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This is a summary thread for the RPG 'Gothic Burns'. Here you can post bullet points of your posts to allow readers to gain an overview of what has transpired in the RPG at a glance.

  • In the OP Amaranth gives a speech over YouTube and other file sharing sites rallying the mutants to rise up and seize Gothic City.
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@mercy_ [ Lock for the duration of the invasion please. The invasion location thread will replace this one for that time. ]

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Tide of Rage

The tide of conflict between the humans and mutants had been building since Charlemagne secured passage of the Registration Act in the spring of 2013. The initial response to the passage of the bill was a super hero civil war. Brother turned against brother, hero against hero and villain against villain. The damage was catastrophic. Entire super hero teams were caught up in the battle and several were never heard from again.

NYC was invaded by a group of Arcani mutants who did untold millions in damages and destroyed the base of the 'Capekillers', an army unit specializing in anti-meta tactics and equipment.

Later the small Latin American country of Venezuela would be torn apart by a succession of invaders, both human and mutant, each fighting for control of the nation’s destiny.

Stark (now President Stark) would lead Enforcers on a quest to enforce the Registration Act. Unquestioned authority and the raw power of the world’s most titanic powerhouses characterized their reign. The mutant world lived in terror, buried under the shadow of their unquestionable might. Eventually a counter force arose, a group known only as the Renegades, a motley collection of mutants and freedom fighters from around the world who gathered under Amaranth's banner to strike back. Both teams battered each other with unrelenting violence. The Enforcers brought the sledgehammer of their unmitigated might down upon the Renegades who responded with remorseless guerrilla warfare. The conflict was as brutal as the world had ever seen and both teams collapsed.

Internally the mutant world was often in turmoil, with conflicts over leadership often turning violent and occasionally spilling into the street. The Hellfire War was one such conflict. The two Queens, Valarie and Alexandra, came into conflict over leadership of the Hellfire Club and its innumerable resources. In the end both Alexandra and her principle ally, Andy Summers, would be slain by Amaranth, and his ally. Valarie would assume control over the Hellfire Club which she rules with an iron fist to this day.

In times that are more recent the mutant world would suffer numerous setbacks. Charlemagne nearly wiped out the Arashikage and even seized their island for a time. The Knightfall clan and Amaranth would descend into violence, dragging their allies into a clash over offended honor and nearly killing Quintus. Charlemagne would even slay Andres Knightfall, prompting Amaranth to declare the time for waiting was over; time for war had arrived.

For the last month the Arcani have been gathering their allies, smoothing over their internal decisions and marshaling their resources. Today the time for preparation is over. Today they strike.

Gothic City, long the scourge of of America, is their target.

Hero against Hero
Hero against Hero

Amaranth's Address to Mutantkind

Amaranth Solon
Amaranth Solon

"My brothers and sisters I will not take up much of your time for there is not much time left. Almost a month ago I called upon you to gather your arms and your courage. I called upon you to make yourselves ready and to prepare. The time for perpetration is now over. It is now the time for action.

There may be some of you who find your courage insufficient for the task at hand. Or perhaps you, in your emotionless calculations, have decided to 'sit this one out'. To those of you who would rather live in terror than face your fears I say: Go. Return to your homes. Lock your doors and bar your windows. I would not bleed in your company.

To those of you who stand shoulder to shoulder with me I welcome you. Some of your bodies may fall but your spirits will stand tall in the eternity of history. Those of us who survive will count themselves honored to have known you. Our children will hear the respect in our voices at the sound of your name. The great grandchildren of cowards will not know their names but the brave few will be remembered forever.

Those who survive will carry the memories of their deeds for all of their days. When you look into the eyes of your fellow mutants they will know, and you will know, that on this day you fought for them. Whether you are good or evil, strong or weak, great or small for one day you were something more. For one day you could not be stopped. For one day you stood among the giants of history as an equal. For one day you looked the leviathan of humanity in the eye and said 'No'.

I call upon you to join me in accomplishing the impossible. I call upon you to join me in seizing Gothic City. Let us wrest it from the claws of the American dragon and show the world that we are more than a circus side show. Let us show them our strength. Strength enough to take an entire city away from the most powerful nation on earth. Let us show them we have the wisdom to do more than be ruled, let us show them we can rule justly, fairly and most of all effectively.

Stand with me and let us seize the reigns of our own destiny."

Human vs Mutant
Human vs Mutant


CVnU: All CVnU rules apply.

Empire Rules: This is an attempt to take over an unclaimed territory to make an empire. The CoE has already voted to waive the three day waiting period as the owner of the location thread and the invader are the same person.

Open RPG. That means anyone can join. You don't need to ask for premission, just post whatever you like.

Freestyle: All posting styles are welcomed. Long post, short post, interaction posts, first person, third person.. write your posts in whatever style you like. This thread also serves as the IC and OOC thread both.

No Power Restrictions: The Gothic City thread is generally closed to high powered characters but this thread is not. This event is perfect for high powered characters and they are welcomed here.

Temporary Location: This is a temporary location thread. It will replace the Gothic City thread until the event is over. For that duration the Gothic City thread will be locked.

TL;DR Version

Amaranth and his allies are invading Gothic City, attempting to turn it over. If they win it will become an Arcani empire, if they lose it will remain unchanged.

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25,000 for the assassin who killed the Mayor of Gothic [Xenon_]

25,000 for the anarchist who attacked the police and prison [Insomniac_]

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@pyrogram: I live.

And I am infected with the plague of humanity.

I will strangle you with corruption.

I will poison you with my polluted waters.

I will deceive you with malicious lies from my TVs.

And I will laugh as my streets soak up the blood of your children.

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You're not the hero Gothic City needs, but you're the hero it deserves.

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[ OP Edited. Added the fearsome vigilante known as dark Dark Vengeance upon his request. Just PM me again if you want your description altered Dark. ]

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Gothic City is one of the largest cities in America, and among the top fifty largest cities in the world in terms of geographical size and population.

Known as a 'Global Power City' because of the staggering wealth controlled by its wealthiest individuals it is also home to a vast number of individuals who live in total poverty. Because of this it is often considered the most unequal city in America and is a frequent topic of politicians and pundits of all stripes.

The distinctive architecture of the city is recognizable world wide and is simultaneously a symbol of great wealth and power, but also rampant corruption, poverty, and a lack of law and order.


Gothic City was founded by a family of mercenaries who made their fortune fighting in the American war for independence.

In the early years it was little more than a few stores, a single road and the docks. But as more and more wealth begin to pore through the ports they expanded, and so too did the city. By the end of the 18th century it was a thriving port town with a booming population of immigrants.

Between the 18th and 19th centuries it became caught up in the industrial age, because of the high population of inexpensive labor and proximity to an established harbor. It was one of the first American cities to become fully industrialized, but also one of the first cities to suffer the pains of pollution and organized crime.

In the Second World War the entire industrial portion of the city was tapped to manufacture for the war effort, and the cities massive population was drafted heavily to fight on both fronts. A tremendous surplus of weapons was stockpiled, and due to the corruption of the city officials it is not uncommon to see those weapons on the streets of Gothic today. After the war ended many veterans returned home to find themselves out of work, with few prospects for employment as many of the weapons factories shut down.

Through the sixties and seventies Gothic city experienced violet waves of civil unrest. Protests riots and violent crime skyrocketed. The mayor announced a harsh crackdown on all types of crimes and formed a special police unit to handle the large scale violence that was sweeping the city.

The eighties and nineties brought the return of organized crime and drug distribution on a scale unprecedented in American history. Corruption was rampant among the police and many of the poorer areas of the city were simply abandoned to their fates. Deep corruption among the judges and prosecutors office made it nearly impossible to imprison the crime bosses, but the Gothic City Penitentiary filled to overflowing with minor street criminals.

The early two thousands brought some minor changes, but all that was shattered with the collapse of the housing bubble. Dozens of local banks went completely out of business and the cities middle class was decimated. The city declared bankruptcy in 2010 but was denied. With greatly reduced tax income and creditors at every door the city of Gothic closed most public services and cut back police and rescue as much as was possible, leading to another wave of crime and disorder.

Today the city is dived sharply between the halves, who dwell in massive glass high-rises and the have nots, who often dwell in pitiful squallier. Crime is higher in Gothic City than any city in America, and it is considered the murder capitol of the civilized world.


Gothic city is recognizable world wide for its gothic architecture. Built piecemeal over the course of several centuries the city is a winding, confusing mess of streets overshadowed by tremendous dark structures. Several prominent psychologists have theorized the oppressive atmosphere of the city contributes to its high levels of mental illness and crime.

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The famous docks of Gothic are one of the largest ports in america, bringing in several million tons of freight per day. Corruption is rampant with drugs, illegal immigrants, weapons and more slipping through customs every day.

Boasting very low taxes for its wealthiest citizens and gated communities where those who can afford it live with nearly 20% of the cities police force protecting under .01% of its population it is a popular destination for the wealthiest Americans. A Cape Killer outpost was established in early 2013 to enforce the Registration Act, only strengthening the cities reputation as a bastion of the rich and famous.

For its poorest the situation is diametrically opposed. They live in cramped squallier, often without proper services. The electricity is frequently disrupted, the city water is considered the worst in America, and the murder rate is staggering.


The culture of Gothic City is sharply divided between the wealthy and the poor.

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For the rich life is often a series of galas, parties, and social events of ever increasing decadence. With nearly unlimited money to burn and entire sections of the city guarded night and day by the Cape Killers and police the parties are vast, sprawling and frequently illegal. Considered second only to Las Vegas as the party capital of America, Gothic cities high life has become so dedicate it is a byword for extreme entertainment.

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The poor have an entirely different experience. A culture of violence, fear of criminal organizations and the police, and the glorification of the drug trade prevails. Few children manage to graduate from the cities overcrowded schools and those that do find only a few low paying jobs waiting for them. For most there is only a short life on government assistance, or a shorter life of crime.


The economy of Gothic city is crippled by decades of corruption, mismanagement, and the housing bubble. When the cities attempt to file bankruptcy was denied under suspicious conditions most of the remaining investors in the cities infrastructure departed.

Because of the widespread poverty and low tax rate for its wealthiest citizens the city of Gothic has little money to pay its creditors or provide services. The police are chronically under funded, tragically one of the lowest paying jobs in a city famous for its violence. Many have turned to bribes or theft to supplement their income, further increasing an already vast problem with corruption.

Despite this the entertainment section of the economy is booming, mostly due to the large number of wealthy clients willing to pay whatever it takes for the most extreme forms of entertainment they can find.


At one time Gothic City boasted a large and high tech system of rail transit, including the largest network of subways in America. However budget cutbacks in the early nineties resulted in its closer and now a large population of homeless dwell under the streets of Gothic.

The city itself is a twisting, turning madhouse of confusing streets and oppressive atmosphere Centuries of uncontrolled pollution and smog have left the city under near constant rainfall and eroded the roads dangerously.

Parkour is a popular pastime in the city as the large degree of overbuilding, and poor building codes have left many buildings dangerously close together. As a result many city youth transverse the city in risky leaps, dashes and jumps, flying from building to building in death defying acrobatics.


Children of the Damned:The CoD are a diverse group of heroically inclined crime fighters who are based in the old LinkTeck building. City Hall classifies them as vigilantes however the term does not entirely capture the nuance of the team.


POW:Armed with kinetic energy gauntlets and a protective suit this former Metahuman Affairs agent is a villain known for his bold robberies and the jaw dropping power of his energy blasts.

Brahma Bull: Of all of those who have plagued Gothic City it is Brahma Bull who is perhaps the most feared, for he strikes without mercy and his stride leaves nothing but the dead in its wake.

Honor Avenger: The Darwinist Dictator herself has recently escaped from Bedlam Asylum, leaving the city in chaos as supervillains rampaged free and civilians hid in terror of the Avenger's return.


Dark Vengeance:A mysterious vigilante renown for his brutality against those he regards as criminals. His name has become synonymous with fear and violence in the night.

Kurt:A green clad archer who uses his energy construct abilities to fight crime and the various villains that plague Gothic.

Nobody:A black clad vigilante, known for his agility and quickness. Once a relative unknown his fame has been growing with every passing day.

Tails:This green skinned shape shifter uses his animal powers to fight back against the creeping horrors of Gothic as well as running a blog about his favorite heroes.

Vex: Also known as the 'Caped Crusader' this acrobatic hero fights a one man war for the heart and soul of Gothic by night and again by day in his role as Gothic Cities District Attorney.

Notable Figures

Gunther Beremud, owner of the Alaric Foundation. A half-way house for those unfortunate souls it took in it seems under a shroud of fear.. as if there are screams one can't quite hear. But that is mere superstitious nonsense.

Allegiance:The all american hero himself has been spotted in Gothic city. Rumors of his crime fighting prowess and shield throwing ability circulated after he defeated a number of aggressive mutated plants.

Recent Events

Assassination of the Mayor! All hear this! The mayor of Gothic City has been assassinated by a mysterious figure! The police are on the look out, and the Cape Killers have sworn to bring the murderer to justice.. at all costs..

Terrorist Attack! A bomb attack on Gothic City Central Police Station, a raid on a high security prison, and a new channel hi-jacked by a violent anarchist! The city goes on high alert and people are told to stay in their homes.

Death March: The feared Strigidae Zero and Horseman of Death, Brahma Bull, unleashed his bloodthirsty killers upon Gothic City.

Gothic Burns:Amaranth, immortal warrior and mutant extremist gathered an army including many of the worlds most powerful and deadly mutants. Descending upon Gothic City in a tide of rage they plunged the city into a month of war. In the end only the combined efforts of Avalon and a horde of heroes turned back the invasion.

Bedlam Breakout! When the villain Honor Avenger escapes from Bedlam Asylum she unleashed a mass of enraged supervillains who unleashed their madness upon the civilian population of Gothic.


This is an interaction/location thread inspired by Gotham City and Grimm City. It also has certain rules that are in addition to the existing CVnU rules. This is to create a different environment than is the norm, and focus on the unique aspects of roleplay in that environment.

Power Levels:Power levels above a certain degree are regulated. This is to keep the focus of the thread on street level characters, and to prevent a high powered character showing up and solving all the problems, or pushing around the street levelers who make Gothic City their home.

It is very simple. If your character could defeat Pre-new52 Midnighter without any real trouble than you are too powerful for this thread. There are no exceptions, and I will allow ZERO loopholes. If you interpret your character as too powerful for Midnighter than you may not post here! This isn't to exclude anyone, just to focus the RP on the lower power levels that fit this setting.

Living Location: This is the 'Villains, Vigilantes, Notables and Recent Events' section. This thread is alive, with its own canon, history, and famous people. These will ALL BE PCs. All you need to do to join the list is PM my Lady Liberty, Kratesis, or Amaranth Strix account, depending on which one I am on.

To be a notable criminal, hero, or other figure all you need to do is meet the power level requirements for the thread. Fill free to create your own home base here, such as a villain lair or vigilante base. You may add NPC's WITHIN REASON. No armies, but a large number of tough minions is fine.

If you wish to have your events added to the living history of this thread you need to PM me with a link to what happened, and add all the people involved into the PM so they can have a say in how it is recorded.

OOC: Feel free to talk, post gifs, and so forth to your hearts content. As a location thread this is the IC and OOC both.

I will edit the thread and add/adjust information as I have time. Feel free to PM me with any questions, and have fun :-)