himself. He can pass through walls and communicate with others but little else. Hal has tried and failed to use this power to create exact duplicates of himself, but the ring is unable to fulfill his request since it cannot create life.
  • Enhance Attributes: By filling his body with energy from his ring, Hal can temporarily increase any of his physical attributes as much as his willpower allows.
  • Invisibility & Phasing: By using the ring to bend the light waves around him, Hal can render himself, and what he is wearing, completely invisible to the naked eye. Heat sensors, infrared and other methods of detection will still be able to see him, however. He can also use the ring to pass through solid objects and walls, but the method he uses to do so is unknown but could have something to do with quantum tunneling.
  • Mind Alteration & Defense: Since Hal's ring relies on both thought and willpower to operate, then it stands to reason that it can tamper with the mind itself. The true difficulty is applying this ability properly without inflicting any harm. If Hal is not careful, then he may accidentally erase all of a person's memories instead of only the ones he chooses. Another aspect of this ability is when Hal learned how to build mental defenses inside of his mind so that he could protect himself from telepathic intrusion and attempts to mind control him.
  • Shape-Shifter: The ring actually has the power to alter Hal's physical appearance. He can change himself into almost any kind of organic life, even insects. However, he cannot change into anything that is not alive, such as a car or a chair. The ring itself, however, can change into other inorganic shapes so long as they are simple and not very complicated, but only if Hal commands it to do so.
  • Thought Relay: Hal usually uses Thought Relay for covert planning with other ring wielders so his enemies won't overhear the conversation. This is a useful ability when he is in the middle of a combat situation. However, this telepathic link can only be established with other ring wielders and not with anyone who doesn't possess a power ring.


  • Emergency Beacon: If Hal gets in trouble, he can activate his ring's emergency beacon. This can be used to alert a Green Sentinel in a nearby space sector or it can send out a distress signal to the entire Green Sentinel Corps.
  • Homing Beacon: If another Green Sentinel is in trouble, Hal can use his ring to track them down by detecting their homing beacon and this is also true in reverse. On the off chance that Knight needs to hide from other ring wielders, he is able to disguise his ring in order to ward off pursuit.
  • Ring Duplication: With time and training, Hal has eventually learned how to duplicate his power ring. This replica has the same powers & abilities as his own ring unless he decides otherwise. It is possible to create a duplicate ring with limited capabilities and exist for a set period of time before it expires. Pre-Programmed commands can also be given to these copied rings in order to suit Hal's desires. For now, he has programmed his ring to automatically duplicate itself if it faces imminent destruction, latch onto his left middle finger and save his life if the situation warrants it.
  • Security Protocols & Preset Conditions: Hal can program his ring simply by giving it a series of commands. These orders are then stored inside the ring's memory banks to be carried out later on, even if he isn't wearing the ring at the time. At the moment, the only programming Hal has given the ring is encoding it to his specific DNA so it won't work for anyone else in case it gets stolen.
  • Self Sustenance: If Hal keeps his ring charged then he has no need to eat any food or drink water since the ring provides all of the nutrients his body will need.


  • Compassion Absorption: Since an Indigo Sentinel's power relies on compassion, Hal's ring can absorb the energy from their power rings because of the weakness to will subversion.
  • Hope Symbiosis: Hal's ring gains a huge power boost whole in the presence of a Blue Sentinel Power Ring. In turn, a blue ring will gain full access to all of it's abilities in the presence of a green ring.
  • Material Alteration: Hal's Green Sentinel uniform is not made from normal fabric, it is created by his power ring and consists entirely of hard light energy. He has the power to put this uniform on or remain in his civilian clothing with a simple thought.
  • Pocket Dimension: Weather it is tesseract technology or something else, Hal's ring has an entire pocket dimension existing inside of it. Should anyone have the power and go inside, they will be shrunk down to microscopic size and behold a world that looks very much like Death Valley, California. The desolate landscape is dotted with dead trees and various kinds of seashells. Sometimes Hal uses his ring to imprison the occasional criminal for temporary transport.


Mental Instability: Mental incapacitation, vertigo and some kind of neural interference can prevent Hal from using his ring.

Recharge Protocol: Hal's current ring is akin to a gas tank. The more energy the ring uses, the more energy expended and the less energy a ring uses, the less energy expended. And if Hal does not use the ring at all, then no energy is expended. Even while constantly using the ring, the charge within it can last up to 72 hours. Ever since Hal's change into a being of pure willpower, however, he never has to recharge his power ring again.

Due to Hal's nature as a being of pure willpower, he has no need to recharge his ring since his body automatically gives all the juice it could ever need.


Artist: Hal has been drawing since he was a kid. Because of this, he displays a creative flair with his power ring that has impressed those who have seen him in action.

Green Sentinel Ring Mastery: Due to Hal's experience as a Green Sentinel, his constructs are not only strong enough to inflict damage upon the most powerful beings on Earth, such as Superion, but they tend to have an afterburner effect that displays around his personal force field. His artistic skill also means he has a vivid imagination that enables him to use his ring like few before him.

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Hal has extensive combat training and from an early age his father taught him how to box and to handle various kinds of firearms along with knives. In addition to his father's teaching, he also learned the military version of Krav Maga. He has continued his studies in the martial art outside of the military is a first degree (or first dan) black belt.

Indomitable Will: Hal's willpower allows him to make the most use out of his power ring, resist mind control and control temptations that would dominate lesser men. While in the military he was also taught to resist interrogation. When the chips are down, Hal keeps going even when everyone else has quit.

Investigation: Hal also has extensive investigative skills owing to his career as an investigative reporter. As a reporter, he is also skilled in investigating the cases he writes.

Journalism: Hal Knight is one of the best reporters for the newspaper he used to write for. He was known to do anything to get a story even risking his own life to get it without compromising his principles. He apparently won a Pulitzer Prize for his journalistic skills at one point.

Leadership: As a Green Sentinel and as part of his military training, Hal has had to take on a leadership role more than once and because of that he has proven himself a very capable field commander.

Military Training: As a US Army Special Forces officer, Hal is skilled in Self-Discipline, Teamwork, Night Training, Linguistic Training in Spanish, Physical Fitness and Military training over various terrains. He's also skilled in wilderness survival, evading pursuit, constructing evasion fires, creating basic shelters, evading tracker dogs and enemy forces over a long distance.

Peak Physical Condition: Hal stays on a strict diet and exercises on a regular basis to keep himself in peak physical condition. Even without his ring, he is equal to an Olympic-level athlete.

Weaponry: Hal has extensive training in various handguns, machine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, grenade launchers & rocket/missile launchers.


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Power Ring & Power Battery: Hal rarely takes off his ring, which needs his Power Battery to recharge on a semi-regular basis. The battery is always stored in a pocket of sub-space so that he can summon it anywhere at anytime just in case he needs to recharge his ring. This has become redundant based on the fact that Hal is now a being of pure willpower and no longer needs to recharge his ring since his own body performs the job.

The Power Battery is made from a similar material as the ring itself, which is extremely durable and can even survive, for a limited time, in a heart of a star before it is destroyed. The battery has an infinite supply of energy because it is connected to the main Central Power Battery on the planet Megala.

Although Hal is capable of trapping another individual within his power battery, he usually prefers not to since the conditions within it are usually pretty cramped. Plus, the last time he did that the villain escaped and destroyed his battery in the process, forcing Hal to seek a replacement.


Hal Knight grew up an army brat, moving from place to place as his father got promoted or transferred to a new army base. While growing up, he had an absent father who was more concerned with work than spending time with his family. Because of this, Hal has never gotten along with father.

When Hal was just ten years old, he and his uncle were returning from Alaska from a camping trip. Unfortunately, the plane suffered from sudden engine trouble and the plane crashed in the mountains. Hal awoke, injured but otherwise fine. But Hal’s uncle was badly injured with internal injuries. It was a major risk to take, but John turned on the plane’s radio and tried calling in some help. After several tries, the radio went dead and John saw that Hal was very scared. Giving the young boy something to do, John told Hal to gather as many supplies as he could, including the first aid. John had to walk Hal through it, but he told the boy what to do and Hal patched up his Uncle as best he could. But it wasn’t enough, John knew it was only a matter of time before he would die and he also knew he’d be dead long before help arrived.

John told Hal that he must go find help and pack as many supplies as he could in a backpack with a small rifle and an army knife for protection. Hal didn’t want to go, but John was adamant that his nephew go get help. Reluctantly, Hal left his uncle, leaving behind some water and few energy bars. After a harrowing two days trying to find help, Hal succeeded but by the time help arrived at the crash site, it was already too late. John Knight had died hours ago and that night was a night Hal would never forget for as long as he lived. That night would also be the one that would help define him into the man he would later become.

Hal was a brilliant student and graduated from High School at the age of 17 with two years of college courses already under his belt. He had pushed himself extremely hard because he couldn't wait to leave behind his abusive father. So at the first opportunity, he immediately entered college to finish his last year of journalism. But, as that year completed, Hal changed his mind and proceeded to join the US army.

Basic training was tough on Hal but he passed and continued his training in the US Special Forces, eventually becoming an officer before moving onto being a military reserve since he was not entirely sure the army was the career he wanted. But eventually, a military career won him over and he stepped into full active service as a green beret. Today, as Green Sentinel, Hal Knight helps protect the Earth from alien threats as well as domestic threats. Now that he is a veteran, he is one of the most well known Green Sentinels. Because of his deeds, he has already made his mark and his name is already one of respect among the Green Sentinel Corps.


--Hal meets another Green Sentinel named Vai who helps him stop a former friend of his from selling valuable secrets to the wrong people. Later, the two go on a date.

-Hal gets sent back in time 75 million years and he is changed in the process, changing into a being of pure willpower. Vai goes back in time and rescues Hal who had lost his memory and gotten enslaved by Saurians.

--Hal and Vai meet the leader of the Red Sentinel Corps, defeat his plans and move onto their next adventure.

--Hal Knight and Vai are instrumental in defeating Sinestra and her Corps. In the aftermath, Hal helps restore the Green Sentinel Corps to it's former glory.