Favorite Top 10 Comic Book TV Shows

Special mention to X-Men the Animated Series, Teen Titans, Avengers Assemble, Avengers United we Stand, Batman Beyond, Superman the Animated Series and others that were cut.

List items

  • The show that got me first into Spiderman. This love it to this day.

  • In my opinion, this second part of the series is much better than the previous despite being in the same continuity.

  • Its a shame this show was cancelled as it would've gotten higher up the list. So excited for a third season if it done come by in the future.

  • One of Marvel's best animated series with awesome music and animation but was sadly cancelled rather quickly.

  • Animation is top-notch, the constructs look a little fake but good enough for me. Sadly the series didn't go long enough.

  • This amazing series was very enjoyable but not to the same extent as the second part. Character interaction was really good though.

  • This was beginning of some iconic names such as Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill as well as my interest in the character of Batman.

  • Much better than X-Men the Animated Series in my opinion. Four great seasons leading to a great finale.

  • I didn't like this series at first but with five seasons it couldn't be ignored. Not a fan of the changes I was used to but I've learnt to embrace them afterwards.

  • Same as above. I'm giving this one a pass due to my love for Spiderman and its doing great so far with four seasons and possibly many more to go.