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Game Review: DOOM

DOOM is back. And yes, it's DOOM. Not Doom. That's little kid sh*t.

I grew up with the first DOOM game, and while it was awesome and I played it for years I never really got into is descendants in DOOM 2, 3, or DOOM 64.

So when DOOM came out this past Friday I jumped on it because nostalgia took me over, and I can't explain why.

I'm glad it did, this sh*t is awesome. There's probably a more professional way to say it but I don't care. This is a DOOM game, and it's awesome.

It's very different from the usual slow-paced shooters of today, and a throwback to fast paced, reaction-intensive shooters like Quake and Unreal Tournament.

DOOM is violent, in-your-face, and bloody as hell. And the graphics are awesome. The soundtrack, like previous DOOM games, is fitting and filled with hooking tunes.

The story is pretty familiar. The United Aerotech Company (UAC) is experimenting with Hell Energy on Mars to channel it (successfully I should point out) in a clean, renewable energy source.

However, as one would expect, things go wrong.

The game opens with you, the aptly named Doom Marine, awaking in a stone sarcophagus only to be immediately attacked by recently Possessed, or humans corrupted (basically into Zombies) by Hell energy.

What follows is the Marine kicking ass all over Mars and beyond to shut the portal and save Mars and by proxy Earth.

It's generic and familiar, but the game has such style and energy that it feels all new. The weapons are fun and all feel different, and the new fatality system called 'Glory Kills' let you finish off demonic foes is some truly brutal fashions.

Granite Score: A-...super fun, violent, and full of hidden secrets. DOOM is great. My biggest grievance is actually not being able to really tell if this is a continuation, or a reboot, or somewhere in between. I need to play through again and see, but the fact it wasn't abundantly clear one way or another bothered me. Still if you like high-energy, fast paced games you can't really go wrong here.