The Unrequited Variant desire! BLAST!

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  Honestly. why do I do this to myself.  If I wanted to spend $6 on a new comic I would.  But I don't ever feel it's worth it because I usually get the Graphic Novel HC.  After all, it's bad enough that I end up buying the series twice, I'm not spending $6 an issue for the privilege.  But I usually really love the art on the variants and I end up just pining over it for a while.  Then I get the HC and it has all the pretty variants covers in it and I'm thrilled that I never bought the variants and I bought the HC instead.  Ironically the few variants I have, I really do love.  And I would NEVER sell them.  Perhaps that would be the true measure of a variants worth.  How willing someone is to part with them. 
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What is up with the free comic download torrents?

I was surfing on google this evening and it tried to autofinish my search with Brightest Day Torrent.  When I clicked on it I saw about 20 sites offering free comic downloads.  What is this crap?  Isn't bad enough that the average comic has half the value it did 20-30 years ago without jerks giving the stuff away for free?  The music, movie, and video game industry MIGHT be able to absorb piracy costs one way or another but NOT comics.  I mean these books are like New York Times Bestsellers they don't make millions.  I can't believe so many people could be so sleazy and cheap as to download comics for free. What you can't afford $3? What is up? 


Where are all the Good Super Hero Shows?

  Back in the day, about 12 years ago, we got new shows like Batman, Superman, even Spider-man all the time.  Anywhere from every week to even daily.  Ending with the incredible Justice League Unlimited which was definitely the best animated series ever created.  I really looked forward to watching it every week.  These days it seems like everybody is more interested in creating their very own thing like Ben 10, Robot Chicken, Chaotic, Generator Rex, etc...  Which seem to be either run into the ground with rerun after rerun or sold into syndication to the point where no one even wants to see them every again. 
    But to me it's all more of a question than a complaint.  I mean people obviously still love super heroes.  I mean Batman, Iron Man, hell even Hulk have managed to have pretty good movies in the past few years; so what exactly do these networks think is wrong with having animated shows for them.  And I don't mean the quarter seasons that were on Nicktoons, Toon Disney, and others last year.  The Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon's second season was so short that I don't think it even hit seven episodes. 
    Most attempts for a good series have been bogged down in bad art, kiddie focused stories, and of course what seems to be the worst problem.  The shows come out so rarely only the most die hard of fans pay attention. 
     Considering the super low cost of creating animation these days, after all there are people who make strips on their home computers every day; I can't understand why these shows can't come out more often and have normal seasons.  Or at the very least 9-12 episode ones. 
       Finally with the exception of Batman Begins and Dark Knight; there has NEVER been a live action movie that could hold a candle to the equivalent in animation.  Take a look at some of the recent and excellent animated flicks from both Marvel and DC if you don't believe me. 
          What do you guys think? Am I right?  What heroes would you like to see come out with a NEW animated series?