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Nobody's Perfect... BUT BATMAN IS! 2

I know this was most people's reaction to the film... BUT NOT MINE!So who cares if Bane doesn't have the venom tubes?So who cares if Catwoman shoots Bane?It beats the crap out of X-Men Origins: Barakapool, thats for sure.I'm known for hating movies that are nothing like the comics. Well, how does this stay true to the comics?It has that kind of "Knightfall" feel.Probably just because it's Batman getting his back broken, but still.I'd pick this over TDK any day, which proves this is the best!Catw...

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Trapped In The Speed Force.. With The Madness Of Turbine! 0

The CoverLooks like Flash vs. the Tornado Man to me. The art is just amazing. But whats with the lightning stuff on Flash's costume?The StoryIt's more like one of those "Explaining Whats Going On" issues then an action-packed, full-off-battle-scenes issue. Still, awesome issue. The fight between Grodd and his dad was really cool, but kind of gross...SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.He ate his dad's brains.Turbine's a cool character, and I hope from now on they start using him...

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Lame Yet Classic 0

Let's just say: THE PLOT MAKES NO SENSE!Sure, it's the debut of a famous character. BUT....No, it's not worth several million dollars.The CoverSuperman smashing a car on a rock and people running away from him... nothing to hate about it, but, then again, nothing to like about it.The StoryStory? Theres a story in this thing? I guess it's kind of a story... NOT. A one-page origin of Superman. Superman saves a life. Superman defeats these guys who capture Lois Lane or something. Superman overhears...

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Dynamo's debut! Found this ish at a cool comic shop when I went on a trip to see my uncle. The shop had a lot of classic issues as well as a bunch of cool action figures, new comics, and more.The CoverIts kind of ridiculous.... I mean, what Stark is saying. "It is time for ANTHONY STARK to become IRON MAN once again!! I pray this will not be my final battle!" But, thats the old days. But Crimson Dynamo's suit of armor looks pretty cool.The StoryIvan Vanko, a genius Russian scientist, makes a sui...

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My First Issue Of This... Series? Franchise? 0

CoverSeriously? This is about the seventy-fifth time Killer Croc has been portrayed as, well, dumb! He's eating comic books! Way to tell all kids who are new to this character that he's a moron. I would give a good example: a picture of Croc eating some people with some text-thingy saying "Dont Mess With Killer Croc". But when are they ever gonna do that?StoryDespite how much the cover annoyed, irritrated, or just bugged me, I still got the issue. Being new to the series I didn't understand the ...

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The Dark Knight VS. The Prince Of The Night 0

I love the series and I enjoyed this, but I dont think it fits in with the series. Vicki Vale was my favorite love interest for Batman (next to Catwoman, of course) but I thought this was... weird. It felt more like a Van Helsing or John Constantine movie. Usually, you see Batman fight gangsters and crazy killers, not Dracula. I didn't really enjoy the vampire Joker. Okay, not at all. I dont think turning Joker into a vampire was a good idea. I'd love to see a vampire Scarecrow or Two-Face, but ...

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More Loud Noise Then The First Movie 0

Why couldn't they have found anyone to replace Cage? Why?The GoodLet's start with saying what I liked. GR: SOV has some serious action scenes, heavy metal, and violence. Plus, I like how they included Dan Ketch. Lets not forget PEEING FIRE!The BadSure it had Blackout, but this Blackout isn't what we're all used to. He survives in the sunlight, he made a deal with Mephisto to be like this, and he rots stuff. I actually named myself after this movie... before I saw it. What else could GR2Blackout ...

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Good in a weird way 0

Before I start, I have to admit I haven't read that much Batman recently. So, in this issue, I'm kind of confused with some of the stuff.The CoverTo be honest, I didn't really get this issue because of the cover. Usually I sort of judge a book by the cover, but this time I didn't really like the cover. When I want to buy a Batman comic, I usually dont get one with a muscular Two-Face beating the crap out of Batman. I have to say, though, the art and details were good on this cover. Recently, com...

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Meh... 0

To be honest, this is kinda... I dunno, I just dont care for it that much.The CoverLooks good... kinda like a martian threw up and decided to play with it. The result being this extra-green, kinda crappy picture. This tells me this comic could be good... or bad.Story 1She-Hulk and Joe Fixit... fighting luck-obsessed villains.... figures. Evil people who love luck... like that Lucky Charms guy...Either ways, I always kinda like Joe Fixit.... and She-Hulk. This is a great story!Story 2Skaar being ...

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Good... With Flaws 0

It was EPIC! Finally, something with a guy who looks like Spidey to me! Maguire was an ugly, dorky cry-baby. They were focusing more on the wimpy high-school Peter in the original series, and his look didn't match the rest of the series. However, I think Andrew Garfield could be teenage Peter AND adult Peter!However, he are my problems with it:LIZARD - I like him overall, and he did have his lab-coat in most of the movie, but the rest of it he ran around naked. I know its a human/Lizard combo, b...

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I hated it. Hated it. Liked it. Then once again hated it. 0

Let me say this before anything: it was good. Just... I wouldn't have had any problems with it if it didn't take place in Marvel. And they renamed every character. And it didn't horribly suck.Heres what I thought:WOLVERINE: Good at the role of Wolverine. It'd be hard to replace him. Iwould've loved to see him in the Wolverine costume, but its a MARVEL movie. It'll never be as good as the comics 'cuz Marvel gets the dumbest writers. Dont get me wrong, I love Marvel, but the only movies I liked so...

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