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Good but not great 0

Just watched this a a couple days ago. I really liked the idea for the show but the execution wasn't the best. I would have really liked to see it run a bit longer and the art which looks like it was right out of the CN show Young Justice was all right; but not quite in line with the incredible work that has been done by DC Studios in the past. I have to say that this is one of the voice acting jobs I've heard from a group on something like this. I would really love to see Nathan Fillon reprise ...

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Awesome issue, terrible cover! 0

Personally, I believe that I, Vampire is the best of the new 52. It has incredible art, amazing story, and you don't have any idea what is going to happen next. As a horror book, it's probably the best I've ever seen. The first issue definitely was a much harder hit than this one. But I still believe this issue stands right up with #1 on equal footing of excellence.I love how each of these characters is slowly evolving and much like some of the other new 52 issues the internal monologues here ar...

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Another great cover and the issue... 0

Ryan Benjamin has drawn an excellent cover. The actual issue is pretty good. Better than #1. You get some nice conversations between the villains. But Adam Glass is still under the assumption that we, as readers, feel sorry for these folks. I'm not entirely sure there would ever be a case where I would feel sorry for Deadshot... What is the message of this series,"There is no greater evil than the government?"I dunno, but this series needs a real direction. It reminds me of some of the old Marve...

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One and a Half Men 0

There wasn't anything in this book that I liked more than the art. There were a couple of panels that were so amazing, I wished the whole book was nothing but. Problem was that this seemed like a simple continuation of the first issue. What do we do about Damien? Well, if you are a mentally unstable dude who has been morning the loss of your parents for 20 some years by crime fighting; you might want to leave it to someone else. And I'm not talking about Alfred. I guess we are supposed to look a...

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Amazing! 2

Everything in this issue is awesome. I loved just about everything, except maybe the artwork for Lois. I could have done without just about all of it. But the interplay between Luthor and everyone in this book was so top notch it outshines anything that might be wrong with it.I do want some answers about how Superman gets captured and strapped into an electric chair. Th end of Issue #1 certainly showed that Superman could be injured. But to be trapped and strapped into an electric chair, treated...

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#2 Just as good as #1 0

This is one of the best issues I've read since the last issue of this book. Batwing is an awesome new addition to the DC Universe and this book shows why., He is a young, inexperienced hero; and him going against Massacre while mortally wounded shows it. I loved everything about this comic. Can't wait for #3. If you haven't read #1, get it if you can. Otherwise you might have to wait til they hit a plateau with the story.Lastly, this IS a very violent and dramatic book. Subject-matter that is de...

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Interesting, but not that Pretty... 0

Before reading this comic and then looking her up; I didn't know anything about Voodoo. But she is certainly an interesting character with an even more interesting story. But what is with the art in this issue. It was some of the simplistic most stylistic stuff I've seen from a modern comic. It reminded me a lot of the old Transoformers comics where they just had to phone in a few issues and then the series would be over; so they didn't even really try. This could have been an artistic tour de f...

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What a good story! 0

I've been reading a lot of Green Lantern books in the past few months. In fact, at one point I was getting a little sick of everything except Green Lantern Corps. But this is the kind of story that could draw me right back into the series. It seems like there isn't an artist at DC that can't draw Green Lantern so unsurprisingly the art is good. What I REALLY liked was all the art of Carol and Hal. Monsters seem to be easier to draw than people. But not Mahnke, good job man. I shouldn't have been...

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Wow, that was Amazing! 0

Flalkov and Sorrentino's styles have an amazing symbiosis that play together so well that I was completely into the story by page 2. The series looks like some kind of dream scenario where we get our horror comic and our super hero comic between the same cover. This is a mature, incredible story that to me stands with the other great issues in the new 52. I can only hope that with all the good reviews this comic is getting; that more people will take a chance on it.This is the kind of greatness ...

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Etrigan! No! 0

I love Etrigan, he is one of my oldest, most favorite characters from the DC Universe. I like this story but about half way through it seemed like someone had been reading too many World of Warcraft comics. I just don't find this kind of thing compelling in my DC comics. I wanted this entire issue and perhaps the next few issues to be a three page prologue to a comic set in modern times. Perhaps that's where this comic is going to end up. But as long as there are Demon Knights I'll be reading. I...

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A Great setup! 0

Gotta say, this is one amazing looking comic. And I'm not just talking about the ridiculous number times the two main characters share a conversation while changing clothes. The scenes with Batwoman in them are amazingly well crafted and beautiful. I would have easily picked any number of them as my desktop wallpaper. J.H.Williams III should be lauded for his incredible work and maybe given a shot at the cape crusader in the near future. In fact, the few panels of Batman in this issue are awesom...

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A Good old Traditional Superman story, with a Twist! 0

This issue is pretty interesting. The introduction of Superman and his world, was obviously solely up to Action Comics which gives this issue a chance to tell a full story. Which is not a bad story either. Couched in the environment that hits close to my heart; the fight between print and digital media. The whole big fiery monster thing, a trope that exists for Superman and Green Lantern stories. Is used as all most an aside to further deepen the connection between the characters and shows what ...

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Good Start! 0

The beginning of this issue starts as a wonderful monologue. This is carried throughout. Many of my favorite issues of Batman comics have contained this technique. What I REALLY loved about this comic was the first few opening pages. Some of the coolest style and a great storytelling technique with a little surprise. The art could have been better overall but as I read the comic the deftness with which it was implemented with truly impressed me. All sins aren't forgiven but I won't hold anything...

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A New Beginning without the Beginning part. 0

To begin with I really hated/loved the art style. It was certainly cool for the first few pages but it started to grate on me overall. I really loved the cover, but to continue this style throughout is just not my cup of tea. Perhaps it will grow on me, or maybe they will change it over time. I'm hoping for the latter rather than the former.The real meat of this book of course is the story. Which I loved, we are back to talking about Greek mythology and we are back to the take charge, fearless W...

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What just happened? 0

I love the art and style that this book aspires to. As a super villain team up comic this book is interesting. But I really didn't like the fact that the whole first issue was basically a psychological test in order to give exposition. I'm not against trying to find creative ways of explaining what came before. But I think this could have been handled better in a flashback rather than doing a whole issue on it. I certainly enjoyed the sense of danger, while it lasted, but I think many readers wo...

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A Fun comic... 0

I really enjoyed this issue. It was a great little standalone. The inclusion of all the fun heroes in the Oracle Network really made this book interesting and fun. While the action oriented tone often was serious enough; the actual occurences in the comic itself really was more light and airy than some of the other books in this Road Home series. Although I often get the general idea that this whole Road Home Series should have been a single annual; the broken out way each story interacts with t...

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To the Future and Back Again... 0

I really liked this issue. But the beginning with all the prologue and background was a little bit off putting and slowed down the entire comic quite a bit. The second half however, was wonderful. I would have really liked to see the very brief action area of the comic expanded to the entire comic and dropped all the prologue and back story into a couple of pages. Also, the dialogue in the book was really terrible. I know a little cheese is good; but this was all most on a comedic level. As usua...

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In this issue there is a lot going on. Especially for a #1. But I will say that as I knew Frankenstein and Shade were happening due to the whole thing in Final Crisis. I think it's cool that they so conveniently explain that all this is going on to combat the new super powered menaces like Superman and Batman; who in this world are not working with the government. None of the characters are especially memorable and the story is probably going to be typical monster movie fair. But I love that the...

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#1 is a Prologue 0

I was reading the last few Batman and Robin's where center stage is given to the Joker. And the stories are absolutely amazing. This story begins on a low note. The very interesting scenes are in the beginning and somewhat throughout the dialogue between Bruce and Damian more towards the end. I do like the way they worked in Batman Inc. Just not sure how that will all play out in the end though.Batman and Robin books are usually the story of fathers and sons. This book is no exception. I think t...

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What Happened here? 0

I really bought this issue of Batgirl because I thought that considering all the problems Batgirl has had finding an audience; DC would use this opportunity to acknowledge the past and move on in a way that made sense but not in a reboot way, but more of a sequel type way. Neither of these things happened. Barbara Gordon seems like she was neither Batgirl or Oracle. She just seems to inexperienced and emotional messed up to be a super hero right now. Which doesn't make any sense to me. This is l...

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I Love the Superman! 0

As a rule, I love Action Comics. As long as it doesn't solely involve Superman. Because in general, Superman is boring. But not with Grant Morrison writing him, he isn't. Superman can't fly, he takes the law into his own hands, he can be injured, and Lois Lane isn't his girlfriend? That's not Superman! But he is! Referred to by the authorities as "The Superman." As if he were some kind of monster.I love everything about this new take on Superman. By the time I reached the end of this issue of Ac...

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Is There a Six Star Review? 0

This is one of the greatest issues of any comic book I've EVER READ! Other than the lackluster cover, this is comic is perfect. However, the cover is one of those that ends of being historic but not all that special. Which I guess is par for the course for this blockbuster.The comic begins with an epic battle and not an origin story. A character with a narrative voice so perfect and amazing that it trumps anything I've read lately. I would REALLY love to see a movie version of Batwing. I think i...

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51 more to go! 0

While I usually really love Justice League books, I'm not exactly sure that this going to be a traditional Justice League book. No Martian Manhunter and this slow wind up mark this book as perhaps a little slower burn than usual. Also while I love Jim Lee and Geoff Johns, I like how the handle the whole team once its together better than these little vignettes. So I am definitely looking forward to the things to come. I also, really enjoy books where the heroes and law enforcement don't play wel...

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Wait, why? 0

     This issue was a complete train wreck story wise.  Hey Dead Man you are a conceited jerk and here's why.  What?  As I can remember from the little I know of Dead Man this hasn't exactly been a secret and the whole Carpe Dem Story line is a little tired.  Sorry, if you didn't see Dead Poet's Society you've at least seen Christmas Carol right?  I loved Batman here even if he is only in a few panels and some of the art, especially with Batman was incredible.  But geez, what was the point of th...

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Can I choose an alternate series? 0

       This series has some of best art in all of the DC Universe and yet some of the worst stories.  The convoluted  multiverse stuff is fine.  But with the whole Blackest Night thing, I have to say I'm kind of done with multiple supermans etc...  It was hard to give this issue such a low score but the art just won't support the whole series.  The other problem with the issue was that while it is an oversized issue;  there was a lot of it that was just exposition. Aimed at trying to set people ...

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I like this, but not as much as it seems... 0

         I really do like Batman Beyond, even though some of the issues have been less than stellar; this issue is great.  And for some crazy reason this issue has some of the best art I've ever since in this book.   Catwoman looks incredible.  I guess it's just guys that Ryan can't draw very well. This is the best issue of the bunch even if it's not much of a story progression and while things in the book are going from bad to worse; this usually means that the story is going to get REALLY good...

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I was expecting so much more! 0

       I have to say that based on issue #1 I was really looking forward to this issue.  But it seems like not much progress was made in the story til the very end and the appearance half way through of Emma Frost and company was a little pointless.  I felt like it was just thrown in, meaningless.  There is some great art mixed in with far too many character sketches over white backgrounds.  As much as I really enjoy the detailed art here.  I wish they would have taken the same attitude toward t...

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What a good Story! 1

       I'm not a big reader of Bat girl.  Not for any reason in particular, perhaps I never got that beginning issue and therefore just never got into it.  But I do know a lot about her based on reading the back stories.  So I really loved the story in this issue.  It dealt with so many things that have been going on since Bruce left.  I really loved Stephanie's monologue at the end.  The art was pretty good, but especially at the beginning of the issue it could have been MUCH better.  By the en...

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The whole is more than the Sum of it's Parts! 0

     I'm not going to comment on all the stories or their pieces; but I will say that every story is like a window back into Blackest Night.  If you have picked up the graphics novels then you will love this book.  If not, you might want to make the investment because there is really no prologue or setup for these stories.  So unless you own the original comics or the graphic novels you are going to be really lost here.  I loved all the stories and thought the art was incredible and certainly in...

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One of the BEST! 0

  I completely and utterly loved this film.  There was absolutely nothing about it I would have changed.  Except, that from space Apokolips looks terrible.  Really, I mean none of the shots I've ever seen in any animation have been as terrible looking as that.  But that was the ONLY thing I didn't like.  The voice acting was insanely good.  The art was off the charts.  Who drew Superman and can we get them to draw him regularly.  Please!  Batman looked just as good.  I cannot believe the level o...

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Holy mistaken Identity! 0

  This was a great issue.  I really loved all the Gorilla Grodd stuff.  I really like Lex Luthor's quest for the rings of power.  It's really cool.  The art in this book is first rate.  I REALLY like the dialog in this issue, it smartly written and snappy.  There aren't really any flat or throw away panels.  I REALLY want to read the next issue with Death in it.  I think it will probably be either the best or worst issue yet.  Based on this issue, I would REALLY like to see Grodd in some other b...

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Best one shot so far! 0

   The intention of these One-Shots seems to be to fill in back story for the main story.  Showing the motivations of the characters in the story.  This one shot is the epitome of this.  I also really loved the art in this issue.  But I would say that the art across all of the Shadowlands issues is of the same high quality.  I can only hope that all these one shots and side stories appear the inevitable collected graphic novel.  I love Elektra and this story is a really good one, even if it is a...

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What a Cash IN! 1

    I am a sucker for movie/video game tie in comics.  If I'm interested in a game or movie I might pick up the comic.  Just for fun.  But this comic, I thought considering the vast amount of fiction that is floating around for Halo would be really good.  I've read this story before, or at least some thing like it.  It is a story in the a collection of fiction called, "Halo Essentials."  Basically the story is about a child that is orphaned and then made a Spartan.  Like so many others.  This st...

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Did David Finch get a script for this issue? 0

Just to acknowledge the title, there isn't even a reference to anything going on, on the cover so don't worry your pretty little heads.  The story follows the Firestorm part of the arc, the Aquaman/Mera, and Aqualad parts of the arc as well.  While the Firestorm arc is a little boring, this is obviously a bridge issue.  The next one looks awesome.  The part with Aqualad is great and I can't wait to see what happens there either.  Hopefully they won't totally ignore this issue in issue #11.  But ...

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This is going in the right direction! 1

      The art in Batman 703 really hit me. Cliff Richards did an amazing job, and I can't wait to see if he is going to do issue 704 or not. I truly hope he will be. The combining of the tree major current players in the batman family in this issue was a work of virtual genius. And the whole Vicki Vale while at first seemed very cheesy actually had an old school feel that I really liked. It was a tight little story about an old criminal and why Bruce decided not to bring to justice way back in t...

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There are two types of Hell! 1

  This is certainly a pretty good book.  But the art wasn't exactly blowing me away and other than the very end of the comic, I wasn't really feeling the story either.  The whole I have everything, now I'm gonna lose it storyline is a little too pat.  I certainly want to know what happens but this issue seems like it could have been contained in a few panels at the beginning of what is NOW issue #2; making that issue #1.  I think dramatically, Wolverine just being in Hell and we having to figure...

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Art so good I thought it was raining 0

This issue of Brightest Day continues the search for Aqua-Lad and we even get reunited with Black Manta!  The art in this issue was incredible.  Specifically the rain.  But there were also some other incredible, dryer scenes as well.  I wasn't really that thrilled with the exchange between Martian Manhunter and Green Arrow.  But it made for an interesting few pages.  I REALLY want to see what happens in issue #10.  It looks like Aqua-lad is in trouble...  If you liked the last issue with Hawk Wo...

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Classic Animation! 0

    I just recently watched this movie again.  I have to say this is one of the best animated Batman movies I've seen with the exception of the brand new ones.  The incredible variety and detail in the styles and types of animation blew me away.  I usually don't really like the 90s Batman.  Especially those with Robin.  But this one was great.  Especially with the addition of a decently characterized Batgirl.    Having the full motivation for everyone involved in the movie that mattered; includi...

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Great issue! 1

   I really love Freedom Fighters.  I loved this team way back when(1940s-70s).  The story in this issue begins a little stale but as it reaches the end things heat up and I really can't wait to see what happens in issue #2.  The art in this book looks great, I love all the covers and obviously Travis Moore did an excellent job with the interior.  I REALLY liked the page 2 and 3 as it was an old school double page spread; GREAT JOB.   My only problem with this issue is that the average 13-26 yea...

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I really liked it, really.. 0

   First, I would like to admit that this IS my very first Shazam book.  I read a lot of team books with Shazam in them as well as the Crisis arcs.  So I know the score.  What I didn't like here most was the art.  Obviously Mike Norton has a stylized theme but there are certainly moments of greatness in this issue.  But overall, I couldn't decide if he was going for well drawn Silver Age or Poorly drawn kiddie comic.  I would perhaps, like to see someone else draw this book.  I did really like t...

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