Top 5 Heroes/ Villains to come out of Batman: the Animated Series

BTAS was the spark that started the DC Animated universe. An artful masterpiece that that is as good today as it was when it came out. with it's  from it's well used dual art style to it's postmodern noir Gotham city. It is no surprise that it has become such a success. part of that success was due to the original heroes and villains that the shows creators made. this list is of the top 5

List items

  • At #1 we have Terry McGinnis better known to some as Batman Beyond. Terry becomes the heir to the cowl in in the future Gotham city, after discovering aged Bruce Wayne's secret past as Batman

    While never in Batman the Animated Series, the two shows shared among many other things the same voice actors. This helped the Batman Beyond gain creditability, and add to the greater Mythos of Batman

  • At #2 we have a big fan favorite, Harleen Quinzel working as an intern in Arkham Asylum when she was seduced by the Joker and joined the mad clown in his many criminal activities. Harley's popularity grew when she started to team up with fellow fem-fatal Poison Ivy

  • At #3 we have Nora Fries the frozen wife of Mr. Freeze. even though for most of the series she is cryogenic-ally frozen she serves a greater purpose, giving Mr. Freeze a reason to go out and commit crimes and acts of revenge.

  • At #4 Voiced by the first Batman many of us knew is the Gray Ghost. Adam West's cameo of... well him self, was not only a nod to the T.V. history of Batman but to the fans as well

  • At #5 We have Lock-up, Lyle Bolton was the toughest SOB in Arkham Asylum, only thing was he was not an inmate,he was a guard. After Bruce Wayne gets him suspended Bolton creates the persona of Lock-up and goes after the people he deems to be at the root of Gotham City's crime problem.