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Crazy Adventure Time Theory

First of all, no. This is nothing like the Ed Edd and Eddy theory (which still freaks me the heck out).

There's a theory that the popular show Adventure Time is all just real world Finn's dream.

Which would make sense.

I mean, a young boy fantasizing about magical adventures starring him and his magical talking dog ain't uncommon.

Also, just look at some of the characters!

Ice King

An ice-themed wizard. Sounds like either the imagination of a kid who's afraid of Santa Claus or the imagination of almost any kid. Plus, he kidnaps princesses.

Princess Bubblegum

A princess made out of gum. That's all.

Candy People

People made out of candy. That's all.

Plus, the episodes Incendium and Go With Me could just be the over-exaggerated escapades of a little boy who recently just got into the dating business.

And don't get me started on Reign of Gunthers!