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Update On My Current Fan-Fics

On Hiatus

  • Silver Flash
  • the Just Imagine GR2Black and TheCannon Creating series
  • Captain Aqua
  • Man-Tree
  • More Goosebumps: Monster Blood For Christmas (It'll be off hiatus in December)
  • Santa Hamster
  • The I.O. Files
  • Re-Imagining Deadpool
  • Re-Imagining Luke Cage
  • Bandit
  • Team 51
  • Re-Imagining Ghost Rider
  • Spectacular Spider-Man Season 3

Wow, thats a lot on hiatus. Better not start anything new for a while.

Current Series

  • The Creep (Working on a new issue)
  • Re-Imagining The Flash (I plan to work on the next ish later)
  • Re-Imagining Superman (I'll work on it when I'm finished with the next Flash one)
  • Re-Imagining Batman (Issue 2 is taking a while)
  • Universal Monsters: Cult of Dracula
  • The New DC Universe
  • DC Zombies: Supermaniacs (It'll just be a one-shot)
  • GR2Blackout Presents

Coming Soon

  • Amazing Action
  • Universal Monsters: Jekyll & Hyde (1 of 3 Universal Monsters: Cult of Dracula spin-offs)
  • Universal Monsters: Dr. Frankenstein (The second UM: CoD spin-off, still deciding on the third)
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