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3 Films That Left Way Too Much Stuff Unexplained

The Dark Knight Rises

So Blake finds the Batcave. Gordon finds the Bat-Signal. Alfred finds the Batman. But there's still some crap left out there.

Bruce didn't think things through

Okay. He dies during a huge terrorist attempt that Batman also died in. And then there's all the other stuff in the series that we're surprised civilians didn't notice, but who cares?

Anyway, I bet Bruce is in the news after being so rich and famous and then dying in a terrorist attack. I bet the second he's done drinking his coffee, people be like: "Speak, apparation....."

No disguise. No fake mustache. No wig. Just... him.


Out in public.


Blake is screeeewed....

Okay. Blake finds the Batcave. Becomes Batman (or Robin). Well, guess what. Joker never died in this universe. All the prisoners were freed. Including Joker. Joker = freed. And Batman didn't get all the criminals back into prison. He just blew himself da frick up! Meaning normal cops tried stopping Joker. Were they able to stop Joker in TDK? Nope.

"Defeat Joker they said... save the day they said...."

Bane faked his death?

Come on, if all it to took to stop Bane was to shoot him, he would've died in the first 2 seconds of his li'l rampage! And he didn't take that big of a hit when the missile shot him. He was just knocked backwards! BIG MAN DESTROY CITY! HOT CHICK SHOOT HIM! BIG MAN DEAD! Yet another reason Blake is screwed.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Gremlinette still left at large

I get the ending was supposed to be funny. But, seriously! She's in a bathroom... where water is. Dat place be doomed to another attack. Woo! Woo!

Killing Gremlins with water could still be dangerous

In the first one a Gremlin was wet when it was killed. But sunlight burnt it up while it was wet! This time, they just shock the soaking wet Gremlins. I get that electricity and water equals ZZZZZZZZTTTT, but still, why didn't th... how come... b... t... g... p....

Clamp's plans

There's a deleted scene where Daniel Clamp discusses "The Take-Over". That's the only mention of the Take-Over. Was this supposed to be a set-up for Gremlins 3?



What was that H.Y.D.R.A. junk in S.H.I.E.L.D? I didn't understand it. Did I miss something?

Death of Coulson

People probably know 'bout dis. But, let's just step away from the Vision crapola. LMD's exist in the universe. Coulson said they needed something to avenge. BUM-BUM-BUM.