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Crazy Adventure Time Theory

First of all, no. This is nothing like the Ed Edd and Eddy theory (which still freaks me the heck out).

There's a theory that the popular show Adventure Time is all just real world Finn's dream.

Which would make sense.

I mean, a young boy fantasizing about magical adventures starring him and his magical talking dog ain't uncommon.

Also, just look at some of the characters!

Ice King

An ice-themed wizard. Sounds like either the imagination of a kid who's afraid of Santa Claus or the imagination of almost any kid. Plus, he kidnaps princesses.

Princess Bubblegum

A princess made out of gum. That's all.

Candy People

People made out of candy. That's all.

Plus, the episodes Incendium and Go With Me could just be the over-exaggerated escapades of a little boy who recently just got into the dating business.

And don't get me started on Reign of Gunthers!


3 Films That Left Way Too Much Stuff Unexplained

The Dark Knight Rises

So Blake finds the Batcave. Gordon finds the Bat-Signal. Alfred finds the Batman. But there's still some crap left out there.

Bruce didn't think things through

Okay. He dies during a huge terrorist attempt that Batman also died in. And then there's all the other stuff in the series that we're surprised civilians didn't notice, but who cares?

Anyway, I bet Bruce is in the news after being so rich and famous and then dying in a terrorist attack. I bet the second he's done drinking his coffee, people be like: "Speak, apparation....."

No disguise. No fake mustache. No wig. Just... him.


Out in public.


Blake is screeeewed....

Okay. Blake finds the Batcave. Becomes Batman (or Robin). Well, guess what. Joker never died in this universe. All the prisoners were freed. Including Joker. Joker = freed. And Batman didn't get all the criminals back into prison. He just blew himself da frick up! Meaning normal cops tried stopping Joker. Were they able to stop Joker in TDK? Nope.

"Defeat Joker they said... save the day they said...."

Bane faked his death?

Come on, if all it to took to stop Bane was to shoot him, he would've died in the first 2 seconds of his li'l rampage! And he didn't take that big of a hit when the missile shot him. He was just knocked backwards! BIG MAN DESTROY CITY! HOT CHICK SHOOT HIM! BIG MAN DEAD! Yet another reason Blake is screwed.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Gremlinette still left at large

I get the ending was supposed to be funny. But, seriously! She's in a bathroom... where water is. Dat place be doomed to another attack. Woo! Woo!

Killing Gremlins with water could still be dangerous

In the first one a Gremlin was wet when it was killed. But sunlight burnt it up while it was wet! This time, they just shock the soaking wet Gremlins. I get that electricity and water equals ZZZZZZZZTTTT, but still, why didn't th... how come... b... t... g... p....

Clamp's plans

There's a deleted scene where Daniel Clamp discusses "The Take-Over". That's the only mention of the Take-Over. Was this supposed to be a set-up for Gremlins 3?



What was that H.Y.D.R.A. junk in S.H.I.E.L.D? I didn't understand it. Did I miss something?

Death of Coulson

People probably know 'bout dis. But, let's just step away from the Vision crapola. LMD's exist in the universe. Coulson said they needed something to avenge. BUM-BUM-BUM.


Update On My Current Fan-Fics

On Hiatus

  • Silver Flash
  • the Just Imagine GR2Black and TheCannon Creating series
  • Captain Aqua
  • Man-Tree
  • More Goosebumps: Monster Blood For Christmas (It'll be off hiatus in December)
  • Santa Hamster
  • The I.O. Files
  • Re-Imagining Deadpool
  • Re-Imagining Luke Cage
  • Bandit
  • Team 51
  • Re-Imagining Ghost Rider
  • Spectacular Spider-Man Season 3

Wow, thats a lot on hiatus. Better not start anything new for a while.

Current Series

  • The Creep (Working on a new issue)
  • Re-Imagining The Flash (I plan to work on the next ish later)
  • Re-Imagining Superman (I'll work on it when I'm finished with the next Flash one)
  • Re-Imagining Batman (Issue 2 is taking a while)
  • Universal Monsters: Cult of Dracula
  • The New DC Universe
  • DC Zombies: Supermaniacs (It'll just be a one-shot)
  • GR2Blackout Presents

Coming Soon

  • Amazing Action
  • Universal Monsters: Jekyll & Hyde (1 of 3 Universal Monsters: Cult of Dracula spin-offs)
  • Universal Monsters: Dr. Frankenstein (The second UM: CoD spin-off, still deciding on the third)
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Everybody Who Reads Comics Is A Nerd?

Seriously, this is crap.

Just because you like comics your a nerd?

Well, thats stupid IMO.

I never like to think of myself as a nerd, though I admit I used to act nerdy all the time.

I don't act as nerdy now because I lost interest in school.

When we first start school we all like it, until...

It gets lame.

I used to be a total science geek, I'll admit it.

But I was just 5.

Either way, as I grew older, science became less interesting to me.

But everybody who likes comics or video-games is a nerd?

Okay, this isn't about me loving school when I was 5. This is about how I hate when people are "nerds" because they like comics.

If thats true, a ton of people who like to call themselves "stronger" than me (this one annoying guy always did that, and trust me, he wasn't) are really the biggest nerds.

It's not like there obsessed with comics, though. They're all obsessed with video-games, anime, Mario Bros, DBZ, etc.

One of them even told me he was a clone of Batman one time.

Whats your opinion on this?


Why The Simpsons Has Gotten Worse Over The Years.....

3 reasons why the once-great TV show, The Simpsons, has gotten worse over the years....

  • They've been on for CENTURIES! Hate to say it, but I think the show's time is up....
  • They have mostly the same writers from when the show first began. These dudes are getting old and, as a result, the show is getting worse/
  • They'v used a bunch of gimmicks and plots. Springfield gets taken over by robots, The Simpsons go to Brazil... now there relying on the stupidest celebrity guest appearances just to keep the show going.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 4: Fate Of The Heroes

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This is my Marvel Vs. Capcom 4 roster

Howard The DuckBlanka
The VisionAkuma
Iron ManMegaman
Rocket RaccoonAlbert Wesker
Man-ThingViewtiful Joe
The ThingTrish
Captain AmericaJet Black
Black CatArthur
Ghost RiderMorrigan
Ms MarvelChun-Lee

And final boss? I have a few people in mind...

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