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Everybody Who Reads Comics Is A Nerd?

Seriously, this is crap.

Just because you like comics your a nerd?

Well, thats stupid IMO.

I never like to think of myself as a nerd, though I admit I used to act nerdy all the time.

I don't act as nerdy now because I lost interest in school.

When we first start school we all like it, until...

It gets lame.

I used to be a total science geek, I'll admit it.

But I was just 5.

Either way, as I grew older, science became less interesting to me.

But everybody who likes comics or video-games is a nerd?

Okay, this isn't about me loving school when I was 5. This is about how I hate when people are "nerds" because they like comics.

If thats true, a ton of people who like to call themselves "stronger" than me (this one annoying guy always did that, and trust me, he wasn't) are really the biggest nerds.

It's not like there obsessed with comics, though. They're all obsessed with video-games, anime, Mario Bros, DBZ, etc.

One of them even told me he was a clone of Batman one time.

Whats your opinion on this?